Wedding Videography: Reception

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bjbj You've captured the ceremony but the big day isn't over yet, you'll still need
to get the reception in order to seal the deal. The reception is gonna focus heavily
on toasts, interviews and everyone having fun, which includes the dance floor.
Every reception is different and they all have their own set of obstacles to overcome;
the most common is the toast. You're gonna want to find out who is giving the toast so
that you can mic them up and frame them well beforehand. [Speaker saying a toast.] You'll
want to capture lots of B role of cutaways and detailed shots that will help you out
when it comes time to put it all together. You'll want to get shots of flowers, the tables,
presents and the cake. Basically, you'll want to cover anything and everything that will
give you an overall vibe that will be the most ideal to splice into the wedding video.
It's also a great idea to grab items to put together shots, like a setup shot of the wedding
rings with the centerpieces on the tables. Get creative. Probably the most entertaining
and unique part of any wedding video production is the guest interviews. Now, it can be very
difficult to get a good guest interview, but if done right, can be the selling point of
your DVD. First off, you don't want to force anyone to talk on the camera. Have questions
prepared and use a handheld microphone. Now, your onboard microphone won't do the trick
and using a lapel mic requires a lot of setup and will be intrusive to your wedding guests,
so instead, get creative and ask the DJ to announce that you will be coming around to
interview guests. Kids are always a great icebreaker, let one of the children participating
in the wedding choose the interviews. Ask leading questions to help open the interviewee.
Some great leading questions are, what do you think Jared should do to keep Lisa happy,
where do you think Jared and Lisa will be ten years from now, what do you think Lisa
loves most about Jared. There are two common lighting setups for shooting a wedding reception.
The first and most ideal is to get away from the crowd and do a three-point lighting setup.
If you can't do that, an on-camera light would be best. Because receptions tend to be fast-paced,
it can be very difficult to set up a three-point lighting for interviews, but it can be really
nice as well. What's nice about it is that it separates the guests from the wedding and
allows them to get comfortable. It's also an area that has less noise than the middle
of a reception. However, if you can't do this, another good option is your onboard light.
This is preferable especially when you have a dimmable LED, as it allows you to adjust
the light, and the good news is, they don't produce any heat at all. One of the most important
yet difficult things to capture at a reception is the dance, because of this, you want to
make to work with the DJ so that you can get some good lighting, and if he doesn't have
any bring your own. Also when it comes to cameras, you want to make sure to have a rover
to get the tight shots and another one to get the wide. Remember, you're there to make
sure you capture everyone having a great time, so by getting plenty of footage at the reception
and lots of great interviews that are lit well and composed correctly, you'll ensure
that you have plenty of footage to make a great wedding video. [End of Audio] Reception
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