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Do it... do it... dazzle with your eyes...
Do it... again... slap it tight with hand...
Lord Muruga! Why do people betray me?
Hey... where is he?
I don't know boss, it's been long time since I met him.
Tell me.
Tell me I say.
Tell me the truth.
Truest me I don't know, boss.
But he asked to meet him tomorrow. -Where?
Pochamma temple... he invited me there.
What are you both planning to do? Kill me?
Will you kill me?
Tell me, you bastard.
Tell me. Hold it tight.
Boss... don't kill me...
Kill him... says don't kill him.
Who is your favorite hero?
If you're local goons,
I'm Don of Nizam, Fief of Rayalaseema, Hooligan of Andhra,
totally I'm the Big Boss of this entire state.
If you shout at me, I'll bite you. I'll arrest you also, be careful!
I entered your town, your home, your hall,
if you're a man, if your moustache is real,
let me see what you can do?
I like Jagapathi Babu.
In fact I love him.
I wish for such a husband.
When he walks, he's mass.
When he stands, he's mass.
When he looks, he's mass.
Dance buddy!
I like Srikanth.
I love his chubby cheeks.
I don't change words whether I promise or not.
I'm Chatrapathi!
If the three lions on my emblem represent truth, justice and duty,
police is the fourth lion not seen in it.
I wasn't born a family of cowards,
I was born in a family of warriors.
Mother promise, I'll cut you into two.
The one punch of a man that will knock you out,
he's Mahesh Babu.
Won't Commissioner's daughter marry?
Won't they need husband?
Commissioners will come and go to this city,
but I'm a local, I'll always stay here.
If you're Nanda, I'm Badri... Badrinath!
So what? Power Star Pavan Kalyan.
Hot ginger tea!
Cinema is super hit!
Hero is great, heroine is ravishing, Director is...
We are not here for cinema report, we are from Radio Mirchi.- Tell me.
Who is your favorite hero? - I like brother Murthy.
Murthy? Which Murthy?
The one & only man who makes films for the oppressed class,
our R. Narayanamurthy!
Red flag... red flag is fluttering high...
Super! - Thanks.
Have you seen any real life hero other than the matinee idols?
I did. -Who?
Yesterday only.
Right here!
In this place.
He came from no where to stop an injustice.
His hands turned into fist.
His nerves started bulging.
l saw his powerful laser eyes.
He hit one shot!
He came from no where.
Who is he?
I dream
Lord Ganesha, people call me as ruffian.
Some praise me and some scold me.
But most of them scold me.
Why did you make me so clever?
Take back half of it.
Take it back and give me Rs. 1 billion for it.
I want to buy a TV, not any ordinary colour TV,
I want to buy MAA TV channel.
Give this to cameraman.
Forget it, he's shouting. - Boss?
No, Mr. Sudharshan.
Our industry is very competitive field,
we must produce good programs and get good name for our channel,
but you mustn't bring disrepute for your personal behaviour.
I think it's madam's phone.
Hello Sujatha... I'll get the clothes from the tailor.
Yellow border down and two flowers upside. Okay.
So stop such personal works.
Don't wash dishes and clothes.
I'll not do sir.
If possible I'll beat her.
If possible kill her.
I'll kill... I'll go to Kulu Manali shoot for a travel program.
No, you're in crime section, stay there.
Don't try to jump towards devotional and emotional side.
Okay sir.
Yellow border down & 2 flowers upside, don't forget madam's order.
I'll take care of it.
What is your native place?
Guntur sir.
Are you alone like this or entire district is like you?
Why are you playing on my weakness?
Go... go.
Nephew! - Uncle!
Chandramohan is furious on you. Go, he's shouting at you.
How can both shout at me?
Their positions are different.
They must maintain it.
Local brew Gudumba sale in city.
By 5 p.m. the program will be on your table.
Why are you getting so serious?
No sir, sincerity and discipline.
My foot discipline.
You're calling your father by name Chandramohan.
Had food? Had milk?
Did you ask God to give Rs. 1 billion?
You will ask man, what will you lose in making a request?
Why did you leave your used brief in bathroom?
If you keep it out, I can send it to the dry cleaner.
A father should be in a position to feel proud of his son,
or he must be in a position to wet his pants.
I'll see that you're in any one of this position, give me time,
I'll visit Dhoolpet.
You go that side, don't create suspicion.
Be careful.
Don't kill me.
I dream
Come this side.
Boss... he's escaping.
Catch him.
Search every place.
Who are you?
I don't know who you are,
I don't know who this guy is,
but killing is crime.
Then you'll die.
You'll become a bag of bones.
Your bulbs will get fused.
Kill him boys!
Hack him!
His men are coming... escape!
Do you who did beat now? Thambidurai's son.
Do you know who is Thambidurai?
Do you know who is Ponnusamy?
They will kill you.
They will cut you into pieces.
Where is my dear son?
You went to cover the crime, not to get involved in crime.
Son Murugesan.
Go to some place.
Where can I go suddenly? - Go to some place,
but don't stay here.
Who dared to beat my son?
I'll film the travel program.
There's another unit for it. -We'll film it sir.
Please sir, my life is in danger here.
You always put me in fix.
Your father is very tensed.
You go to Kulu Manali.
Who is he?
He works for MAA TV. - Come on boys.
If they come here for me, don't tell him he's my father.
What happened sir?
Where is Bala Govind?
He might have ran away from the place after trouble there.
Where is he? Where will he be? - I don't know sir.
I want Bala Govind's head and limbs.
I'll intimate as soon as he comes.
Where is his family?
He's a bachelor, he doesn't have a family.
He might've escaped.
Where can he escape?
Search bus stations, railway stations, entire city,
we mustn't spare him.
Come... come fast.
Get in quickly.
Thank God! We have reached Kulu Manali.
Incidents leading to this trip is scaring me, nephew.
If they get hold of you, they will kill you.
I dream
If you die...
If you die...
If you die...
If you die there's no more trouble...
if you die no more problems...
Death is inevitable to all living creatures...
