Dance Showdown Presented by D-trix - ItsKingsleyBitch Commentary to Episode 2

Uploaded by DanceOn on 20.04.2012


KINGSLEY: So I just watched everyone for the first time on
Dance Showdown, and I thought it was really cool to watch.
And it was really cool seeing everyone else compete, and
seeing the other choreographers.
Lauren is really fun and talented, and I think all of
her YouTubers are going to have a fun
time learning to dance.
Ian and Brian, I'm just glad that I didn't get them because
I would have been [BLEEP]
And I love Kherington because she is my coach, and I [BLEEP]
love her.
When I saw Tay Zonday, I was like WTF, because I had a
friend in high school who was on the cross country team with
me, and he was like, obsessed with "Chocolate Rain."
And I was like, oh my god.
Obama Girl is really, really hot, and her and Brian
definitely have some chemistry going on.
And they're cute together, and I think they're going to do
pretty good.
I've never of Good Neighbors, but I'm really, really excited
to watch them.
They seem like really goofy guys and like their dance is
going to have a lot of personality.
Hannah, I've never seen her videos before either.
But she looks like a goofball, and I like her, and I think
she's one of the people I'm secretly rooting
for, besides myself.
XJawz reminds me of Michael Cera, which means that I love
him, because I love Michael Cera.
And I'm really glad he's straight and distracted by
Kherington's beauty because hopefully that means that he
can't learn and his dancing sucks.
That's what my fingers are crossed for.
HotForWords is sexy, and I hope she has the moves to, you
know, accompany her physique.
WhatsUpElle is so freaking adorable, and I love her.
And she's the other person besides Hannah that I'm
secretly rooting for to win because she's
just freaking awesome.
And her baby is like--
Lana McKissack, I think is her name, she cracked me up when
she was sounding like Shakira, and she also seems like she's
going to be really fun.
Overall, I think everyone seems really, really cool, and
I'm very interested to see the dances and how everything
turned out.
And it was just really, really nice to see everyone meet
their partner and see that I wasn't the only one that was
kind of not knowing what the hell I was doing.
So now that you've seen how I really am, I'm not going to
bother threatening to rip your nipples off or anything.
I just hope that you keep watching.
And after you see our dances, that you vote for me.