Zuerst fällt Syrien und dann kommt der Iran - Interview mit Christoph Hörstel

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In 2011 we faced the „Arab Spring“. At that time we conducted a comprehensive interview with the Middle East expert Christoph Hörstel.
Today, one year later, very much has happened,
when we met last time, Libya was not yet on the agenda, meanwhile this is an old hat and we are talking about Syria and Iran.
What can be said about this in a summary?
We face a pauper’s oath on the „Arab Spring“. We know that in all countries with some development,
our American friends were involved.
If it is said, one year ago, Libya was not yet on the agenda, one can say, maybe not on our agenda – but on that of the Americans – no doubt.
When we talked, it was clear, that all plans for the attack on Libya were ready, very clear,
that the operation had already started - and also very clear, to stay with this subject,
that two weeks before the first little unrest took place in Libya,
before the trouble with apartment tenents started in a small town in eastern Libya,
that already at this time Danish NATO fighter bombers
were training for their Libya mission on the air base close to Grosseto in Italian Tuscany.
We have an eye witness, who watched this, who has access to the base since dozens of years,
who is simply a fan of fast machines and of technology, a very peaceful and nice guy.
And he had written a letter to the editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung mentioning this – but under an assumed name.
And I succeeded in finding out this name and leaving e-mails and voice mail everywhere – and finally, one evening, my phone rang.
I have described this all on my website, how he recounted for hours about his experiences,
how he found out, that he got a reconfirmation on the base,
that they were training for Libya - and how amazed everybody was, because at that time, Libya was nothing on the map,
non-existent on the political agenda of our main news show „Tagesschau“
And he recounted, how he got upset later, when everything happened, and, according to his viewpoint,
everything must have been planned – and the danes were shifted from that base to another in Sicily, from where they flew their missions.
And he said, that the Danes were not shifted back from Grosseto to Denmark and then to Sicily,
that did not appear logical to him, nor to me.
And thus the matter is settled for me – and principally, the Danish air force attaché here at the Danish embassy in Berlin,
whom I questioned, has never answered. He may have his reasons.
And that shows principally, where the world his heading:
We have a financial conglomerate USA-Europe, which is shaken by financial crises,
which is bankrupt, which stands closely before a crash, which has lost its sound international standing,
the US have lost their “triple A” ranking last summer, if that is a sound ranking at all, that maybe another conversation,
I do not accept it as sound, to me that is all a delusion, doesn’t matter – and it is, so to say, the wrong kind of delusion.
And under theses circumstances, this conglomerate must be on the lookout, how it can open up new business opportunities,
to support the value of this good-for-nothing currency named “Dollar”,
this really appeals to the Euro as well, which is principally dead-beat, because the whole Euro system was never functionable,
but just a play ground for earnings of banks and big investors.
And this all looks like the whole US-European conglomerate judges itself forced to go to war,
to revive its business through newly installed puppet regimes.
And war, as a background, is good business anyway, that is an old American doctrine so to say, we know that, that the US is waging war,
when they get the impression, we can do that, we can win, there are some important preconditions:
It is important that not too many Americans die, so the war is conducted in a very cowardly way, it is very important,
that the American homeland is not getting hit, because that will cost money instead of earning it,
but when these preconditions are met, which is the case in Syria and Iran, especially in the case of Iran, which is important,
because a variety of important natural resources are at stake, Syria is nothing else but a nice little door step for that,
all political analysts worldwide are of one mind on that, it has no special strategic appeal apart from that,
we are talking about denying Iran the ability to influence the Palestine region through Syria, therefore Syria is “due”.
And thus the globe is practically outlined, remaining Russia, also there unrest is being fostered with western support,
to possibly neutralize Russia, when Syria and Iran are attacked, that has already failed, one can say.
Possibly it works in Iran, but with Syria, we have a Russian flotilla put into the port of Tartus,
with the top vessel aircraft carrier Admiral Kusnetzov, a carrier that is armed with missiles,
thus it can answer hostile fire, different from his western counterparts.
We do not have to weigh chances of a Russian attack, Russia is absolutely defensive.
Under these circumstances we stand because of the overstimulated greed of, lastly, Washington,
in front of the serious danger of a third world war.
With a climax of danger early March, when four aircraft carrier groups, including the French group “Charles de Gaulle” – a real threat.
That there will be a war has become very probable today.
And the only question is, in how far it will be possible, to draw into this conflict the western populations
who are being kept without accurate information by their media – and how to start the war: But it seems to be a decided, fixed item.
A decided item – same as Libya?
Yes, same as Libya, yes.
What can be said about this clear “yes and no” of foreign minister Westerwelle in the war case of Libya?
Might that be a reason too, why the FDP might not make it into the parliament if the next elections were held today?
Well these are two complex questions, one is part of foreign policy, the other is part of interior politics,
but in fact both go hand in hand, to make that very clear.
The Federal Republic of Germany is, we do really know it, we may regard this as settled,
the established policy has admitted that in the person of Minister of Finance Schäuble:
not a sovereign state. We take a look at foreign policy, here the faithful officials have clearly stated,
that Libya is an unhealthy adventure.
The bizarre and not very sensible dictator Gaddafi is not that unpopular,
that it would be easy to oust him, that may turn out to be a difficult adventure – and our advice is: hands off.
And for this reason Westerwelle said: We want to abstain. That is not a good act – and it will come to light.
Since it was from the very start a secret service project.
It did not develop by itself, it even did not start indigenously, so-to-say.
