What is Clean Living Water? & Living Water Spa at New Earth Center

Uploaded by NewEarthCenter on 20.08.2010

Welcome to our living water spa at New Earth Center
I invite you to take in the beauty of our spa
as I share with you this amazing water revitalization technology
and the beautiful creation
my good brother David Beilharz, Randy Hatton, and I
Our living water spa
and ampule and a vortex of living water
ionizing, oxygenating, and energizing the water through the powerful resonance
field of a vortex
in combination with magnetic fields, light life rings, crystals, light,
sound, and sacred geometry
We have a powerful way
of returning water back to its original divine blueprint
I love the way the water feels
the water is so silky smooth
and often I come into our spa
and I enter the waters and I feel
such a sacred healing property of our water
it has a silky quality on my skin
and its full of life force and energy by the nature of the vortex
and then I'll also come in and put my head under the vortex
and receive the liquid download of living light in my body
we have children and families that can come to our New Earth Center
and our kids and our families
are just so fed by the healing properties of the water They love
just the energy and the vitality in the water
often also
my beloved Krystalle and I here at New Earth Center we do water floatation therapies
and we bring people into the water we support them with those little foam noodles that you see
at the
kids playground pools
and we do gentle
deep relaxation and floatation therapies
This is our little piece of heaven on earth here at New Earth Center
this is a place
of deep cleansing, purification, relaxation and rejuvenation
and I invite you to come and play at our living water spa