FestivalTV 2012 - Episode 5 - Stockholm International Film Festival

Uploaded by SthlmFilmFestival on 14.11.2012

Thank you very much!
Thank you very much.
Welcome, Jacques!
Several of your films are based on original pieces, for example "The Beat That My Heart Skipped" which is based on a book.
I have done several adaptations of novels.
You have also worked as a scriptwriter. As a director, how come you base your work on stories of others?
People often think that when you read a novel or a short story, the work is easier since you already have finished ideas.
But if you look at Craig Davidson's, the author of "Rust and Bone", novel, he conveys so much more;
like his own universe, the killer whales, the children etcetera.
What is important for me is the connection with people, to establish a relationship with other people.
Literature, on the other hand, is primarily about establishing a relationship with myself.
You are also a director of visuals, something that is quite far from the literary tradition in French cinema.
Is there not a paradox in this?
I kind of understand what you mean. In one way, I am far from the literary tradition in what I do,
but on the other hand it is close to my heart,
in the same way as you got your inspiration from literature during the glory days of French film.