A very ordinary tenant quarrel, I am myself involved in something like that right now, was used to start a revolution.
But then, using such a tiny hook, it is necessary to do a lot of digging and pulling to make something out of that.
This weak attempt was very well analized here in Germany, and it was said: Sorry, we already have an ongoing adventure in Kosovo,
where we helped to set up a mafia state, little by little our people stop believing what our governments are forced to insist on,
otherwise there are sanctions from Washington, and with the Americans, that subject is very much “finished”.
We have today with “9/11” a situation, where each and every journalist – and whosoever moves in the political arena,
I mean with the leadership, members of cabinet, under secretaries and ad generals, and gives to understand,
that he believes in the official version of the 9/11 events, is not taken seriously any more.
That is being handled very discreetly, nobody will get a “brouhaha” on a party.
One will hear some slight coughs and within the next minutes the person will notice,
that he is lacking conversation partners, because people turn round and walk over to join another group.
Those people are laughed at, and those who are not aware of that will flop. When a potato drops off a high bridge, nothing is left.
Lost credibility, people know a loser.
The expression ‘conspiracy theory’ is boring me and does not interest me any more.
Because from my own life’s story I am a practitioner in conspiracy, I know from my own practical experience the realities at hand.
And a conspiracy theory, honestly, that is the brain-curling idea,
somebody based in the remote mountains of Afghanistan could possibly organize a highly complex attack
with several airplanes in three locations. That is so utterly stupid, that does not need any further comment,
we therefore finish this subject here, that’s it.
Analyzing the situation we’re in, the USA know, that their credibility has suffered.
Therefore they have made up a fantastic assassination attempt last year: The alleged Iranian attempt on the Saudi ambassador.
Well, my commentary is, this is the kindergarten version of 9/11, also completely stupid, I can guarantee,
that Iran is not even considering such an idea, because it is too stupid.
What could come of that? Maybe a dead ambassador? Honestly,
any political analyst with 18 months experience knows, that is not a valuable target.
For that a totally peaceful Iran, surrounded and threatened from all sides by how many, 35, US military bases, risk its security?
For a dead Saudi ambassador? I really beseech our NATO governments,
the US on top, to refrain from uttering such nonsense in the future.
Otherwise one might be concluding, one has to do with a bad local Sunday choir.
That was maybe a test run for another story: Whether a faked start of war against Iran would work, inventing yet another story.
And people have obviously assessed, for example in Germany the case was not even mentioned,
though otherwise our eager media are lying every day.
That was never a real news story. Obviously our American friends have noticed, they have to improve on fabrications.
‘Something better’ clearly hints at more loss of blood, and, how to explain that,
it must have a bigger military size, here I may remind of the famous incident, it is quite old,
I put it here, since nearly 115 years ago, the USA stage their wars, starting 1898 in Cuba, that was used to drive out the Spanish,
there was a blown up steamer on a war ship (USS Maine), that was interpreted as an attack, and, boom, the Spanish were out.
And that goes beyond 9/11, now people are obviously again in need of something like the Tonkin incident.
And I am not telling this for fun, but because it stands to fear,
that the US in their blind greed a) tackle a bigger scenario than they want to digest,
b) bigger than they can digest,
and c), most important: bigger than they are in a position to truly and fully understand.
Because I don’t think, they have any limitation strategies to stop a world war. It is very clear: China will deliver. Supplies.
Russia will do the same. They do that in their own best interest:
They know, if they do not support Iran, the war will come to their doorstep, alongside the US-aggression.
In both cases this has already happened: We (NATO) are active in Georgia and we work in China’s neighborhood, through Afghanistan and elsewhere.
That means there are already enough “very close” scenarios against China and Russia, where they are forced to defend themselves.
We are building a wonderful missile system, which will directly eliminate the balance of terror,
which is still existing today through inter-continental missiles,
we do that without any sense and reason, because it is clear that Russia must feel impaired.
And something like this is not done easily. The US do that easily.
From their point of view, for their companies, constituencies etcetera, it looks simply as if a weapons system is being sold.
But for Europe, this changes the balance of security concerns, brutally pushes back Russia,
which is ready to approach us, and Germany stands to lose most.
Therefore we shy away a bit from the system, but as I said, we are not a sovereign state, and therefore,
this does not change or set decision, but that is the background here in Europe.
Extremely dangerous, extremely stupid, everything originates from Washington, we buy everything willingly, as is, and nobody understands,
why our politicians again take the risk of a suspicion of high treason, for something that stupid.
If it was good, if it served people, if it could build calm, peace and welfare for the next 15, 20 years on all sides,
lastly that cannot leave businesses indifferent, that I would say: Lets tell big lies, start a really reasonable crime,
no, that is a stupid, short term, petty, idiocy, with ugly long-term consequences.
And that is the professionally miserable level, where we conduct policy – and now I return to the question that triggered this all:
‘What has taken our foreign minister Westerwelle at that time to not vote with NATO.
That was a wise idea, but it contradicted Washington’s “short-term greed position” with regard to Libyan oil and gas
– and therefore it took only seven days, and Westerwelle got challenged in his position as coalition party head.
That is a lesson to every German politician, who might think he could do anything based on reason, while Washington is heading for madness.
And it looks to me as if Washington has decided for the insanity of a war against Iran,
and I may talk about a small result form the recent Munich Security Conference:
Behind the scenes there were many debates on hands-on ideas, which Merkel is said to have already agreed, for example,
that the NATO air force headquarters, should be relocated from Mons in Belgium, that is NATO headquarters, to Ramstein in Germany,
a completely nutty, idiotic idea, because any American air force movement would make Germany automatically a combatant,
because that happens from German soil.
