iFlyTV: The Little Secrets of Milan

Uploaded by iflymagazine on 20.03.2012

My name is Amie Louie. I am an American living in Milan.
I fell in love with an Italian and we came to Milan.
I am the editor-in-chief of Easy Milano.
A magazine for expats who live in Milan.
Milan is a city that grows on you, that you learn to love.
The beauty is not as immediately obvious as cities...
like Florence, Venice or Rome. A lot of the beauty is hidden.
The centre is where all the tourists go.
And Italians will come here in the weekends for a stroll.
It is a very beautiful, historical place.
If you want to get away from the centre go to Brera.
It is not as touristy and has a very classical beauty.
Small pedestrian streets with cobble stones. You have to visit.
Brera is not in the city centre, but right next to it.
This area wasn’t bombed as much as other areas...
in World War II. It’s kept much of its original beauty.
There’s a lot to offer here: Different restaurants, shops, galleries.
Brera offers some of the best that Milan has to offer.
It is an arty neighbourhood, with the art gallery La Pinacoteca.
You also have the Accademia di Belle Arti, the Academy of Fine Arts.
It is worth spending a few days here or at least come down for a walk.
We are now at the Robertaebasta gallery.
The gallery has pieces you might find when visiting a museum.
It is actually a shop, so you can buy and own some of these pieces.
The store is open to the public so you can come and just browse.
That is what I like so much about Brera and these little shops.
You can find treasures and explore.
This is a great place. We are on Corso Como.
It is a unique shop, a one-of-a-kind in Milan.
It is a combination of a fashion store, a café-restaurant...
a gallery, a bookstore, and a boutique hotel with three rooms.
All in one place.
It is a place for trendsetters.
You can buy things here that are not yet on the market...
or that other people don’t have, but would like to.
If you have an interest in art and design you have to come by.
It has been a long day.
Now we are at the traditional Italian restaurant La Briciola.
It has a wonderful atmosphere.
The owner, Gianni, has been here for 36 years.
What you see, took 36 years to compose.
It has pictures of all of his guests.
A lot of famous Italians, actors and celebrities come here.
It is an international place as well.
I hope you enjoyed my little tour of Brera.
Remember that Milan has so much more to offer. Please come and visit.