There's nothing in living long like crows...
Live like a Swan...
Find a meaning to this beautiful life...
Stand tall among a crowd...
I dream
Do a mistake everyday...
Give time till then...
It's wrong to commit same mistake again...
It's sin to never commit a mistake...
It's mistake to feel you know everything...
Do whatever you do with commitment...
Let your enthusiasm rock the sky...
Show your power to the world...
Like thunder... and lightning...
March ahead shattering the world...
I dream
The world is beautiful...
It's your fault if you miss to see it...
If there's no day and night, time will not move...
Without sorrows and loss, it's not a life...
If you're like others, there's no fun in life...
Isn't it bore to live a life lived by all others?
If you don't have any work, spend it gossiping...
If a look can work wonders, then go ahead...
Let victory be your clarion call...
Live like a King...
Girls are sleeping in their own sleeping bags.
Why do they come out then?
Manager, wake up the girls.
Girls get up!
Don't sleep on each other.
Are they sleeping like that?
With snow clad mountains surrounding you...
Put on the make up fast, shooting is getting delayed.
Sit properly and get it done.
Bala look, a bevy of beauties.
Who are they?
I dream
A young man has come.
Who are you son? What do you want?
Greetings mother, my name is Bala Govind.
I'm from Guntur. - I'm from Ananthapuram.
Is it?
I want to know who you are all, mother?
Mata Shivani. - Mother!
What do you want son?
We have come for a travel program film shoot.
Your names?
My name is Ramaprabha.
I'm Mata Shivani.
She's Saraswathi...
What's that girl's name? -Vaishali.
She's... ? - From Bengal.
Doesn't know Telugu?
Do you know Bengali? - No.
She too doesn't know Telugu.
If I want to communicate with her?
Whatever it is tell me.
All are okay except that lady, she's too fast.
Looks like a Chinese breed.
Hail Lord Shiva! 'Gudumba' Shankar! -What's that?
We have reached Manali. -Who are these guys?
He appears like a Pavan Kalyan fan.
Come, let's interview him. - Greetings sir.
May God bless you.
We are from MAA TV, do you know Pavan Kalyan?
Who is Pavan Kalyan? - He's Power Star in Telugu films.
Telugu? I'm also a Telugu.
I think he became saint when Pavan was a little boy.- Shut up.
Swami... your name?
'Gudumba' Shankar.
Swami, we want to interview you,
we want to know what made you to become a monk.
Please sit down.
My life has enough material for a daily mega soap opera.
Epics Ramayanam & Mahabharata are nothing before it.
Shocks, shrieks, twists, bombardments,
every scene is thrilling like climax. - Tell us your tale sir.
Switch off the camera. -Why?
Give me Rs. 1000, I'll tell you. - Give him, Manager.
Accept it Swami.
It was year 1996,
I was working for a Bank,
ours was a love marriage,
a beautiful wife..
What's that sound? - I went for a jog.
I dream
Who are you?
They kidnapped me.
Who are they?
Didn't you get me? Native of? - Srikakulam.
We must get Rs. 50 millions ransom in 24 hours.
How can a Bank employee have millions of rupees?
I too asked the same point.
I can't arrange the funds even if you give 24 years.-Why?
Later they came to know.
By mistake they kidnapped me instead of real estate Shankar.
Sorry, we made a mistake. - Don't feel.
We have come a long way.
Sleep here tonight and leave tomorrow morning.
I'll drop you, okay?
My mistake was to sleep like a log that night.
What happened then sir?
I'll tell next time.
Because every scene is thrilling like climax,
that too only if you shell out Rs. 1000. It's daily serial scheme, got it?
Why do you think she has become a sanyasin?
What else? She would've married a fool,
and may have had 4 children,
got fed up with life to become a sanyasin.
You dark fool! I'm talking about Vaishali.
Sorry buddy, I thought Ramaprabha.
How nice it is!
If you boil it well, it'll be good. -You want rice? - No.
What are you talking about? - Potato.
I must trap her.
I dream
Who is that?
Hello Prabha, I'm Bala Govind. - Is it you?
Your cave is fantastic!
What brings you here? - For you.
We are TV media people, we are curious to know you.
What is your religion madam?
Ours is not a religion.
Not adhered to any particular religion.
Ours is a community, that's all.
Which God do you pray?
We used to pray Lord Ganesha, Lord Venkateshwara & Goddess Alamelumanga.
The cave is resounding with your voice.
Sorry mother.
We believe in God.
Our God has no form, no name. We meditate.
Meditation doesn't need any religion.
What else do you want to know? -Where do you live?
In an Ashram near by... - I'll meet you there.
You mustn't come there also.
Don't stop me madam. I love Sanyasis.
There's a Ashram for Sanyasis, join them.
No madam, you've mistaken me... - Look son, I've been watching you,
your concentration is wandering. -Yes.
You say travels, TV program but concentrating on something else.
Look at me not there, son.
We want to meditate.
You carry on. I don't have any objection.
Shivani, show him to the door. - Come... come...
Let's meet again. - Let's go out, you'll get fresh air.
You can go without staring her.
How does he look like?
Nothing really awesome. Just average.
I didn't ask if he's handsome. Is he tall?
No, he's very short compared to our boss. Average height.
Is he very huge? - He's not fat, just average.
But his punches are not average, he's in coma.
Coma is not average.
We can't say anything till next 24 hours.
If you come with such news again,
I don't know what I'll do with you. You got me?
Hey Policeman! Don't stare at us.
Don't stare at me.
Catch the dog who beat my son. - Bring him. Go... go man.
I can understand Tamil very well,
I must learn Tamil before he gets discharged.
We have many relations in this world,
mother & father, brother & sister,
friends, many like this.
The weakest relationship is husband & wife.
It is weakest, that's why we have a divorce.
But it depends on the man, so we have to keep it safe.
Live here... die here...
What are you doing? -Washing.
Why? - To boil it.
We eat only this. Just herbs, leaves and vegetables.
What about chicken and mutton?
Don't mention them, I'll start crying.
