Testemunho IPL - JP Caldeano

Uploaded by Blikitt on 08.05.2012

Scene 1 take 8...
Hi, my name is Joao Pedro
I was the first student of Sound and Image at ESAD
in Caldas da Rainha, got my degree in 2006
When I finished University, I bought a 1 way ticket to London
applied for a job at ARRI, one of the biggest cinema companies in the world
and got accepted to do "work experience"...
After 3 months I flew back to Portugal
slightly unmotivated but with experience and adventure in the bag
But the oportunity to go back to London arrived
I received an email from ARRI asking me if I was still interested
I bought a new ticket and came back to London
Signed a contract as a Camera Floor Trainee
and in my first year I received the Team Player Award from ARRI
Then, I started as a Camera Floor Technician and recently
my role is Crew Support Technician, supporting film crews at ARRI
I quickly got used to London, its a city that has everything
Recently I have been involved in projects like In Betweeners and Downton Abbey
I also work loads as a photographer, shot short films, music videos and adds
Just published a digital book about photography
and I have another book in mind
About future projects...
I would love to work as a Director of Photography
and possibly get the experience and knowledge to shoot a feature film
I decided to study at IPL because by the time
there werent many Cinema courses
the course had more practice than theory
it seemed to have great oportunities and was close to my house
What I liked the most, was the interaction with creative people at school
you could breath criativity. I always recommend ESAD
ESAD is a school... of artists
Everyone knows everyone, and everyone works together
Something that you cant find in any other school
I still keep in touch with old teachers
old collegues and some students finishing their degree
ask me if I can give them some advice or help
how to get into the art industry
would love to do a Master Degree in Cinema, but working Full-time
It would only be possible if ESAD created a course
that would make it possible to study and work at the same time
no doubt I would like to participate in Open days
if I was invited by the school
that way I could talk about my experience to new students
Would be great if IPL had a website where all students
were listed by skills, with links to their portfolios
So we could all get in touch easily if we needed certain artist
or someone from a specific area
Would be great for people looking for work, or people looking for creatives
Maybe it would be a great tool for all of us
I will finish with some advice...
If leaving the Country is an option, dont be scared...
book a month or two for holidays and go travel
Take all the oportunities that will come across
to get more experience, training, volunteer work...everything
May sound not good enough but will improve your personal skills
it is a big advantage before getting the first job
Keep in touch with collegues and teachers
and always listen to advice or suggestions
Be pro-active and dont be scared to show ideas or projects...
. . . Good Luck!!!