The Military and the Speed of Change: WOW Wireless at Work January 2013

Uploaded by CTIATheWirelessAssoc on 07.01.2013

What do I worry about what keeps me up at night, speed of change
DOD has not been in the past through its acquisition cycles been the best at the
speed of change
you represent the speed of change that we have never seen
in our nation, so you've turned over technologies much quicker than our
acquisition cycle does we're good at change within the military, we're not
always good at employing that from a technological perspective, because of the
acquisition cycle and we're working through that very quickly as best we can to make
that better for the future.
Cyber security, that goes back to the speed of change. If things are moving
that quick
and our acquisitions cycles not we can get ourselves into an issue where cyber
security ends up becoming an issue because we can't move as fast as the
is moving, so it's very important for us
to be able to move as quickly as you do today.
that's something that we're developing quickly within us we use it
everyday with in DOD
but how do we take it to the next level? Steve talked about voice, video and data
how do we exploit that to the best to make our productivity curve jump within DOD
and within the federal government as a whole and how do we get that generation
all the way from the young twenty one-year-old all the way up to that
fifty plus year old to understand the power and the capability of voice, video
data brought in the collaborative environment
that's the key to us in the future there's a training aspect to that
that I can't under emphasize that's out there that were trying to work
through right now as the how do we best do that and actually it's going to be a
journey for us, because we're not sure where it might go as I see for a lot of places in the
nation. Enterprise solutions, that ties back in again to the speed of change.
I have an enterprise solution out there I have a DOD enterprise solution it's still
has to be agile
agile enough
to take on the speed of change, agile enough to maneuver within the cyber
security perspective and agile enough to take care of those nitches out there where
the enterprise solution by itself might not work for an individual user
within DOD