I used to eat only non-vegetarian food.
I never ate without mutton.
I've become pure vegetarian here. - So sad.
Why did you become a sanyasin?
l asked my husband to buy a costly silk sari for me,
he refused. That's why.
For such a silly matter?
This is not silly matter, it's a big issue.
In my time I've never seen so much of desire in eyes.
Nothing like that madam, I was watching her casually drying clothes.
We suspect you're looking at sensitive places.
Oh my God! What a nasty accusation.
l came here to film your Ashram.
Come on boys, film it fast, getting madam's permission is rare.
Take good shots. What do you think this is? This is an Ashram.
Why are you looking there, son? Look at me.
l saw you madam, you're beautiful.
Didn't I tell you men are not allowed into the Ashram?
What's this gender difference? We both have souls,
Supreme Lord is up above.
Don't confuse me with your silly logic.
You've become very clever.
Sorry madam, we'll finish the job quickly & leave the place.
I dream
Swami, your Rs. 1000.
Second episode.
This girl is good.
What happened next day? - Day?
The day you were kidnapped and slept that night.
l slept and thought I'll go home by morning.
How could I expect a police raid?
Get up - They thought I was also a kidnapper.
They didn't listen to me.
They arrested and took me to the police station.
How long you are into this kidnapping business?
What are you shouting at me? Constable, take his finger prints.
Why are you refusing to give your finger print?
Do you think yourself to be Chiranjeevi in film 'Khaidi' ?
I remembered Chiranjeevi once.
I got 1000 elephants strength.
Police station broke down.
Catch him!
I ran into the forest.
Without knowing I became a criminal on run.
What happened after that sir?
Remove it... get up. That's all? - Come, he'll not continue.
She's coming. - Greetings Shivani. Please sit down.
Mother will scold if she knows I'm meeting you.
You can go, please tell about your life.
Though I was born in a factionist's family, I wanted to live a fashionable life.
I never expected I'll live in a single costume.
I must get up early morning, practice Yoga,
meditate and eat vegetarian food only.
It's been aeons since I eat something spicy.- Pickle!
It's been long time... It's mouth-watering.- Me too.
If you all don't mind I'll have a lick.
Mixing pickle with hot rice and adding ghee to it,
if you mix all and have it ... oh my God!
We'll give you many such pickle bottles, our Bala loves your Vaishali,
you must help us.
Do you know to speak Bengali? - Do you know this?
Vaishali is a Telugu girl.
I dream
Why did you lie to us that Vaishali is a Bengali?
Do you know how much I had lost for it?
What have you lost?
You said Bengali, my position weakened with lack of communication.
How do you know my sorrow of failing to express her my love?
If she had been a Telugu girl, I would've told her my feelings,
by hook or crook, I would've trapped her by now.
I lied because you're like that.
No need of shadow boxing any more.
I'll express my heart, I like that girl,
I love her,
I don't know how you do it,
if you all together convince and give her to me,
I'll take her with me and marry her.
That's the matter.
Please come with me.
Will she accept me?
Please sit here.
Do you love me?
Do you like me so much? -Very much.
Do you love my heart? Or do you love my body?
Your body! Because I don't know your heart.
Look, you're very beautiful, enchanting smile,
skin tone is fantastic, that's enough for me.
I don't know why you're so attracted to this body.
All this is mud.
After our death this flesh becomes a part of earth.
Blood and urine will mix with water.
Breath will mix with air.
Is this mud?
Your mud is very good.
You don't have any attraction on this mud, right?- No.
No isn't it? Okay, good.
Will you please do me a small favour? - Go ahead.
Small favour. - Tell me.
Spend a night with me.
Isn't it just mud?
Don't tell about your silly philosophy.
Mud... just mud... then why do you take a bath everyday?
Then soaps, Yoga, meditation, vegetables, fruits, for this silly mud.
He's talking nonsense, let's go, mother.
I dream
You... you... you...
I love you with my heart...
Come... come... come...
Won't you listen to me? What's your problem?
My life and death is with you...
Can't you understand this?
I dream
Beauty given by God...
Oh what a youth!
Don't let it go waste...
If I touch it, it angers them...
Without you I'm not there...
I can't leave you...
I'll drown myself in a dry well...
Listen to me... listen to me...
I dream
What's this lousy philosophy...
Don't be too stubborn...
Even God is not spared by this love and desire...
What's this your fate?
Look at yourself...
Is there any greater sin that this?
What's all this nonsense you're blurting?
You cried... I've made you cry, right?
I'm very happy, first success in my love.
This is enough for today, go home and offer prayers.
Let's meet tomorrow. Go... go.
Thanks Goddess.
Don't worry brother.
I dream
My dear son. Look at me. It's me! Your mother!
Don't mistake me, I'm learning Tamil.
It's me... your mother! My dear!
Location is great. Film it well.
What? Hooliganism?
Will you take it free?
We are begging. - But it doesn't appear like that.
It's like we are here, so give us. It's like plundering them.
English too for begging.
Hey girl! Want apples? -Yes.
Why are you showing off man? Teasing girls?
You're also teasing me.
You mean me and that fool are same?
I'm hero and he's a villain.
Am I a villain?
I was thinking all these days I was a hero.
She punctured my ego.
Come, I'll get you an apple garden.
You can get bigger apples there.
Bloody! Why are you teasing her? -Will you beat me?
I'll burst your face. - How dare you raise hand on me?
You'll pay for this. -You go.
Bloody street dog!
Stop staring... go man.
Why are you beating him?
He did a wrong thing.
There's God to punish the sinners. Who are you to beat him?
Do you know? I'm God!
Keep watching, I'll have a ball with them.- No
Why are you staring at me? I'm coming.
Why are you bowing to me? Got scared?
Please come. - Come?
Come. - Go.
I like you guys. Your welcome is nice. - Come.
This place is good. What's this? Any feast?
Bloody crooks! Have you planned to kill me here?
Kung-Fu? I don't know.
We'll fight in different styles and it'll create confusion,
it's your will and wish.
