Google+ Fashion México

Uploaded by GoogleMexico on 07.09.2012

- Fashion is my life, my inspiration and my goal.
- Design, creativity and expression.
- The way you define yourself.
- Fashion is what defines everything there is in the world
- It's a reflection of what is happening around us, of what people want, of what people do,
and where they are headed... That is fashion for me.
- What I do everyday.
- It's a proposal. It's a challenge. It's innovation.
- A means of expression.
- My profession, my work.
- A way to communicate.
- Many think that the fashion world is out of reach...
- Now, the world of fashion comes to you.
- Live.
- We invite you Google+ Fashion Mexico.
- The first fashion week 100% online.
- 20 designers.
- In a unique experience.
- 4 days. 5 daily runways.
- Chat and interact with designers and fashion experts.
- Via Hangouts on air.
- Live on Google+
- Sept 25th to the 28th.
- You don't need an invitation.
- Just go to the...
- "+ En Vivo" page on Google+
- And visit the site:
- There you can find a schedule with all of the activities.
- Your first row seat is now reserved.
- Click on Fashion!
- Google+ Fashion Mexico.