How to make a wooden Crank-Bait (Bass and Pike lure)

Uploaded by notime4indoors on 02.04.2012

Ok, this is Notime4indoors and I'm going to be showing you how to
make a small,
narrow crankbait out of
piece of wood like this
so what you want to do this
a little reason like this size little reason i ask
you know once our archive towards the back initiate it down
because you don't want to make it uh... figure up front that they're in the back
to pretty much
within reason that i know you just shaking up the body so as you can see a
sort of carved on the back in little bits on the the front burner
sort of a little bit of a shape going heres
took me probably thirty minutes if you all that uh...
just make sure you know i meet you test to detect reviews it's off to rosa
break-up the flakes of it
on my list about a couple times uh... at through what i have now harm
regional trade front
their side since ordeal
uh... i'd know it really looks like crap right now but i do
all you want to do with the reason i
is geared our basic shape out of it because if you try and eat too much in
and out messing up
um... this is where said people comes and you can watch star with this really
rough stuff obviously
not sure where
great this is a says forty on the background of its valo
uh... make a deal to really rough
over basically disuse the rough stuff until you get out all the big
none of these and here i got a big gala june there were a way to deal with the
and uh... pretty much the stuff like that is where you wanna work out with
the same papers though
state law in the body do it you can with it
seeking cdr armed this
there's little doubt that in the mysteries of your um...
that's really why you don't want to go to deeper the reason is because those
things are a pain to get out
he i'm pretty much is trying my best sandpaper i have just
time is coming out assisting in a long time so
side tree that's why you don't want you to keep the reason
case up pretty much have
mostly white don uses a couple rough spots thereby get that out with some
uh... smoother sandpaper
yeah i got that one little
rough b_n_l_ uh... seven-member where was
somewhere in here
but anyways on now honeymoon from this real rough terrain sandpaper too
some little softer to look at it
initiate dell
bit along with uh...
later sandpaper
yen obviously go back to you doing some more
sinectis stuff a privileged almost done with this and bout to go to some
uh... units move their stuff here command post
okay so this is going to be using next bomb this stuff is
bit smoother um... in this stuff sure you can probably tell this is getting
really smooth
on there still some little impurities in here
but up in a subtle work those out bom
is looking pretty nice
employees next
one of these guys
okay so
got a little bit more of the imperfections al
still on the most part
got out a little bit here
problems here at their
you know i kind of
made a little bit better
unity in the next
this to another one
the female files except
this was a lot smoother um...
yet so the panels than use quite a bit though
made pretty much all of my losing this
you is just take into account list uh... this is really make you were nice and
the look pretty
case o
got a little bit more
kicking out
if you really don't care how you look so much shaadi
more for function than fashion
on you don't really have to use all the same paper you pretty much uses the
rough stuff to your basic
design may dau and uh... just leave it at that
but i i i just
i say if i'm gonna take the time to make i might as well make it look good
i'd i guess i just like having a good looking we were so i go through all the
trouble with taxes and fees
anyways this is the last at this stuff
really really fine
that's less is saying they were going to bomb i'm pretty satisfied with
the body of it
so now what we're gonna do is uh... drill holes for the hardware army
when uh...
tied on is
these guys
obviously you need
holes for your folks
uh... colleagues make this one with to books anyone here one back
delano uh... if you want nineteen it's always an option you can add
yellow propeller to the back of it or something
you know you could
drew little hole
walls in the sides in
add a little rattle like this into it
but for the sake of time i'm just gonna go and make this will be sick we were
okay so my drill is charged enough now on that i can do this
for the video i'm going to do in my hand but nor me i'd use a vice but
do you do camera is in my vice right now
upon my little homemade stands though
and is really good news my hand i would not recommended those for a few reasons
and you can slip off and rule for your hand
by knesset and we were really easy
okay so mireille home refusal letter in there it it's not that much weight but
is deftly enough to keep it
flowing this way specialist i have the weight of the hooks and the building
their we'll definitely right
case i just put the two ice cruisin uh... warm bottom here
on the back
so now what to do is cruel my holes are here for
michigan good to talk a little c_u_'s discs what is your word and also uh...
if if you're too tight it could actually weaken the hold that you're screwed has
into the wood
so justice kennedy in a few times get it's not the
there it is with
conaway hole
to ice screws
and the bill
okay so another source right along on there
let people you continue to stand denounced
innocence muthu body boomer
young point their unit
the case so it's dried for twenty four hours and
so it's uh... scanned the sand now so its guitar sandpaper
peso reviews this deal again a little
fingernail file
and uh... so here is going to go over
andy sort of a rough job and i think it's the perfect because we're a go for
some softer sandpaper
okay so you can see it's
quite a bit smoother
on our citizens smoother sandpaper
venues this stuff here
casein see it's a bit smoother
case in the next thing you had used right figure however where
here books in your
went on here
now a look at it with all cash actually i should have had a hook a little bit
farther back here
armed as we looked a little better
but you know his weight is so makes that there is just pain
because of this is the finished product
hiding finish painting it
um... he's right airbrush has the first time so sapa greatest paying job ever
i'm satisfied with it
and i did get nowhere varnish you can see it's got a real my shiny coat on the
top of it
and that also keeps that pain from bleeding off of it was in the water
and as some of the hardware put on a dress trouble look on the back of it
no no bill on the front
that's how you make a crepe eight out of a piece of scrap wood