Didn't get me? Fighting will create confusion.
Got me?
How is it?
You know a place known as Guntur,
if I beat you hear, it will echo in Guntur.
Got me?
Why are you stamping my leg, bloody fool?
Don't turn, let's go please.
Come now, I'll teach you a lesson.
Come on.
That's a great shot. - Bloody fools! Couldn't you help me?
l though but I don't know Kung-Fu.
Keep this, was there such a big fight?
How nice it would've been if I had been there?
It's been long time I had seen a movie,
at least I would've seen a fight.
He fought those fighters for you, that shows how much he likes you.
He's handsome, he's razor sharp, more over a Telugu,
I like this proposal very much.
Proposal? Are you fixing a proposal for me?
That's what I'm also confused. What did I say now?
I was caught by Naxalites in forest.
How long you're in covert operations?
Covert operations? What is it?
How long you're working for police?
Police? I hate police.
l beat policemen, I support Naxalites,
this village is ours, this land is ours,
tree is ours, mountain is ours...
They beat me black and blue.
I didn't know how to escape from them & meet my wife.
Will continue next week. Rs. 1000.
You mustn't say it. -You play.
Those sanyasins are going that side.
Call them... quickly. - Sanyasins... stop... greetings...
Please welcome to our tents. - Greetings Prabha... Shivani...
Where is Vaishali? - In the cave.
We are doing a program on sanyasins for TV... - Good.
It will be good.- How long are you planning to stay here?
We must do a good program for MAA TV, interview mother.
Mothers in Manali, this is the title. -Why boys?
What is the difference between soul and supreme soul?
No need of that topic now son.
If I'm not wrong Bala Govind will be running towards cave by now.
Yes, you're right.
How did you find it?
I started this Ashram after great upheavals in life,
Man with passionate desires will not have fear, shame or any feeling.
She's saying about love.
Man with passionate desires will not have fear, shame or any feeling.
Don't say like that madam, say love.
Our boy has fallen in love.
Is she a college girl to fall in love with?
She's a sanyasin.
Your friend will not harm her, right?
He's tough only outside.
I dream
Why are you going away?
Look, as I neared you, it has created a chemical reaction in you,
you're sweating profusely.
Not only you, I'm also sweating.
Look, I don't think this is the right path.
Even if this is right path, you're not the right choice for it.
I want to talk to you.
If you come I'll finish it.
Sit here.
No problem. Please sit down.
Look... how beautiful you are!
Perfect figure!
What's wrong with you?
Are you getting angry on me?
Even if you get angry I don't care,
I love you sincerely,
I wish to marry you,
you needn't have any doubt about my financial status,
I'm a Program Director with MAA TV,
my salary is Rs. 40000,
my father Chandramohan too works there only,
his salary is Rs. 60000,
even if I blow up my entire salary,
my father's entire salary will be yours. Okay?
We have a big own house.
We have two vehicles.
We don't have any problems.
We don't beg fruits and vegetables like you.
We buy them.
Got me?
This is my visiting card.
Whenever you have the feeling, call me immediately,
I'll take you with me.
Okay, bye.
Look, people must die in jealousy over a bad guy like me getting you,
that's my target. Okay? Think and decide.
Do you know Bala Govind?
l know him sir.
Is he your friend? -Yes sir.
Do you've his number? - I do sir.
Is it in this? -Yes sir.
Is it Bala Govind's number?
Yes sir.
Do you've a cell phone? Take it out.
Make a call to this number.
Switch on the speaker.
How are you Chandramohan?
When are you returning my Rs. 25000?
He owes me money.
Rs. 25000?
Rs. 25000?
Have you forgotten it? Can't you remember it?
I'll not pay, what will you do?
What will I do?
I'll talk to boss and get it deducted from your salary.
If you insist, I've resigned from MAA TV, go to hell.
Don't waste my time.
Do you want me to ask where is he now?
Where are you now?
I don't need to answer you. Cut the call.
Hey Bala Govind.
Who are you?
I'm your father's friend,
I want to go to your home, tell me your address.
Take down.
Tell me.
I dream
My father will be waiting, go to him.
Who wants addresses in America and Australia?
I want that dog's address.
Get his address from the phone company.
Bloody, come... come on boys.
Where is going so late night?
Man with passionate desires will not have fear, shame or any feeling.
Stop it... -Why did you ask me then?
You bought a silk sari for your elder and younger sister,
you bought a silk sari for your sister-in-law too.
You bought a silk sari for your old mother too.
Am I a stranger to you?
Why should I be your wife then?
Why did you come and why are you leaving?
I'll tell you truth,
I'm not able to sleep,
I think of only Vaishali always,
l came to check if she was also in the same condition,
but late night, it's Ashram, many are discussing personal matters,
I felt it's wrong and was leaving.
You make me remember my son.
Your age is like that.
A few more days and you'll forget that girl.
Take my advice and go to sleep.
Bloody rascal! You spoiled her peace.
What's this son?
Please listen to me.
Eat this apple.
Aren't you hungry?
l do feel very hungry.
I want Bala Govind.
Ask your husband.
What is he doing?
Aren't you and your husband ashamed?
Where is he?
Call him on phone. - Call him.
Where is he? Give it to me.
Where are you dog? Tell me.
Who is it talking so smoothly?
I'm Andalu, Murugesan's mother.
Then you must also be in coma.
Will you beat me also?
What did you say to my mother?
This time I'm planning to beat your mother also along with you.
What? Tell me where you are!
Give the phone to me.
Hey bloody idiot! Where are you bloody dog?
Come on tell me.
Who are you Swami?
I'm Ponnuswamy.
l beat, you got beaten up,
get well soon and go home safely,
don't try to act smart.
Tell me your address.
My foot address, hang the phone.
Cut the line.
The girl is coming.
Come my beauty!
Uncle. - Nephew.
How does the girl look like to you?
She's like rare divine bead, washed in holy Ganges and milk,
she's pure and divine like after another holy dip in river Ganges.
Do you know how she appears to me?
She's like that!
You'll lose sight.
