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Here we are. You're watching TV War at MAD of Metal Hammer.
Here in my hands, I have "Red Flows", the first album of Raw In Sect.
This band is based in Athens and their music is modern death metal...
with thrash influences and some progressive elements.
Today, at our studio we're hosting the guitarist and vocalist of the band, Kostas.
- How are you? - I'm fine, and you?
Good. Well,
tell me a few things about Raw In Sect. When were they formed?
We started late 2005, early 2006 and from that point...
we have changed our line up many times etc.
We have recorded a demo which was called "Demo 2007".
And then, we released our first album, we played many shows...
and now, here we are.
What did you have in mind when you started this band?
What did you want to create?
We're trying to create something new. That's it. In other words...
we don't want to do the same as everyone, nobody cares about that.
We're trying to do something new. At this point, this is our path...
through thrash metal and death metal, etc.
We're starting to combine more influences which you will hear...
in our second album.
How easy is it for a band to be able to be unique?
There are many bands out there, nowadays and there is global competition.
There are many great bands at the scene which come either from Europe...
like Gojira for example, either from the United States.
What elements do you want to incorporate in your music...
which will make you stand out?
If I knew, I would already have put it.
But, we are looking for it. Something progressive...
something interesting for us and for the audience.
Red Flows was released one year ago. How is it going?
We sell copies at our shows. That's where we sell the most.
But we're also getting some feedback from unexpected countries...
like Guatemala, Japan but from Germany, too.
It's going well. It's pretty good for a first album.
How different is the new material that you're working on...
at this time from Red Flows?
A lot. Because, the first demo we released and Red Flows are pretty different.
You could say that we're evolving.
In our second album, our influences will be wider.
I can already tell you that from the material we're working on...
are a lot different but without losing the band's identity.
To date, Raw In Sect have shown a lot of live performance activity.
You have played abroad and you have toured. Tell me about that.
We started playing here. In Athens and in other cities in Greece.
Then, we went on a England/Ireland/Scotland tour.
On the Irish shows, we opened for Suidakra and then we played...
some local shows at Scotland and England.
We came back and we played some shows here.
Then, this past summer, we went on a mini tour with Immolation.
We played in Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands etc.
In Netherlands, we played with Krisiun at a mini festival.
- It was pretty good. - This stuff...
how do you organize them? Are you represented by a manager?
Some booking agency, maybe? Or is it organized just by you?
The shows we played in Ireland tour were booked by a Greek agency...
Pandora's Box Booking.
We do the booking by ourselves.
The summer tour we did with Immolation was booked by a Polish agency...
Massive Music.
We are not represented by any agency. Whatever suits us.
Wherever we can get a good deal.
What have you learned from those shows abroad?
How different is it from a show that you leave home, you play the show...
and then you go back home from the touring experience?
It might seem strange, we are really nervous when we play shows...
- that we go to from home. - Why is that?
Because, you meet a lot of friends. Abroad...
- nobody knows you on a personal level. - He has to, though.
There is more competition, abroad. Everything is more organized.
That means you are more focused, and due to the fact that...
you are far from home, the only thing you have in mind is:
"I have a show to do". Nothing else.
Here, when the show is over or when you are not playing the show...
you think that there is this guy there and stuff like that.
You know, for a new band, the most imporant factor...
in order to get it going on a more professional level...
is for them to go on tour, leave home, invest money...
Generally speaking, it's a thought, a lot more complicated...
than someone who is not part of it, might imagine.
I want to ask you: How devoted are Raw In Sect?
And how willing are they to invest energy, money, attitude...
in order to launch their career, if that happens?
We are trying really hard. I can say that we do everything we can...
and also, we do whatever we can't! That's it.
Tell me about the new material, when is it going to be released?
If everything goes smoothly, it will be recorded at summer.
We're thinking of entering the studio for a month and a half or so...
and record the whole thing there, without being distracted from other things.
Besides that, there are procedural things in the way that do not have anything to do with music.
The sooner those things go, the sooner the album will be released.
I hope in 2013 or early 2014.
How much does it ruin your mood the fact that there are all those...
procedural things that have absolutely nothing to do...
with the artistic side of music and are completely marketing stuff?
A lot. A lot, but...
you are forced to do so because music is part of an industry...
like everything and those things must be done.
There is the music and the audience.
To get the music to the audience, there are many "filters" that...
the music has to go through which have absolutely nothing to do with music.
If you do not become part of those "filters"...
your music will never reach the audience.
Right. How does a Greek band get along in the year of 2012 here...
under these hard circumstances?
I don't know if they get along.
There are some hard efforts going on though, to be fair.
And I think that Greece is in a better situation than some years ago...
at organizing and also, the level of the bands has launched.
In other words, I don't see any difference comparing to the shows we've played abroad.
It's not that bands there are better. The thing is...
those things that we mentioned earlier are a lot more organized...
which pushes the bands to do something better.
Obstacles that we have to face here, they don't exist abroad.
They don't even know that they exist.
I've heard about shows that the power is cut off.
In another show, the police came in and they stopped the whole thing.
I said that to some people abroad and they did not believe it.
They were laughing.
But, I think when the need of doing something here overcomes...
the need of just having fun, something big will happen.
The video we're going to see here today at TV War is about...
the opening track in the album, it's called Wall Of Greed, right?
- Yes. - Would you say that it is...
a representative song of Raw In Sect?
In this album. Yes. Perhaps, it's the fastest and that's the reason...
we recorded that song live, because it's the most energetic song.
It is the most exhausting for us as well. We give everything to perform it.
Do you have plans for any shows at the upcoming future?
What will probably happen is a tour at the beginning of next year.
I don't want to say any names yet. There have been some discussions.
Besides that, we will do something here. I don't know when that is going to happen.
We hope soon.
If someones wants to purchase Red Flows, where can he find it?
Is there any website? Or maybe, any shops?
They can buy it online if they want a physical copy.
They can also order it from the band's website...
or at the label's website.
They can also buy it, digitally. That's the new trend.
iTunes, Amazon, etc.
It will be available at the 29th of October.
Generally speaking, whoever wants to find it, they can find it.
Good. Thank you, Kostas, for being here today at TV War.
- You're welcome. - Take care.
It's Raw In Sect - Red Flows.
You can get it. Kostas, just said how to.
Let's see the video for Wall Of Greed and we will be back right here.
Let's go!