West Wing Week 11/04/11 or "Let's Get Moving"

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Elvis Impersonator: West Wing Week.
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Narrator: Welcome to the West Wing Week -- your guide to everything that's
happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
This week, the President urged Congress to pass the
infrastructure component of the American Jobs Act and continued
to take Executive Actions to strengthen the economy to put
Americans back to work.
The President also celebrated Diwali; and hosted Halloween;
signed two Executive Actions to help middle-class families and
create jobs; welcomed NASA astronauts to the Oval Office;
and hosted local television news anchors from across the country.
That's October 28th to November 3rd, or "Let's Get Moving!"
The President: What's holding us back?
Let's get moving and put America back to work.
Narrator: On Friday, the President kicked off this West Wing Week by
lighting the ceremonial candle at a White House Reception in
Honor of Diwali, the South Asian Festival of Lights.
Meanwhile, a volunteer team of All Hallows' Eve enthusiasts
busily geared up for Halloween Weekend at the White House.
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On Saturday, the President and First Lady welcomed
Harry Potters and their kin from local elementary schools and
military families for the Annual White House Trick-or-Treat.
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Narrator: Later that evening, the President attended the Italian
American Heritage Foundation Gala where he spoke of
our shared past and our responsibility to future
generations no matter our heritage.
The President: I do not, in fact, have any Italian ancestry.
Not all of us are that lucky.
We've always been and we will always be a nation of immigrants
from all over the world.
And out of many, somehow we're able to forge ourselves into
one people.
Narrator: On Monday, the President signed an Executive Order in the Oval
Office to prevent consumers from being gouged by the high cost of
prescription drugs.
The President: Congress has been trying since February to do something
about this.
It has not yet been able to get it done.
And it is the belief of this Administration,
as well as folks like Bonnie and Jay,
that we can't wait for action on The Hill;
we've got to go ahead and move forward.
Narrator: On Tuesday, the President hosted local television anchors from
Virginia, Florida, Texas, Nebraska, Minnesota,
Pennsylvania, Colorado, Arizona and Oregon,
to urge Congress to pass the American Jobs Act to create jobs
and put money back in the pockets of 160 million American
workers right away.
The President: The American people are right to be frustrated.
The economy is not where it needs to be.
There are steps we can take right now that would put people
back to work.
My jobs plan -- independent economists have said it would
create as many as 1.9 million jobs,
grow the economy by as much as an extra 2%,
and it contains ideas that traditionally have gotten
support from Democrats, Independents and Republicans.
And in fact, the majority of the American people agree with these
kinds of proposals: Rebuilding our roads and bridges;
and rebuilding our schools; putting teachers back in the
classroom; providing tax breaks to small businesses to hire
veterans or the long-term unemployed.
So this is something we can do right now.
Narrator: Back in the Oval Office, the President welcomed the crew of
the Space Shuttle Atlantis.
The President: I always like cool stuff from NASA.
Narrator: He then signed a Proclamation designating Fort Monroe as a
national monument under the Antiquities Act.
Local analysts estimate it would help create thousands of
jobs in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
The President: As I said, there's a strong economic competent to this.
We think we can see additional jobs in Virginia as a
consequence of this.
But for those members of Congress who are here,
I still need some action from Congress --
(laughter) (camera shutters clicking)
-- on the Americans Jobs Act and other steps.
But in the meantime this is going to make a big difference.
Narrator: On Wednesday, the President spoke in front of Washington's
historic Key Bridge and urged Congress to pass the
transportation piece of the American Jobs Act --
(cheers and applause)
-- which would put hundreds of thousands of construction
workers back on the job rebuilding America's roads,
railways and runways.
The President: As I said, you can't deny that infrastructure does create jobs.
So if the Speaker of the House, the Republican Leader in the
Senate, all of the Democrats, all say that this is important
to do, why aren't we doin' it?
Let's get moving!
And put America back to work!
Narrator: The President then took off for an overnight journey to France
for a summit with leaders of the world's economic powers.
On Thursday, the President got going with the work of the G20
in Cannes, France, where he immediately focused on the most
urgent challenge for the entire G20 --
strengthening the global economic recovery and resolving
the financial crisis in Europe.
To find out more information on any of these topics or to see
complete videos of these events, go to WhiteHouse.gov.
And thanks again for checking out your West Wing Week.
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