150 - VL Olli - January 3rd, 2013 ( english subtitles )

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mini aunt!
What are you doing up like that? Looks like you're ordered but that nobody came to take you.
nothing. And you, Whence comes this good mood, chipie?
I booked my ticket to England, I'm leaving tomorrow!
- you will see Christian? - yes
i can't stand it. And as he can not come to see me ...
- I'm happy for you ... for you two! - Thank you
I know that basically we wanted to celebrate Christmas together, but it will not pose a problem to be alone with Bella for Christmas?
No, but I do not want her to feel forced into anything
The two of you are alone, it would be stupid not to celebrate together
anyway if she does not want, I can understand.
I'll talk to her tomorrow.
Maybe, she just needs to think about it and it does not pose problems.
What i'll offer her? I hardly know my daughter.
nothing too girly. I think that tools it will be always a pleasure for her.
Olli is the first Christmas gift for my daughter, it must be something special.
but you're not sure of you completely.
Yes. Honestly, I've never been so helpless in my life.
I have to make my bag for England.
- when you leave? - in a few hours.
And you? You'll see your father?
No he went skiing with friends.
Charlie, she'll surely enjoy it if you celebrate it with her.
If you want we can celebrate it together
It's not as if we were singing Christmas songs together. We will eat well, drink a good glass of wine, it's okay.
you have forgotten gifts
we are adults, we don't do gifts anymore.
(Andi and Jessica tell her that yes, she need to do i cause it is her mother, and she has 28 years to catch up)
where do you go, finally buy something?
No, i'll talk to Charlie, tell her that I do not want anything big, it is absolutely inappropriate!
- and if she has already bought something? - I want to discuss this with her now, not tonight.
why she cries?
because I am moved!
Clarissa wanted to fired her because she had borrowed a dress from a LCL prototype
Yes, and then?
someone has devoted to give a lot of money, and it avoided to the Anstetten to fired her
Charlie! And more without anything in return, just because she likes me.
Because she thought it was unfair that I finished on the street pregnant. And she has not even talked about it because she did not want to make a fuss.
I can not believe that Charlie do it for me.
she has a big heart, and she likes you.
I also like her, that's why I do not understand Bella.
Ok it was not a good start with Charlie, but does it always have to see the mistakes of the past?
Yes. I can understand Bella, why she can not forgive her so quickly.
but instead of always complaining about what happened, she should be happy with what she has.
Charlie is so cool, and I often felt like my mother was a little bit more like her.
I see exactly what you mean.
I think Bella does not realize how lucky she is.