Crackòvia: La remontada de las galaxias Ep. IV / Star Comeback Ep. IV

Uploaded by Kewban on 24.04.2012

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
In the last episode
"Forget about the Force and the mega-powerful 3-4-3 gun take.
The Death Star destroy you can with it." "Thanks, Master! Let's destroy the Empire!
Episode IV: The clash
The rebels, after many difficulties, have managed to get in the enemy space station, the Death Star.
Meanwhile, the forces of the Empire are confident of their victory.
Will the rebels be able to beat them with the 3-4-3? Will the Death Star be completely destroyed?
Well, that's not going to happen, we're letting you know now. What's up? If they arruined the end on Saturday, it's not our fault!
"Finally, we've been able to get in the Death Star, the truth is yes."
"I'm concerned about what we will do now." "Now I have the Force with me.
Well, and the 3-4-3 gun too."
"That's what I wannna talk about. Wouldn't it be better a 3-5-1 gun, with two wingbacks and a false nine who touches the ball so that we could keep possession in the midfield?"
"Dude, why don't you wear the helmet on?"
"Because it'll be stuck with my hair gel, fool.
But, anyway, who will attack us? We're unbeatable."
"What's the meaning of that gesture?"
"I don't know, but I always do it. If you want, I'll do the gesture of the leg.
Although I can't show off so much with this uniform on."
"What was that?"
"I've eaten some bean stew and the uniform fits tightly..." "No, Sergio, it's not that noise. Other noise."
"What are these cheap guys doing?" "We've come to thrash you."
"Oh, I'm so frightened.
You have no chance to beat us."
"We'll soon see about that."
"Dude, I can't find the fly that's making that noise."
Despite losing this battle, the rebels haven't lost the war yet.
In the next episode...
"San Drolo, start the spacecraft!" "OK!
Rear-view mirrors!
Get away, I can't see.
Some change for the tollway of Tatooine!"
"Start right now!" "Well, alright."
To be continued...