East of Eden, 14회,EP14, #06

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Uncle Dae-hyung...
What do you want him to do?
How did he end up like that...?
What do you mean, how? It's all because of that Shin Tae-hwan.
You know how Dong-chul is like. He's not the type to ever let you down.
You just wait and see.
Why did you tell him where I work?
How could I not tell him when he wanted to see you?
I bet you said some awful things to him again.
And you always have your heart broken afterwards.
You know the relocation payment we got?
How much will we have once we get the rent deposit and start paying monthly?
Why do you ask?
You know we won't be able to live paying monthly rent.
I want to build and sell houses.
Excuse me?
We have a carpenter and some workers.
It'd be better to buy a small lot, build houses and sell them,
than getting daily pay.
Wow, I'm impressed with your idea, Chun-hee.
I want you to hand over the money you got from selling your shop.
Why are you bringing me into this?
It's a long story.
I barely got away from being kidnapped to the north,
and worked in Russia and Geneva.
I came back undercover with a son of a North Korean high government official.
Excuse me?
My work has been acknowledged so I won't be working as a mere informant.
I can't tell you everything in one night.
I'm amazed that you recognized me.
I always knew of your whereabouts. After all, I am an informant.
Excuse me.
[I guess you had a pretty big birthday party for your mother, huh?]
If you ask me, your family isn't all that great, anyway.
So what's your point?
What is up with you?
Did you get scolded for being an undutiful son?
Did you know that those who have mothers mature rather late.
I'm busy right now.
There's something busier here. Come and take me somewhere.
I have to meet Prosecutor Cheon.
Who is he?
Don't ask too many questions. Just come right now.
I have an important business deal, so go alone. Bye.
Wait. Hey, you!
He's so arrogant already.
He told me to go alone. Says there's an important business deal.
Grace, I don't want you to treat Dong-chul improperly.
Are you still willing to trust people after Kim Tae-sun stabbed you on the back?
You end up revealing everything to your enemy by getting overly emotional.
You may be angry with him but from his eyes you're just throwing tantrums.
Are you saying you think of him as an enemy as well?
Of course, I do.
Anyone who is not my blood is an enemy.
I feel like there's ice inside of my blood.
It's giving me the chills, Dad.
That's good.
Now I want you to go see Prosecutor Cheon alone.
And just between you and me...
Dong-chul is a great dealer who reads the cards well.
He may not know about himself but along with his card-reading skills,
he has a photographic memory.
I knew that from the beginning.
So you're telling me he'll be your moneymaking machine?
He's nothing more or less than that.
Remember that before you take any actions.
There's a huge chunk of ice inside of my blood now.
Speaking of which...
I want you to stop your drama with him and continue studying.
Somewhere close will be nice.
To me that sounds like you're sending me away because of him.
That's right.
No matter how well he does his work, he is not your match.
And that's also the promise we've made.
What if he doesn't keep his promise?
Stupid question...