SYTYCD 2012 Step Up Revolution Dance Performance - tWitch, Misha, Kathryn, Ryan Guzman - Interview

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JAMAL SIMS: So You Think You Can Dance is a big supporter
of Step Up, and a lot of the kids that were in the movie
were on the show.
So we thought it would be really cool to be able to
feature them in different vignettes.
So we had Kathryn McCormick, we had Tony Bellissimo--
JAMAL SIMS: We had Phillip Chbeeb.
We have Kayla Radomski.
We were able to give them their own little highlights in
the piece and just show the world what kind of incredible
dancers-- and the kind of incredible dancers that So You
Think You Can Dance spawns, you know what I mean?
Oh my gosh, yes.
DONDRAICO JOHNSON: Actually, one of the contestants on the
show is actually in Step Up.
Brandon Mitchell, before he got on this show, we actually
had him do the movie because he's pretty amazing.
And I'm happy that the world's going to actually see him
dance because he has something to bring to the table.
RYAN GUZMAN: Yeah, I knew was going to be a task learning
the dance in general, but to make the dance bridge that gap
between my level and their level, that
was the harder part.
So I just fed off their energy and their talent.
It was just a lot of talent to pull from too, and they made
it a lot easier on me.
It was crazy because we'd go to the dance studio, and in
one room, they'd be teaching her a contemporary piece.
And then, I'd be with the mob doing hip hop.
And then I'd be going back and forth learning
both at the same time.
And it was just sometimes overwhelming.
But I'd look at her, and she'd just give me that look like,
pull it together.
You know you can do it.
TONY BELLISSIMO: We're definitely pushing the
envelope as far as the dance is concerned on this film,
which is to be expected.
It's the fourth installment.
It's the biggest dance franchise--
so definitely some stuff you've never seen before.
KATHRYN MCCORMICK: We've all been separate.
Misha has gone with Travis a little bit.
Twitch has been with Chris Scott.
And then, Ryan and I have been with Jamal and Draco.
And we've traveled.
In the past three weeks, we've gone to probably six cities.
So we've been all over the place and don't really have
any days off, but we're running off adrenaline and
just so honored and proud to be able to promote what we did
and our journey and do it in the community and not just in
the industry.
So it's been cool.
TONY BELLISSIMO: There's a lot of pent-up energy and
excitement and anticipation from a year ago when we
finished filming until now.
So it's amazing to finally come to fruition with this.
It's really nice.
ADAM SHANKMAN: In the first Step Up, it was representing
every kind of dance.
And I think, listen, now it's always a battle because now it
was them battling, basically, City Hall.
That conflict needs to be taken out of just the hip hop
world and the battling scene and to go back to what we
originally started, which was showing every kind of dancing
STEPHEN "TWITCH" BOSS: Now this is just showing dance as
an art form, as an expression.
So think about being with a huge group of your friends and
standing up for something you believe in
in the form of dance.
So that's what Step Up is.
We're dancing in museums.
We're dancing on top of cars.
We're dancing on the side of walls.
There's a lot of stuff that you haven't
seen in this movie.
But you have to see it on July 27 in theatres, Step Up