As we are automatically a combatant, if only a single US warplane starts from German territory into any war.
But by settling the commando head quarters here, we have, so-to-say, subscribed permanently to war.
That is our situation, Mrs. Merkel, is said to have agreed, that is in line with her policy,
which, in the eyes of many analysts, establishes the status of high treason.
And that is the political environment, where Westerwelle acted, and I think he has learned for the rest of his life, a bloody lesson:
He is not in a position to take a small reasonable decision, without facing the combined furor and revenge of a power,
which is not just outlined by Washington or NATO, but all media have spat on him for representing German interest well.
And that has shown any uninhibited analyst, where we stand here. Because not only our policy does not belong to us any more.
We are not masters of our own media either.
Concerning media and propaganda: How were the western populations involved in those wars, last year and now?
If I may ask, we are talking about 6’000 dead in Syria, same in Libya, Gaddafi faced multiple accusations, two questions:
How about our accusations – and our war crimes?
Well to the latter I can only say: all the time. This is an accompanying phenomenon of our policies,
which our politicians consider ‚normal’ since a long time.
I want to say that estimates, that NATO caused 40'000 deaths in Libya, applying reasonable standards, are clearly too low.
Maybe we have to acknowledge, that it were more like 60-80'000, when we take into account the number of so-called „sorties“,
the bombing missions of NATO planes, take into account the bomb weight dropped
– and then calculate, how many people this may kill, if not by mistake blades of grass were bombed – as the Soviets have done in Afghanistan.
This is one situation. The whole bombing war got started as a military consequence of the resolution 1973,
taken by the UN Security Council, and what was this resolution for?
To install a no-fly zone over Libya. And now I give you the reasoning: to stop Gaddafi from killing his people.
‘Thank you’, one can say as a Libyan, ‘this was then kindly taken up by NATO’.
Gaddafi never had such a plan and also had offered far-reaching peace, and several powers,
such as Venezuela and Turkey had offered their mediation, and, of course, this would have been possible.
NATO did neither want any mediation, nor any kind of consensual end to this civil war without bloodshed, which is obviously continuing
And therefore so many people had to die, to enable NATO countries to reach favorable oil contracts.
Namely through an absolutely dependent and instable government of thugs in Libya – that is the situation we face now. And now comes the media part,
which affects Syria now, but also with constant lies on Libya, we may briefly remember filmed sequences absolutely made up.
For example, we have never seen, not once, in the whole Libyan war, the General Head Quarters of the Libyan rebels.
That is very simple, that was situated in Washington, London and Paris. In so far there simply wasn’t anything to be filmed.
The whole situation in Libya was a world, where NATO pulled all the strings.
And nothing was moving without NATO, and very often we have seen wrong footage, up to demonstrations filmed in totally different countries,
scandals are manifold, public broadcasters are involved in the mistakes.
We can and have to take into consideration, that here a well-oiled propaganda machine is at work.
I have in the past, and I’d like to remind now, that women in Kabul were not taking off their veils in Kabul,
once the Taliban had disappeared, neither were the men putting on jeans, and that all pictures were made up, that has worked fantastically.
Our journalism is dead. That is clear. The powerful media do not have journalists any more.
There are people sitting there, who produce anything that is asked from them – and that is a ridiculous Judas fee,
for which they are damaging their ethics.
That is right now happening in Syria, we see the biggest numbers of deaths, the wildest allegations, especially at a time,
when the UNO has to decide, or the Munich Security Conference is taking place, we have a new unity of activities in media,
politics and military, for example, when we consider, that the attacks on Syrian embassies all over the globe took place within 48 hours.
Something like that does not work without an exceptional planning effort of at least four to six weeks, that is very clear,
something like that is not a coincidence. And we have those pictures based on a complete reversal of reality:
What do we have? We know down the whole commando structure, who is leading these Libyan, eh, rebels in Syria,
I was one step ahead, because now the Libyans are there, people, with whom the US-led NATO has organized their military missions in Libya,
were now shipped to Syria and do the same thing over there.
We got names, we got photos, we got whole CVs, then we have something, which is not really covered here,
the CIA-guided Al-Qaeda network, which is nothing but a multi-national franchise system, to say:
As soon as the US ask NATO to create a certain unrest here or there, this network will be employed.
These are time and again the same agents, it is time and again the same scheme x, there is a revolutionary council,
a people’s council or else, which has a head office by grace of London, Paris or Washington, mainly in London,
because this is a time-proven environment for such subversion, with a wonderful expertise of 70 to 100 years.
Then you can, how can I put it, like from a school book, see the developments,
how that works, and who does the killing, that is very clear, too: that are gun slingers,
who like to open fire on pro-Assad demonstrators, this is how the French journalist of the second French TV was killed.
That is how it happened: He had felt quite safe in a pro-Assad demonstration, and had simply failed to take the news into consideration:
He had failed to consider, that pro-assad demonstrations, pro-government demos, in fact are not at all safe, but rater,
that the so-called “rebel” snipers, which in fact are people guided, paid and deployed by CIA and MI6, shoot these demonstrators.
And that considerable blood toll happens, and into such a fire he has gotten himself in, and they are not just using pistols,
they use rocket launchers, bazookas, and all kinds of bad stuff,
smack into the midst of demonstrations, without any regard for losses of life.