In fact my eyes are brightening after seeing her.
Look at her with my eyes, uncle.
I dream
Created trouble...
Lit fire...
Besieged me...
She created trouble..
She lit fire..
She created upheaval in me...
She entered my heart and lit fire of love...
Cat-eyed beauty...
She stole me lock, stock and barrel...
I'm on cloud nine...
She has aroused passion in me...
Don't be so sure...
I'll not fall so easily...
The love race has begun...
If you win it's a golden chance...
I dream
You don't ogle at me like that...
Don't kill me...
My mind will get blocked...
I'll cross the line...
If you give me a kiss...
I'll be in heaven...
If you give me a hug...
I'll lose myself...
How can I offer my sweet cheeks?
What magic can bring me closer to you?
I've gone mad...
She hit the bulls eye...
I dream
Don't come after me...
Don't express your heart...
My heart will respond positively...
It will become yours...
If you give green signal...
My life will become a festival...
If you give yourself to me...
My life will be blessed...
I'll not serve you lunch now...
I'll never serve you dinner...
What other Red songs do you know?
I'll become a mole on your feet, my sister...
I'll repay the gratitude of a brother, my sister...
You're not arousing suspicion at all,
they have trained you very well.
Are you bothered about your problems only?
Won't you think about my problem?
Very urgent. - Sit.
Very... very urgent. - Sit here!
Stop... stop...
Who are you?
I'm Shankar. Urgent...
What is in it?
Check it. - Check it.
Sergeant, it's liquid RDX.
Liquid RDX?
What are you planning to blow up?
RDX? I'm not what you...
What happened after that sir?
This is life.
I can't finish it in a day.
Finish it quickly, we are leaving day after tomorrow.
I'm also coming to Hyderabad.
Give me your visiting card along with Rs. 1000.
I dream
Are you angry?
Without doing anything.
If you come closer to me...
Look, you are also getting angry.
You feel like beating me, right?
You feel like killing me, right?
These are not characteristics of Sanyasins.
You're not a sanyasin.
There are many other feelings in you.
But you hide it.
You cried the other day near the temple.
Today you're threatening to kill me.
You've love too, but you'll not accept it.
Stubborn girl, why don't you accept it?
What happened?
You tried to kill me now, right? I got hurt.
Sorry is also a feeling,
tie if you love me, or else don't. - I don't love you.
tie if you love me, or else don't.
No, you love me.
I'll not agree even if you slap me.
What a slap! Bloody devil!
You slapped me, tie the bandage.
Why are you crying?
This is just mud... this blood will mix with water...
It was your tale, right?
What you know is I love you.
What you don't know is you too love me.
We are leaving this place tomorrow,
I'll wait for you till 10 am in Solong Valley,
I'll take you with me if you come,
I'll not ask you again, think over it.
I'm not as useless as you think.
I too have few good characters.
You all are leaving, I'll not get any film information hereafter,
Isn't Raghavendra Rao making any films?
Recently he gave a big hit film 'Ramadass' with Nagarjuna.
Has he made 'Ramadass' also with Nagarjuna after 'Annamayya'?
Any other old news?
Laya is getting married and leaving to US.
Daughter of Chiranjeevi got married.
Ravi Teja is blessed with a son.
Mahesh Babu too is blessed with a son.
Is Mahesh Babu married?
So you've been here for long time?
Bye Prabha.
You're saying bye to everyone, won't you say bye to Vaishali?
No. -Why?
Because she's coming with me tomorrow.
Are you so confident?
You keep watching.
Bye. - Bye.
CD's? We'll send it. - Come, let's go quickly.
Pack quickly, we'll reach Delhi late night.
We have to catch a train there.
Why are you dull? -We are sad for Bala.
I'm leaving... I'll never come back...
Will you come or not? Are you Miss Universe?
You've gone mad eating raw food. I'm going away.
Get lost!
Come, let's go. - Let's wait for sometime.
No use, she'll not come. l know it.
No Bala, she may come.
Any other girl will come but not her.
l know, useless to waste time for her, get in.
Won't I find any other girl?
No need to board back side, get in front,
When she hasn't come any place is same, let's go.
Get in quickly. - No need to wait for anyone.
Get in quickly. Come, let's go.
Sir... please don't kill me.
Tell Bala Govind not to come to Hyderabad.
Thambidurai's men are beating up Govind mistaking him for Bala.
Brother, stop the vehicle.
What happened? - Call from our office.
They don't want Bala to come to Hyderabad. - Where is he?
He fell off the van. Search him.
I've changed my mind, you proceed.
I'll not come without Vaishali.
I'm not Bala Govind, please don't kill me.
What are you doing here?
Ever since I saw you, I'm sleepless.
Come... come with me.
Where is she?
Did they stop you from reaching me?
Who is he?
Where is Bala Govind then?
Stop... Vaishali.
Were you late to come?
Were you late to come?
You came for me, right?
Didn't you come for me?
Didn't you come for me?
Why did you come then?
Ain't I talking to her?
Why did you come then if not for me?
For me only...
l know you came for me only.
l know you love me.
I don't love you.
Don't lie.
Tell me the truth.
Do you love or not?
I don't love you. I didn't come here for you.
Please go away. I don't love you.
Why don't you love me?
You must have a reason, right? Tell me.
How dare you touch Vaishali!
Call... make a call to Bala Govind.
I can't get through. - Try again, Ponnuswamy.
Vaishali... .stop.
Come on answer my call!
Answer my phone call.
What's your problem man?
Where are you?
Tell me the matter.
When are you coming back to Hyderabad?-Why?
I want to thrash you.
Just now I thrashed few goons, I'll come back definitely.
Let's meet as soon as I come, my cell is running out of money,
if you want to talk to me, get my cell phone re-charged.
Let's have a ball!
Charge the camera battery. - Charge your brain too.
Why did you come without intimation? Where is my son?
He didn't come sir.
Thank God, situation here isn't good for him, where is he now?
No need to hide it from you, your son fell in love.-Yes sir.
Love? Who is the girl?
