Vote Moving Canadian Election Fraud

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Fellow Canadians, was our election cheated?
How did the conservatives win 54.2% of the seats with only 39 percent of the popular vote?
It is possible that the conservative electorate cheated the may second Canadian federal election
the following video demonstrates how it could have easily been achieved with VOTE MOVING
What is vote moving?
For an example we will move to the city of Winnipeg in the riding of strathcona
There was a close race with only 284 vote difference,
the two ridings adjacent were conservative blow outs resulting in an excess of 17000 voters.
Excess voters from those ridings could have easily voted in Elmwood strathcona.
This could potentially result in that riding being stolen.
Like wise in the riding of winnepeg south centre a small margin of only 684 votes separated the top two candidates.
These votes could have come from the 29000 extra voters located in the nearest ridings.
How many votes are needed to steal a seat?
That depends on how close the race is, lets take a look at how close the ridings were across Canada.
As we look at the closeness of ridings across Canada, bear in mind that over 14,000,000 Canadians cast their ballot
In the riding of Desnethe missinipp Churchill river the difference was 789
In the riding of Saskatoon rosetown biggar the difference was 538
In the riding of paliser the difference was 776
In nipising timiskaming river the difference was 17
In the riding of Riviere de loup the difference was 110
In the riding of lotbiniere chutes de la chaudiere the difference was 777
In Labrador 231
The trend continues all across Canada
How many seats do you need to steal the election?
The difference in the conservatives winning a majority or minority government was 4635 votes across 13 ridings.
Now let’s move to the heavily populated greater Toronto area where some of the tightest races were
found and look at some of the criteria that needed to be met for vote moving to occur.
In order to achieve vote moving, all of the criteria and conditions must be fulfilled.
Weakness in the electoral system, potential active participants, financial
and technological means accurate polling,
ridings with lopsided races close to ridings that with tight races and a form of
media to direct the vote movers to tight raced ridings.
Ability increases when you couple this with ripe conditions such as many voters with small geographical areas,
a natural transient population and the ideal election date.
Now we are going to demonstrate how each and every one of those conditions were met in this election.
First here are some of the ridings in Toronto that were extremely close.
Bramalea malton 538 votes
MIssasauga east cooksville 661
Etobicoke centre 26, that is correct only 26 votes
Don valley west where the difference of votes was 639
Don valley west where the difference of votes was 869
And north to the riding of willow dale there was a difference of 961
The greatest potential success to vote move occurs in large cities and metropolitan
areas due to the extremely large amount of people that move from one riding to another in a normal natural basis.
In larger cities it is possible for vote movers to go undetected.
Further aiding the vote move potential was the selected date of our election.
May 2nd is the optimal day for vote moving to occur because it is the day after
anyone renting an apartment or house would normally take legal possession.
Now we will demonstrate how the lopsided races were beside
the close raced ridings..
Here we can see a map of the area with all the extra voters that could have
easily been pooled from any of the ridings that were close,
within an hours drive.
Anytime there is lop sided race next, this allows voters to be
taken from the lopsided race and placed in the close raced riding.
It is important to note that voters can be pooled from other ridings where there is a huge surplus;
however you can also take voters from ridings where it was expected that the
conservative candidate would be heavily defeated
This map shows the riding where the conservative voters could have come from in
the areas where other parties won that riding.
This map shows where the close ridings were in proximity to where the votes
could have come from.
Some of the requirements needed by a voter to prove an address
of residency were weak at best
and no digital imaging or photocopies of any documentation were recorded by
elections Canada, hampering their ability to verify a voter’s
honesty at a later date.
A hand produced document and any photo id would have been sufficient to vote
move, but many wealthy Canadians do not need to falsify documents to vote move,
if a person owns multiple houses or commercial buildings as
many wealthy Canadians do,
a utility bill from a second property could allow one to vote out
side of the riding they reside in and add vote
in dead heat ridings, of course at expense of Canada’s freedom and democracy.
Although the political parties stand to gain the most there are many groups that
stand to gain considerable with a conservative majority government.
Including banks, oil companies, religious groups, lawyers and jail builders.
Each and all having the financial and intellectual capacity to effectively
vote move, coincidentally the accepted proof of address included,
a bank statement, a credit card statement, a utility bill, an employee card or a
residential lease agreement.
The science of polling is so accurate that polling institutions can project who
is going to win the riding, which ridings will be dead
heats and what the expected voter turn out will be.
Vote moving also explains many of the anomalies in this election,
including how a 2% increase in the popular vote resulted in a 16.77 increase in the seats.
It would also explain the overwhelming amount of dead heat races in metropolitan
and heavily populated areas.
Vote moving explains how market research companies scientifically correct polls
were strangely incorrect as they had predicted a
conservative minority government.
If you think this would be impossible to achieve this ask yourself this, if
people in country the middle east with little or no technology hampered by
restricted internet access managed to organize 2 million protesters in a
weekend, isn’t it possible a special interest group
could have achieved this over the last 3 years.
IF two regular Joes sitting on the sofa watching the playoffs and elections can
figure out how our
democracy may have been exploited there is no doubt that multibillion dollar corporations with think
tanks full of real brains could have also thought about, planned and executed vote moving.
As Canadians we must stand and demand that elections Canada move quickly to
order a full investigation to determine to what extent if any vote moving
Swift decisive action must be taken to ensure anyone who engaged in this
activity is sent to jail and the correct mp sits in the house.
if this transpired then guilty parties must be punished and by-elections must
be called to ensure a fair and democratic election.
Now is the time for elections Canada to accept responsibility and ensure at all
costs that Canadians receive a freely democratic election.
It is important to note that if vote moving did transpire it is possible to
catch and punish these fraudulent voters to the fullest extent of the law.
Thank you, Madame Larocque for translating this video.
Thank you, Madame Larocque for translating this video.