Herbalife Athlete: Attila Vajda

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Narrator: A flat boarder canoer trains for speed, strength, and endurance. Attila is
considered the golden boy of flat boader canoeing and is native Hungry and around the world.
Attila has been canoeing since the age of 10.
Attila Vajda: My Life wasn’t too easy. Narrator: He became a professional athlete
in 1997. Attila Vajda: I’m a champion for
Narrator: A top athlete has to be in the best shape to achieve his or her goal. Since 2006
Attila has propelled his performance forward using Herbalife products as a part of his
training program. Attila Vajda: Thank you to Herbalife, it’s
easier. Narrator: Attila uses the Formula 1 Nutritional
Shake Mix to support weight management and overall good health and Personalized Protein
Powder to help build lean muscle mass, to improve energy and mental clarity, he adds
Liftoff to his drinking water and his favorite product, Niteworks, helps of the overall health
of his heart. Attila Vajda: Niteworks is the best!
Narrator: The results have been spectacular. Attila Vajda: I have success.
Narrator: In 2004 Attila became the Olympic Bronze Medalist in the 1,000 meter. In 2007
he became the European Champion and the world champion in his sport. His greatest achievement
came in 2008 when he won the Olympic Gold Medal in Beijing.
Attila Vajda: After 3 years, in 2006, 2007, 2008, I have a gold medal. I’m very happy
Narrator: Fuel your passion. Take control of your race. Call your Herbalife Independent
Distributor today! Attila Vajda: Herbalife, Nutrition for a better