She's not a girl, a sanyasin. - Sanyasin?
What a life is this?
I wish to devour exotic delicacies of Andhra.
What are you looking at?
I'm asking you.
Do you know how beautiful you are?
Small eyes... Little lips...
If you start looking your face in the mirror,
you'll feel like applying lipstick,
feel like applying kohl to eyes,
you feel like sporting a dot,
mirror leads to all sorts of problems.
That's why mirror is banned in Ashram.
Load it quickly.
Why there are lot of apples here? -Always ask for money.
Do it quickly. -Are you apple seller?
What's the price of a box of apples?
How much stock you need?
3 loads? Tell me how much you need? - I'm asking you man.
What's that red cap? Bloody fool!
Only shouts, no business.
He's over acting.
Bloody... idiot.
He's acting as if he's great. -Why do you hurt others with your talk?
You talk too much of nonsense.
Don't talk to anyone for a day.
Just a kind of meditation.
Your nonsense will reduce.
What were you asking when I was talking on phone?
You were abusing me,
I took it easily as you are a Telugu boy,
Have you run away from home?
Don't you've money to back? My lorries are going, I'll give you lift.
Tell me, what do you want?
You were asking something just a while ago.
Why are you leaving before I finish?
Do I look like a bore?
I'm running apple business here for the past 30 years,
so what?
Everyone here salutes me.
Don't you know to respect others?
Talk to me, I'm barking like a dog,
talk to me, just one word, can't you talk?
Don't tease me, I'll squeeze your neck like apples,
talk to me, or shall I strangle your neck?
His punch is like Palakollu punch.
I think you love Bala Govind. - No madam.
No, I can see it in your eyes.
I can feel your heart's struggle. - No, I'm not sad.
You're stopping your tears.
If you feel like crying, cry out loud.
I'm not crying.
You needn't become a sanyasin killing your love.
There are no rules here, you're young,
gain experience, live, marry Bala Govind,
live with him, have children,
if you think he's useless after that, you can always come back here.
We'll be here only.
He's not like that.
Then? How is he?
Very good man.
How can you say it?
l strongly believe it.
Is he still here or gone?
I don't know, I think he might have left.
Do you've his phone number, I'll talk to him.
My visiting card, feel free to call me whenever you get tempted.
One minute, I'll come back in a second.
I dream
Is this the visiting card you had lost?
He didn't go away.
He was hovering around our Ashram for 2 days.
What will you do if we give her to you?
Will you take and sell her?
Will you hang her to death?
Will you marry her? My sweet boy!
Vow of silence for you only!
Vaishali loves you very much.
She's not a sanyasin from tomorrow,
if you come tomorrow I'll hand over her to you.
939535639... Reliance... you've the number.
But no trace of man, my son is still in hospital.
Can we locate the place of origin of call?
I don't think we can.
Can we know the tower?
Where are you Swami?
Look there! Hail Lord Shiva!
Greetings Swamiji!
When did you come here Swami?
I came, I searched for my wife,
she sold the property here and left this place,
I'm sitting here without knowing where to go.
We'll find your wife,
What did BSF people do with you Swami?
They took me to Indian border in an helicopter.
Do you want to blow up entire India?
I don't even smoke cigarette, please leave me, I want to go home.
My wife is waiting.
Wife is waiting? My wife has been waiting for years.- Oh no... .
I was with them for few days.
One fine day I escaped from them.
I jumped the fencing.
I jumped into Pakistan.
I ran into a group of Al-Qaida terrorists.
Who are you?
I'm a great fan of Al-Qaida.
Where are you coming from?
I'm coming from Hyderabad to meet you.
For my those words, they gave 4 years weapons training.
Holy War!
Why are you shouting? Tell me the matter.
My love is a grand success.
l came to know your love story yesterday only.
Making her accept was a thrilling climax.
They are going to hand over her to me tomorrow.
She's an orphan, there are no one to fight with me.
You'll also not raise objections, because you're very weak.
Another news, the program we shot is going to be telecast,
she's in the program, you can see her.- Okay.
When it is being shown on TV?
It's on air now sir. - Come, let's go.
This is Kulu Manali in Himachal Pradesh, Solong valley here is...
Have you seen that girl, Uncle?
Many women from different regions of India are living in an Ashram,
it is a Community...
I dream
Scary... thrilling...
First time...
Something strange...
It thrills my body...
My heart...
Face of love...
Cool drink in hot summer...
My man...
My best friend...
Fundamental of love...
I dream
Directions vanish when I meet you...
Time stands still in the magic created by you...
My life is hitting a streak of luck with you...
My heart is tasting happiness for the first time...
I dream
Come into my life like an unforgettable sweet memory...
Be always with me like the smile on my lip...
You were born for me...
Your love said that to me...
You're in my heart...
My breath says it...
After vigourous weapons training,
I too became an active member,
unexpectedly I got a promotion too.
Do you what is this?
This is stick.
You fool, it's not a stick, but twin towers of America.
We have to hijack a flight and blow it up.
You've to command this operation.
Holy War!
Bloody idiots!
Were you involved in blowing up of twin towers?
My foot, I got excited with that news and was affected with dysentery.
I was left out in the last minute.
I lied to them that I'll plant bombs in Delhi,
I went to Himalayas and became 'Gudumba' Shankar.
I joined this group.
I want my wife back. - Not this girl.
Please find my wife. - Okay.
What was your first impression about me?
Now... ?
Still I've the same impression.
But I've also become a fool like you.
Would you like to buy bangles?
Are you feeling cold?
Wait here, I'll get you a sweater.
I don't know who he is, come let's go.
Catch those people... catch them...
I dream
We know that she's an orphan,
we don't know her past, who they are or why they are here?
You cheated us and left this place,
where did you go?
Look at me... bloody dirty face.
So, you stay in Kulu Manali..?
We were hunting you for the last 2 years.
We came to know your whereabouts when we saw you on TV.
Are you a sanyasin?
Say something. Want to become a sanaysin?
Is Vaishali back?
Did you get her or did she come back?