They also shoot their own people, these may be very small groups of people flown in somewhere, there are hubs for that,
regrettably Syria’s Turkish neighbor has declared readiness to play a highly suversive role here.
And in return for this Turkey has obviously asked to be given a free hand in handling Israel, or Iran,
where Turkey acts very independently and like a regional power. Here Turkey is paying the price to Washington,
otherwise Mr. Erdogan would not have survived in office, I can guarantee that in written.
That is the situation: We have a clear, well-known, well-documented interference in Syria, we have a string of famed personalities,
even professors, just the Mainz-based professor, Müller of all names, therefore not easy to google,
but you find him, the top authority of Syria sciences, Syria research, has expressed himself clearly and stated:
What happens here is totally different from what happen in the mass media.
A courageous man, obviously, and in this situation, these very same mass media do not react at all.
The main news show “Tagesschau”, last Sunday (Feb. 5), at the end of the so-called “Munich Security Conference”,
for me that is more the “Munich Insecurity Conference”, because everything is organized there,
which plunges the globe into insecurity, wars, blood, misery, doom and loss of money – that was a pure propaganda broadcast.
No questions at all are being raised, a few small precautions are taken: “should”, “would”, “could”, but in truth,
in the news films any kind of absurd accusations are aired, nearly all of them lacking any substance,
this on the ground of, sorry, that is the professional term of journalists: “shitty material”, so blurred, you cannot see any face,
and I must say, me too, I have such a wonderful toy in my pocket, which quickly takes pictures, but crystal clear.
Why that material in the news is so blurred – that I do not understand at all. One could do better, I am very sure,
cameras nowadays are so fantastic and small, this news material can only be presented to idiots,
who have never handled such a small camera, and I am really an old hand in this field, with these cameras.
That that is propaganda, that is something one should take in as a habitual viewpoint.
When the pictures are so “shitty”, that nothing can be discerned, that is intentional.
We are not meant to see anything, we are not to learn the truth. So, as a TV watcher,
for the terrible “forced” fees (from this year onwards), we as TV watchers should be entitled to reasonable footage quality.
And, because we were talking about interior policy: Yesterday (Feb-7-2012), early morning at 6 o’clock,
federal police (BKA) raided six apartments, knocked at doors, sifted through everything inside – and took six people with them.
Four of them had to be freed immediately, four of the six were, by sheer coincidence, people,
with whom I wanted to found a “German-Syrian Friendship Society”.
One person, a lady, is now intensely busy to get me to Syria. I am not ready to consider this a coincidence:
Under the suspicion of espionage, which has not been proved against any one of the six up to now,
that at least has been clearly stated by “Tagesschau”, that none of the six were,
as foreign minister Westerwelle had pledged initially, involved in intimidating Syrian exiles.
In any case, the lady I co-operate with, I can put my hand into fire for that, is not involved in anything like that,
she clearly has quite different things to do, for example founding a registered association with me and taking me to Syria,
but not to intimidate any fellow countrymen, who foster differing political viewpoints.
But hat (the raid) is being done, and what was the intention of it? They want to show all,
who are engaged in favor of Justice and law in the national and in the international context:
We will make I expensive for you, we make it difficult, I am not going to withhold, that I am personally involved in five legal processes,
I was, because of 120 Euros, sentenced for fraud, of course I am going to lodge an appeal, the verdict will not be upheld.
People try to criminalize me, very clearly, I notice this, and if I may end with this remark, I feel reinforced in what I am doing.
If a state has to employ means of this kind, which we all know from totalitarian systems, then it is obviously in need to do that,
and I feel officially encouraged, so-to-say, as being on the right path. I will therefore continue exactly there – and that is important.
Early December last year there was a congress in Berlin, where Professor Eberhard Hamer spoke of a ‘global international currency war’,
mainly between Dollar and Euro. How can that be described, where is the connection to the geo-political, physical war, who is calling the shots there?
Principally anybody dealing in currencies is participating. Meanwhile there is a crazy system of virtual financial deals.
Whether this is short-selling, that is nothing special, or speculation on future exchange rate developments, or whatever,
we have now a fundamentally instable, completely oversized financial business system.
That means a currency dealing system, a handling of national finance through loans, which really is hardly based on reason any more.
Futures, derivates of all sorts are really a brand logo of our criminal greed. We have to take into careful consideration,
that an important department head in the European Police (Mr. Wolfgang Hetzer), speaks of “Finance Mafia”.
He has written a book about that. And he has not eventually lost his job over this,
he is bringing about some very serious and hair raising research results.
OK, and then we have to dare cast a short glance on too simple global analyses.
Sorry, it is not, as a prominent critic of our situation has just said, that our chancellor Merkel is only the political clown of such a ‘finance mafia’.
No. That is a quite theoretical approach to these issues. Mrs. Merkel simply has a principally corrupt policy.
Anybody with enough funds and power can pass through the revolving door, with any minister, and will,
how can I put it, be able to venture his aims and ideas extraordinarily well.
And, sorry, that does not only apply to the finance sector only, also the pharmaceutical industry dies that:
What do we have? Bird’s flew, swine flew, what is next? EHEC now? Is all that forgotten already?
That is the same system, the same Merkel, the same cabinet, ok, at the moment, people are being replaced a bit quicker, aren’t they,
we will have to get accustomed to that, because they are all gong to become ejector seats,
nothing is remaining firm and stable in our workings, we have become as unstable as Italy was in former times
And that is not only applying to them, that applies to the construction business as well, to the arms industry,
all kinds of industries, by the way, we will get the “Giga-Liner” (a 60-ton truck),
though the smaller trucks being used today are ruining our highways every two years – and that, by the way,
on the expense of the taxpayer, not that the companies producing these trucks would pay for that, good Lord, no, where would that get us?
