Test Your Breath With an iPhone - Bad Breath Detector

Uploaded by curebadbreath on 18.11.2009

Ladies and gentlemen, the worlds first bad breath detector for the iPhone. Lets test it out. Come on.
Hey, do either of you have a second? We're testing out an iPhone App
Its a bad breath detector.
No way! Way! Look it says bad breath detector right there. "Oh gosh. I don't know if my breath will stand up to the test."
Is this the Orabrush thing? Let's give it a shot, see how effective that is.
You hit the button, you blow on the bottom for 3 seconds. Ready, set go. "Way to go dragon breath. You just voided the warranty on this
Wait, did it really just smell my breath?
Ready, Set, go. "You just...... I feel violated."
Blow again...
How does it decide? It tests your breath
But what makes a good breath or bad breath?
Well I just drank some root beer so its probably pretty bad actually.
it smells like a skunk...that crawled out of the sewer into your mouth and farted, then died...and then farted again.
Good job...
It was good for me... How was it for you?
Thats good isn't it?
Just because its sterile, doesn't mean you
should drink it. Gross! That's awful...Thats so embarrassing
"mmmmmm... mmmmm... Good"
Just getting better and better every time. "I smell dead people."
This is crushing my hopes and dreams..... "You ever made out with a phone?
Now's your chance."
Alright! certifiably smooch-able. "They should make 'Your Breath' scented candles." This is so biased! How is it biased, this is a scientific test!
"Oh how was it? I have always wondered what sh$* tastes like."

Do you have good or bad breath? It's excellent. Excellent?
Well we will have to try it out, ok blow.
"It's as if fresh bread and flowers married and consummated in your mouth." I told you it was good!
Fresh bread and fresh flowers consummated in my mouth. "Has any one ever told you that your breath smells wonderful?"
"They never will..."
Excuse me, were making a youtube video....Just breath into the microphone......