We got her.
What do you mean by that?
Whether they got her or not? - They got Vaishali.
Do you know who Vaishali is?
I don't care about that.
But you are happy. That's more than enough.
They didn't recognize me.
But they came for that girl.
Now I must find the reason and her whereabouts.
I am going to Dhoolpet.
No. They will kill you. They are hunting for you.
Listen to me..please.
This is the house.
Go & inquire. - But don't step out of the car.
I dream
Why did you come here?
If they see you, they will kill you.
Who are you?
You saved me from them. Don't you remember?
Oh! It's you!
Do you know them? - I know
Will you do me a favour? - Tell me.
I'm in love with a girl. They kidnapped her.
Are you talking about Vaishali?
Do you know her? -Yes, I know.
They tried to kill me because of Vaishali.
Do you know who Vaishali is?
Narayana Patwari's daughter.
He means terror to everyone.
Myself, Thambidurai, Ponnuswamy, Murugesan used to work for him.
Vaishali is his only daughter.
Thambidurai & Ponnuswamy eyed for his wealth.
Patwari, get your daughter married to Murugesan.
How dare you wish my daughter to become wife of my henchman?
Do you want to sleep with my daughter on my bed?
I will kill you all.
I will kill you first. - No.
There is nothing wrong in it.
Did you & your daughter came down from heaven?
They killed her parents in a blink of an eye.
I was left helpless.
Murugesan, tie the auspicious thread.
Tie it in front of him.
I will see what he will do. What will you do?
Now it's all your wealth.
I wanted to save Vaishali.
Run fast...
l succeeded in escaping from them. But I lost Vaishali.
I didn't know where she went.
I searched everywhere but in vain.
They believe that I helped her go underground.
Vaishali is back in their clutches.
You must save Vaishali at any cost.
Where is the police station?
You both might be in love.
But rescuing her from Thambidurai's house is not an easy task.
But you also say that she is married.
Whatever happened in front of her dead parents is not a marriage.
Only we know that.
But they are spinning different stories.
They say that Patwari was killed by someone else
they are looking after his family now.
We all know that he is a criminal.
But there is neither a witness nor proof.
That's why our hands are tied down.
If I rescue her now,
a case will be lodged against me for arresting his daughter-in-law.
So, the bottomline is I can't help you.
Thank you sir.
Your name is Bala Govind, right?
Did you hit Murugesan?
Shake hands I say.
Beat everyone black & blue. I will help you.
Thank you sir.
Beat them to pulp.
Eat a little. - No.
If I smash your head against the wall,
it will break into pieces. Eat fast.
We need your wealth not you.
Better live with Murugesan.
After 6 months, if you find it difficult to live with him,
..commit suicide.
Else I will kill you. Got it?
Tell her.
Why there are so many men on guard?
Are they all goons?
Vaishali is here.
I must see Vaishali for once.
That's impossible.
She is in that house. I will go now.
You don't know about them.
They don't know about me.
Hey you! Cut the power. - No.
If you cut the power, I will go & see Vaishali.
If possible, I will come back with her.
If nothing is possible, I will beat some guy & come.
Cut the power lines.
Power cuts now?
Light the candles.
We must call the Minister and warn the electrical dept.
Where is the candle?
You pot boy!
Who are you? Keep the pot down and light the candle.
There are so many of you guys at home.
But none has any common sense.
So long to light a candle?
The entire house is dark. l could see nothing.
Where are you going?
Keep the candle in her room.
Don't worry. I'm there for you.
The hearts... have united...
Only silence remained in my heart...
As I got to you, it melted like snow...
Where are you?
You came just now...
I will keep you safe in my eyes...
I dream
I dreamt for you...
In my dreams I saw you...
Though we are separated...
I'm following you as your shadow...
You laid a trap in my heart...
What are you? A dream or a wave? You have sunk me in it.
Before I could come out of your hallucination...
your memories overtake me...
l preserved my love for you...
I will share my passion with you...
You lit fire in me with your burning kisses...
Wet me with your sweat...
I dream
You have cast a spell on my soul...
You filled my life with love and passion...
Before I could hear your echoes of love...
you overtake me with your lust...
When seconds turn into aeons and entangle me...
l came to you seeking refuge...
You elate me & crush me in your love...
I dream
Let's go, Vaishali.
Why are you standing here?
Planning to escape?
Did you think you could cheat us? Go.
How dare you try to escape again?
You can't play your tricks with me.
Yes Bala.
Switch on the power.
No. They will kill you.
Do as I say. Switch on the power.
Come. Come I say.
Thank God! The power is back.
Look at her.
What happened?
She was planning to escape in the dark.
You can never escape.
Only Murugesan can keep you in track.
Now switch off the power.
Why is this power is tripping often?
Call the Electricity Dept.
If the power goes off again, I will...
Who hit me?
Catch him.
Find out who hit me.
Who hit me?
Go & search.
Drink this & narrate your experiences.
Once I became a sanyasi I lost everything.
Now my only problem is to find my wife.
Since you all are from MAA TV,
this is my wife's photo.
Show this photo on your TV and help me to find my wife.
Shivani... ?
Is Shivani your wife?
How do you guys know my wife?
She is our friend. - Friend?
We met her in Manali as a sanyasin when we went there for a shoot.
Is my wife in Manali? -Yes.
After you divorced her, she married again.
Since he didn't buy her a silk sari,
she went to Manali & became a sanyasin.
Why didn't you tell me that she was in Manali?
If you had told us, we would united you both.
l beg you all to unite me with my wife.
Or else give me her address. I will go there myself.
The gap between us is widening.
Don't worry. It is our responsibility to unite you both.
Drink this.
Sure? - Sure.
Decorate properly. - Okay.
Get up.
Get up I say.
Decorate well.
My son is coming home from hospital.
Today is his first night.
Why are you scared?
Aren't you interested in first night?
Aren't you interested in Murugesan?
You must be lucky to get my son as your husband.
He is a hero to all girls in Tamil Nadu.
Come here.
Take her.
Take her & get her ready.