Corruption is enormously developed to enhance these issues, that must be explained to those who are watching us here,
who get into a traffic jam, get angry, because they are driving along a continuous line of trucks on the right line,
that we forfeit healthy railway logistics, and this at the same time as completely dumb plans for privatization of the railway system:
I am enumerating all of these things only, to make us stop explaining everything one-to-one.
Mrs. Merkel is not a political clown of the finance system, she is a political clown of the system full stop.
And there all the powerful participate, I mean, why are we suddenly building cars with batteries?
Don’t we have, since long, better technologies? – No, we don’t want to implement them,
because we want, that the people will have to buy yet another system in 3-8 years,
that’s a guarantee for the annihilation of people’s wealth, and for great revenues for those gentlemen,
who are also creating obstacles for certain technologies. Our industrial sector is doing this since one hundred years.
Meanwhile there are new groups of people advancing completely different technologies, Tesla for example,
or a completely new technology for mobile phones, we are being pushed to put one these extremely damaging phones to our heads,
I do that too, I need it professionally, but I am aware, that this is also possible in another way
and also for this the federal government is all to ready to give their attention, their funding, there research funds, their good connections...
We are dealing with a manifold system of corruption, and now let’s go back to the financial sector.
Yes, Professor Hamer rightly says, we have here in fact a competition of two dead beat, overdrawn systems,
for different reasons they are what they are, the Americans, because they are forcing the whole globe
and there we come to this interaction between finance and wars
– to use their damned Dollar, and to use it as exchange currency, especially for natural energy resources,
you need troops worldwide for this, they have got them, by the way: paid for by the countries they are oppressing,
also through this currency system, a wonderful system, that surpasses Adolf (Hitler) by far, doesn’t it.
I think he is since long pale with envy up there, watching Washington act the way it does.
There are jokes being quipped about this: “Great, you got streamlined media, how in hell did you manage to achieve that, without concentration camps!?”
Principally this system enables its industries – with governmental support wherever, in Europe, in Washington – to rob other countries,
not to completely refund public debt, which has occurred by supporting those industries: through “bad money”.
And to see to it as far as possible, that people, who live off fixed wages, to pay the whole bill: bills for speculation,
bubbles that build up through excessive production, excessive financial speculation, excessive real estate bubbles,
whatever, China is right now copying that, they have a real estate bubble, they have a crisis looming,
they have a big problem to keep that all under the lid, that will come upon us in the next years, there will be dislocations, no question.
In the present situation, we see that the financial systems try literally on a monthly basis to prolong their functioning,
because that means for some bankers: ‘I will get, this year again, my bonus of 100 million Dollars.’: Goldman Sachs,
it is necessary to keep that in mind. We have never had an American government before with such a concentration of Goldman Sachs bankers – or:
generally spoken, a concentration of bankers with such a corrupt policy, as the present US government.
What happens today in the US is without precedence, this affects Europe, which has, with its decision in favor of the Euro has started a fundamental fraud,
which was planned from the start only to fill the pockets of few, and all governments are aware of this:
If our system of lies breaks down, and the masses notice, that they have been cheated – until now they are slowly waking up to this
this awakening spreads and grows day by day, every day we get these half baked explanations, that is not important.
What is important is: When do people take to the streets, when do the stones fly, when do the windows get smashed. And there we have reached a new step, that are these so-called “denial systems”, ADS:
that are radiation weapons, which can be pointed towards masses of people, which are not strong enough to grill people, but strong enough to inflict great pain, strong enough to burn traumatic memory splinters of that great pain into the memorized universe of these victims. They scream, fall to the ground, the skin reddens.
After 15 to 30 minutes nothing visible remains, these people will not rise up that quickly again, they somehow make it to stand on their feet, they recover, as I said, the doctor will not be able to find any special traces – but there is something burned into the memory.
And, of course, with these weapons, each and every “glass box” of industrialists, of governments, of institutions, can be secured – we will not get access. And we can see from the conferences, to at least mention this, how many kilometers away do the demonstrations take place?: Five? Ten? That we could reach with demonstrators directly in front of a palace, these times are long gone.
In this situation we live, how does it finally work? We have a global finance system, that is very closely co-operating. Banks nowadays do not only have branches in Paris or London, they have offices in Hong Kong and South America. Deals are concluded around the clock, by machines, tens of thousands of transactions every minute, computer-generated.
It is quite nice, Dirk Müller (German stock exchange celebrity), whom I hold in high esteem, and who took part in the said Berlin conference, has said this: If a law could be passed, to force traders to keep a certain position for only one minute, he has a very funny way of acting that out: ‘That cannot be asking to much, just one minute, I beseech you!’ – and there he is completely right,
that would mean a clear break to all of this wheeling-dealing. Because the whole system is based on global balancing of price differences, immediate use of smallest movements, that it is possible with one two billion Dollars to effect global shock waves.
We have seen fantastic things: That in one second huge amounts of transfers were stopped, so that you see a kind of abyss in the daily transfer graphics, one two seconds later the system is fully back. Everybody says: ‘What was this?’
Then there are lots of theories around that, but principally new investment opportunities are being set up for freely flowing money, to be invested in artificial “certificates of certificates”, that is the definition of derivates. Not a direct investment in one company, in one building, but a part of an investment on a higher abstraction level – and higher levels.
