Newsies the Musical - Kara Lindsay Interview

Uploaded by DanceOn on 11.10.2011


I'm Kara Lindsay, and I'm playing Katherine.
I was a huge fan of Newsies.
I'm an '80s baby so I loved it so much.
In middle school show choir, I sang "Open the Gates
And Seize the Day".
So I definitely have a love for it.
I just really had to look into our American history and see
what women were going through at that time.
And I sort of based her off of Nellie Bly.
And she was this journalist who was a real go-getter and
independent woman who stood up with the men of that time and
fought for these jobs that men usually get.
And it was really, extremely rare.
And she's famous for it.
The girls just stand there like, you're so good.
We're so proud to be a part of it.
And the boys are just fantastic.
And they just give their hearts.
We're all, it's a very young cast so I think we're very
giving of our hearts, and so in it.
And we grew up with the movie.
And we're just extremely excited to be a part of it.
And it's just exciting to watch them be so in it.
And just succeed and just be absolutely outstanding.