Learn from her.
We dumped her here and she got adjusted with us.
After a couple of days, everything will be fine.
Murugesan... -Yes uncle.
Come fast.
Today is your first night.
First night?
What do you mean by first night?
First night.
You are very lucky.
From hospital bed to bed of roses.
I remember my first night.
A night full of quarrels & tiffs.
Stop here.
Bala, today is Murugesan's first night with Vaishali.
First night..?
Bala, Sher...
He saw us.
You people just walk away.
I will handle them.
I dream
Do what you can, you idiot!
C'mon hit me...
Yes, tell me.
What happened?
Give the phone to the one near by.
Give it to anyone near you...
What happened?
Now I am going to torture them.
Greetings sir.
Who are you?
I am Bala Govind speaking.
Bala Govind... ?
Did you forget me?
Should I remember you?
Ask Murugesan.
Don't you know to take revenge?
Have you guys forgot to take revenge?
How could you forget me?
Hey you...
You wanted me to come to Hyderabad, didn't you?
I have come to Hyderabad.
I am in Dhoolpet. What can you do?
Today is a first night for all of you.
Come here.
What will you do? Tell me.
Bala Govind is in town.
Go. Find him & bring him here.
Go & search everywhere.
What? Is he in town?
I am coming from hospital.
I want him by the time I reach home.
Sign on this discharge register.
Keep the bed ready. He will need it.
We met long back.
Is your health okay?
Do you think I took my vengeance? No.
This is fresh.
Shall I tell you something new?
The so called your wife Vaishali.
We both are in love.
Are you shocked?
l heard that today is your first night.
Do you want to celebrate your night?
Oh my Murugesan!
Find him & chop him into pieces. Go.
I dream
A handsome will come for me...
He wants me even when I disagree...
He casts a spell on me...
You are too beautiful...
You are too good...
You sparked the fire in me...
You make go breathless touching my sensitive parts...
I dream
Wear your outfit properly...
Don't play with hearts...
Won't your beauty enter the Guinness book of world records..
You're 21 and I'm 25...
Do me anything... But sing the song of love...
l dazzle you with my love games...
I will make our nights a memorable one...
With loads of love...
... romance with me...
I will get myself stuck to your waist line...
I dream
Come to me when you are cocky... .
Devour all my pleasures...
It's your right to do anything with me...
I am bamboozled when your clothes fall...
You will be in trouble if I go wild.
Your shyness vanishes in air when I taste the nectar in you...
Let me see how aggressive you are...
I will come & make you crumble in my embrace...
Play my drums... - I'll play it babe...
He is bold & courageous...
He's a boy wonder!
Don't take him to hospital.
l need ice cubes & a small fan.
Get them.
Don't cry. You will be fine.
You will be alright. Switch on the fan.
What's the problem?
What do you mean?
l understood.
What? - If you permit, I'll tell you.
Hold this.
How to explain them?
Have you seen a bulb?
It has a filament.
If filament breaks,
the bulb might or might not glow.
Your nest is damaged.
And... .it has broken.
Who hit you, my boy?
Shut up.
Father, Bala Govind & she are in love.
Beat her & she will tell us where he is.
Do you love him?
Do you love him?
Tell me... where is he?
I will tell you.
I will tell you.
What is she doing?
It's a very bad sign.
They are beating Vaishali mercilessly.
Take Vaishali with you.
Sir, you need proof to put them behind bars.
l need Vaishali.
What should I do now?
Let me have Dhoolpet for a couple of hours.
That is enough.
What should I do till then?
Watch MAA TV.
Where are you?
Bala Govind hit Sher.
He broke his head.
Now I am going there. - No Bala.
They will kill you if they recognize you.
If they recognize me, the story will be different.
If they don't, it will be very different.
Got a knife? - Take it.
Let's confuse them.
He hit our Sher.
Stop here.
He hit our Sher.
Where is the Big boss?
Boss, they hit our Sher.
Who are you? - Greetings sir.
My name is Basheer.
Bala Govind is here.
I was coming to tell you this, but he stabbed me with this knife.
Go & catch him.
Where is he? -Very close by.
Let's go & kill him.
Chop him into pieces.
What happened?
Just move.
Where do you live in this area?
I've never seen you before.
It's him.
You should not get up. No.
Who are you?
Oh my God!
Catch him.
Come fast.
No. - Kill him.
Oh no! Who hit you?
Search properly.
Stop. Your balls are in good shape.
Get me the gun.
Go that side.
I dream
Run away Bala.
Go I say.
Kill him.
Let her go.
Me... ?
Get an auto.
Where is he?
Get him.
Switch on the camera. Make it fast.
Start immediately.
Shoot him down.
Leave me.
Don't miss anything.
Everything must be very neatly shot.
I'm Soni.
Breaking news for MAA TV viewers.
A gruesome attack in Hyderabad 20 minutes back.
Thambidurai & Ponnuswamy's gang are on the streets to kill a boy & a girl.
There was no evidence till now for their crimes. This is a fool proof evidence.
They were chasing them on the Dhoolpet streets.
Their friends who supported their love were tortured.
They were barbaric beasts hurting women too.
Police & government says that there is no evidence against them.
What else do they need now?
They might kill my son.
This is enough. Let's go.
How are you, my son?
Are you telecasting this or not?
It is being telecast.
Why haven't the police come yet?
Police are coming.
They are always late.
You said our bodies are mere mud.
Look what has happened.
l may be smiling.
But actually the pain is killing me.
At last the police has arrived.
The flames of love is burning high.
Hello Prabha!
How are you? - Great couple!
When did you come? - Today.
We were planning to have our first night here.
Oh no! Not here.
l decided to have my first night here long back.
Please don't come here for the next 3 days. Got it?
I feel very shy.
Let's go, Mother. - Excuse me Shivani.
A surprise for you. -What?
Look there.
Do you recognize him?
Where were you all these days?
Please don't ask me that.
Hold this!
Leave immediately, or else everyone in our Ashram will wish for marriage.
Please leave this place.
I dream