So that one can say, yes, I have got here an investment into a certificate with the value of a group of real estate projects in one year, in two years, in five years. And then out of these types of certificates I have made up a new package, that is nowadays done by computers, too.
This way computers have wonderfully ridiculed the Commerzbank (third biggest German private bank), impossible to o it better, a great joke: The computers of that bank found out it would be reasonable now to speculate against shares of that bank. And that was officially offered to the clients of that bank!
And that is so to say the perversion of that system: Artificial investments packages generated by computers on any subject. And that has nothing to do any more with the plan of banks as a service instrument, they have long stopped to be that, they have long developed into the shapers of financial markets – to the loss of everything.
And that is the competition between the currency groups: Which currency will bet he last with the top bonus rating, will be ranked highest will be sought by markets. And inside Europe we see this on a smaller level,
because European money flows into Germany. Because people in Greece and Spain tell themselves very correctly: In the end we will get the most of our money in Germany, therefore they invest it here.
Completely perverted: We Germans are flush in investment money, on top of this crazy bubble named Euro we have installed an artificial boom. But one thing is clear: The first smaller rating agency, Egan Jones, I have written about it (in German, under the assumed name “John Lanta”), has finished „triple A“ for Germany.
under the assumed name “John Lanta”), has finished „triple A“ for Germany. They may have a different rating system – but the most interesting point in this agency is: It is not dealing with banks or hedge funds, but only for big institutional investors. That is a very solid affair.
And this is, by the way, the only bigger rating agency, which publishes data on the quality of their work: ‘There we were right, there we made a misjudgment.’ This rating agency has quicker than the oft-quoted “big three” downgraded the rating of the USA – and now the rating of Germany.
And the next rating agency of the big three will downgrade as still in February, the next in march, and I think in April we will be through with all three agencies and have lost our German “triple A” rating!
That will be the situation, as I said, the US have had this long ago, and now there is the connection to the military side. If the US are quicker to make a dive with the rating of their currency than the Euro – at the moment it does not look like that,
they prevail, though there is no reasonable foundation for that, that will keep them from artificially enlarging their “resources power base” militarily, we can translate that into clear German, we should translate that into clear German: That could keep them from an attack on Iran.
But in case the US position in financial policy is endangered – it is like that, it will remain like that – then this might lead to the decision: ‘We will got to war’.
And in the beginning I think I have said, that we have this huge concentration of aircraft carrier groups close to Iran, again, I had not said that in the beginning: We needed three aircraft carrier groups to attack Iraq in 2003, four are enough for Iran.
Apart from the fact, that we have this huge amount of I don’t know 36 major US bases around Iran – and I had written about this new base on the Yemeni island of Socotra, at a distance of 1’000 kilometers away from Iran, meaning: in easy strike distance,
by the way, to say that, too: within strike distance for Iran, too, so it will be impossible to calmly go to bed at night there, once the war has started. This all leads to the Americans asking themselves: Does this war help us now – or not, can we conduct it in some security – or not.
We are learning now, therefore this interview is taking place at an interesting point of time, we are learning no,
that Iran can obviously not be provoked, we shortly look back two, three weeks: Iran had warned in a very rare fashion,
that the US aircraft carrier groups withdrawing from the gulf please do not return.
If we look at the Strait of Hormuz, we see, that the usual naval traffic passes Iranian waters, that is not Iranian propaganda,
but simple fact, which cannot be wiped off the map – and the Americans returned! And have taken the risk, that Iran makes good on its threats.
Meanwhile, to say that clearly, the American “war games”, which is the word for theoretical scenarios, on how a war is going to proceed,
years ago, all these scenarios are years of age, that they asked themselves, what could happen,
if the Iranians use whole swarms of small speed boats against our huge flottillas.
These speed boats are partly armed with missiles, partly with torpedoes, that means attacks would come from above and under the water surface,
and here our western figures are completely wrong: I was told by a well-connected Iranian, five years ago,
that Iran had at that time 37’000 small speed boats.
This scenario leads to the present knowledge, that it will not be like in Iraq, that very calmly the bombs will drop.
Either thee is a success to immediately burn up Iranian’s whole gulf coast line, or a big part of that swarm will get going and sink everything near it.
And the rest, which cannot be sunk by the boats, will be destroyed by Iran’s missiles
And of these they have received quite good ones from China, against which the Americans do not have very good counter measures.
“Silk Worm” and whatever is flying around there, is very dangerous.
If we know that, then we know – and that was Dick Cheney, already five, six years ago, all to be had with Chossudovsky,
how to set up an incident once again, same as with Vietnam.
That is maybe the scenario that will be used to fly an enormous attack on Iran from the American side, thus dominating the timing.
In the high hope, so to say, to be able to annihilate the biggest parts of those (speed boat) swarms, when one starts the show oneself.
It may be coming to this. We will start this, in the beginning of March, when the many aircraft carrier groups will be there, it may happen.
And we know, today the head line ran, that Europe can digest a bankruptcy of Greece, we know, early March,
Europe will be in the midst of bankruptcy. Early March we may know, that the Germany will have to pay its 22 billion Euro share of the ESM system,
“European Stability Management”, in one go – and not in instalments, as had been planned before.
ESM was planned for 2013, was preponed to end 2012, was again preponed to July 2012,
the screw is short and the meandering is growing bigger, so very quickly our system capsizes.
And equally quick, the danger of war will be growing. That is the situation.
And come summer, we will have the first cuts in social spending, which will become uncomfortable.
