"Sandmen" (Episode 2)

Uploaded by BoBKiD on 15.11.2010

Previously, on 'Sandmen'
BoBKiD, I detect movement. About 300 meters ahead...
Shadowjack, do you read me?
I read you.
You have to pass through two raider gangs, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem for you.
The bad news is that there is a recon patrol with about 50 men from the
New Athens army roughly two kilometers east of your location.
The Admiral left you those Codes because he was banking on your integrity
If the Codes fall into New Athens' hands,
they will have the entire armament supply of old Greece.
You HAVE to reach that computer and you HAVE to transfer those codes.
We have no time to lose, and...
Have you ever been raped while you were sleeping?
How about you?
We lost contact with BOBKID and SHADOWJACK about half an hour ago.
So another transponder has probably broken down and Bobby is useless with electronics, as you well know.
The robot has probably wandered off into some old library or another as usual and lost track of time.
He’s not a robot. He’s a cyborg.
It’s the same thing, sweetie. SHADOWJACK is a walking dead man.
He does tell nice stories though.
And he doesn’t lose track of time.
He can’t lose track of time. He has a computer screwed into his skull.
Yes, there is that.
What are we going to do about BOBKID?
Let’s go see Max. He may have a vehicle ready
so that we can go look for BOBKID near his last position.
OK, let's go.
Come on buddy…
Lady, have you gone crazy???
We need your help, sweetie.
So you trash my CAR???
We’ve lost contact with BOBKID and SHADOWJACK, dear. Do you have a car that works?
Do we have enough gas to go roughly 100 kilometers roundtrip?
We need to go look for them.
OK. That went really well...
look pal, I know that gasoline is very precious for you,
but I might be able to make the... sacrifice worth your while…
I have a radio/CD/DVD player from 2014. I’ve managed to restore it completely.
It has FM/AM, shortwave and satellite, two really good speakers and a very nice screen.
It has a USB port for MP3 and MP4 players...
...maybe even MP5.
OK, let’s go.
Little boys and their little toys...
What is it?
Brothers, I am under fire. We ran into a New Athens patrol. Impossible to disengage.
Requesting immediate intervention from all SANDMEN units as per paragraph 5 of our charter.
Sending coordinates now. Hurry – I don’t know for how long we can hold them off.
Well, that’s that. Let’s go. Rendezvous in three minutes with full armament.
Where’s the Ukrainian?
Hiding around here somewhere no doubt. He prides himself on being invisible
until the last possible second, when you can hear him breathing behind your neck.
OK, let's go.
Oh, and by the way, buddy, the deal we made about the radio is off, right?
It’s almost impossible to find a decent translation from the original Chinese text.
What is it, son?
Sir, it is my honor to report that we have detected an encrypted signal originating from
the old NATO base in Elefsina. We have identified the source as originating from the Sandmen.
Archon Orchomenos, you requested, that we inform you personally wherever we determine
the presence of those traitors, sir.
Perfect! Have a patrol ready within the next three minutes.
I will take command personally.
Yes sir!
Checkmate in four moves. What are you going to do? We need to get moving.
I forfeit the match, sir. You’ve won.
Master Sergeant, place him under detention for five days, solitary confinement.
We never surrender, regardless of the circumstances. Not even to me.
Let’s see what the day brings.