This year may become terrible. And if it happens as I say, I do hope this will not be the case, but, at last, there is no structure,
which changes the system, or the screw, on the contrary, its getting worse.
So that I don’t know, what should I hope for: Should I hope it may not happen, since I know, if it doesn’t happen now, it happens half a year later?
This mechanism of countries where the financial and banking system have broken free, they serve only the rich, 134 00:55:00,990--> 00:55:11,990 push the countries through total incumbrance into war situations, which then will brake out in the Middle East.
That is a bad scenario, and since we have a commonly accepted overall policy of lies, and since have, too,
and we have not yet talked about that, a structural inability of the opposition, to counter that.
Structural means: We don’t have the people, who are accustomed to do something about this, our best analysts are theorists, mere theorists,
without any political experience, and without political intention. There is nobody ready to say: ‘OK, we have to take that into our own hands,
let us gather some people, who know real life, do the necessary consulting with them and put it into practice.’
No! Such people are lacking. That is very dangerous. We are being guided by intelligent commentators.
We don’t need more commentaries, we urgently need hands-on activists! Opposition activists, activists from the opposition against the system.
They are absolutely lacking.
Thus we are unable to take our fate in our own hands. That will kill us. We are watching in quick-motion the precipice of the Occident.
And really, to me this does not mean anything, I am not thinking about whether Washington falls quicker than we do. That’s not interesting:
We are falling together. And whosoever smashes to death first upon arrival, that dies not matter, we will be dead anyway.
I don’t want people to panic. We will not be physically dead. What will happen is a financial crash, that means a reduced ability to support poor,
needy people, that means – or may mean, a so and so big – I don’t want to speculate on that now – breakdown of public order, and, for example,
if we look at that small raid by the Federal Criminal Institution, against a few Syrians, who try to organize something meaningful,
together with their German environment, then we know, that countries criminalize more and more.
We are much advanced. We have seen so many things. We have watched the mission of international police here in Germany.
We have noticed the European Gendarmerie Force, EGF, in Viacenza, Italy, set up by six countries,
to which we could accede any time, which we could, as Germans, invite, any time.
Fighters from foreign countries will open fire on Germans, or else, French, British, because they were asked to do this,
that saves from the necessity, to make German soldiers shoot Germans, here in Germany.
An interior mission of the federal army – that is no longer necessary. All of these things lie ahead of us.
Before the allies will broadly attack Iran, maybe, there was an interview, that Syria would fall first.
If we talk about Iran in the beginning of March, there is not much time left.
Will we see a scenario similar to that in Libya also in Syria?
The US want that. Very clearly they try for another mandate in the Security Council for a no-fly zone over Syria.
That doesn’t work at the moment, because the two veto powers in the Security Council,
Russia and China, declaredly to not want to have their leg pulled again – in brackets: as in the case of Libya.
There rationale is, and I support that expressedly, that the US-led NATO has overstressed their mandate of the resolution 1973,
and has interfered on its own in the war, but should have only protect the people from Gaddafi – who never intended to massacre his people,
as one must clearly state. So, the whole resolution was a blatant lie.
I was astonished, that Russia and China at that time have not stopped this, because it was open book, that the whole case of Libya was a lie,
they have agreed – but now they have a rock-hard case. And they will not let go on that in case of major threats.
There is a scenario, that is maybe feared by Iran, that says, Russia will not continue to protect Iran, but gets influence in Syria in exchange.
The military movements suggest that at the moment, but, really, I do not believe in this scenario. One reason is,
that Iran is much too close to the former Soviet territories for Russia to remain indifferent. Moreover, with Iran we have scenarios,
we can talk about that later, which point to a use of Uranium, possibly of nuclear weapons, so-called mini-nukes,
which would cause only minor damage to the civil population – such is the American rhetoric.
Well, I don’t believe the Russians believe that, I don’t believe that, many others do not believe that,
I do not think, that this can be limited in this way. Russia will protect Syria and Iran,
Russian war ships will be entering the Persian Gulf shortly, that does not look like an end to Russian engagement for Iran.
This way we have to clearly understand: Syria is regarded as the doorway to Iran, since Syria is Iran’s pawn for the influence in the Middle East.
Through that it is known: Should Iran come under attack and the Syrian government still be in tenure,
Syria is in a position to push the whole Middle East into turmoil – and, no doubt, would do that.
And therefore people say, Syria has to fall beforehand, you very rightly said, time is short, we had a scenario,
that four aircraft carrier groups will have arrived by early March, Assad would have to fall until that time,
if an attack on Iran is on the agenda. Well, it is not necessary, that Assad has fallen until then, it is enough,
that he is so badly hit by the attacks on Syria against him, or intimidated or whatever, the methods are quite numerous.
Maybe we can call this a neutralization of foreign policy, as disgusting as this term may be,
with regard to the death toll of people on the ground – but it is also thinkable that this happens.
What is the geostrategic role of Syria, why is this country important?
Geostrategically, literally in this sense, the role is rather limited, but I may say in regional strategy this is decisive.
Because of the decisive clout of Syria’s foreign policy on the Palestinians.
And this is about Hamas, we know, that the politically more important part of Hamas, not the more important part of Hamas’ power,
that is located in the Gaza strip, but with Khalid Meshaal, the most important head of Hamas resides in Damascus. 153 01:03:06,550 --> 01:03:318,060 That is one point. Then there is the immense influence, which is still dominating, of Syria on Lebanon, Hezbollah too, 153 01:03:318,060 --> 01:03:31,060 then there is the Iranian influence, which reaches all Shiites, via Syria, in the neighbourhood of Syria, this is a highly complicated power grid.
And that leads to a situation, where Iran, should it be attacked, could influence the Middle East via Syria. And that makes Syria a strategic asset.
And that cannot be neglected. Thus it is said, that before attacking Iran, an obedient government in Syria must be installed
that is anyway America’s dream, that the whole globe does Washington’s wishes.
And all those who refuse participation in this choir will be bombed into obedience, or killed into obedience or regime-changed into obedience.
Such regime changes are also possible in Europe, Mrs. Merkel is such a product of regime change,
away from the obstinate Schröder towards an absolutely obedient personality,
who, occasionally affords a little mishap through its foreign minister in the Libyan issue – but not more, no way.
This happens in France with a very CIA-friendly Sarkozy, and very similar affairs in other countries, Rajoy in Spain.
I’m not going to enumerate all of this now, al I want to say is: Regime change happens everywhere,
including in civilized, purportedly civilized, Europe – and that means, for that region (ME), the US want, as a basic situation for all eventualities,
an obedient government in Damascus, an obedient government in Tehran; and how exactly this can be achieved, they literally keep all options open
Namely, to bomb Syria to destruction, if necessary, and this can be done from the ground, too, with infiltrated forces, hacking Syria to pieces,
that is the present policy, for lack of a UN SC resolution, thanks to Russia and China.
And it is possible to put both under pressure, “soften up” Syria AND attack Iran;
it is also thinkable, to reach a political agreement over Syria and then attack Iran, all kinds of scenarios are conceivable.
And I believe, that the arm twisting by the world wide powers happens in both directions: It is inflicting Syria and inflicting Tehran
and the attention will focus on making sure, that no mishap will occur with regard to the Middle East situation.
And thus it was possible to force Hamas to accept, jointly with Fatah, the commune top candidate Abbas,
that is the American candidate, a clear compromise, to strive for elections.
And I would like to speculate, that before the election and in the process, the whole affair may not be as clean as in the last election 2006.
With the buzz word Israel, how many nuclear weapons does Israel posess, what can be said about this, officially there is no information,
but in a possible war with Iran, the short distance between the two is extremely dangerous.
What can be said about Israel’s nuclear program and its resolve, to possibly attack Iran?
We have to accept, that Israel has more nuclear weapons than we think. There are 1-200 nuclear warheads on missiles.
There are several hundred nuclear bombs. And there hundreds of nuclear weapons delivered by the US – in addition to those from Israel’s own production.
And there are hundreds of uranium weapons. These are no nuclear weapons, there will be no nuclear explosions,
but, as I said, poisoning through radiating material that is burning to dust,
thus poisoning people – and therefore is clearly in violence of international law.
That is the armament. With this, Israel is unchallenged as a regional superpower, in spite of its very thin, very small base,
a few million people, just a handful of people, if you want, weighed against 300 million Arabs plus the Persians.
But militarily quite a formidable power, no question, and this formidable power acts aggressively. It can afford to do that, to say that clearly,
and in its aggressive policy it is meanwhile being mildly criticized by Europe, but supported by the US,
we have an election year in the USA, and, as President Carter once put it so beautifully: ‘The candidates must do as Israel wants.’
That’s how it is today, too, and the problem is today, we have an American president, who is a candidate himself, too.
And, what is more, it is the weakest president since dozens of years, personally weak.
Carter was as much a political greenhorn as Obama upon taking office, but he had at least a few million (Dollars) behind him,
he was a well-to-do man. Obama is also financially a weak man, not only politically.
And when he is no longer president, he has to make do with the infamous salary of 300’000 Dollars per speech,
just like any other good citizen, too – I am mocking a little here. But principally he is no magnate,
who has a few billion in his hand to rule the American election circus.
And we say this about the election, to finish this subject, we never had that much influence through multi-billionaires of the Jewish faith,
as in this election, openly. Such capital is right now seeking the side of the Republicans, who are much more radical in foreign policy.
And we have a new system, which allows founding of so-called „super pacs“, pac stands for „political action committee“,
that’s nothing else than huge donation funds for hundreds of millions of Dollars. This election will be the most falsified in American history.
(Barely audible): Quite a feat...
(LoL) Yes, right, that’s quite a feat! Israel thus gets a leverage in foreign policy, which it has never had before.
As our dear Egon Bahr (ex advisor to Willy Brandt) quoted to me two years ago about US policy:
„Should Israel misuse the lighter we gave them, we will knock it out of their hands.“ I don’t know, whether he would still say that today.
But, honestly, doubts come upon me, considering the status of Obama in interior politics, to truly knock the lighter out of Israel’s hand in foreign policy.
I don’t think, Israel will strike without talking to the US.
Because if this does not exactly sound like rock’n roll, for reasons of propaganda, because any crazy lie in this war gets a premature detection,
whatever may happen, we are living in a very volatile world, on all fronts, nobody can be totally sure in his fabrications.
If anything goes wrong, the consequences might be devastating.
At least it is important, that Israel keeps the resemblance of a legal credibility
and if that does not succeed, practically the war is therefore: lost.
Because when the Americans cannot convince their own people, that this war, which will cost many American lives,
that can be clearly predicted, because Iran can strike back, including with missiles, if the US government follows an Israeli adventure,
and get its people behind it in great numbers, therefore the huge propaganda efforts right now, than this all can backfire, no question.
Israel is the driver, Israel can do that, Israel has no politically strong peace structure in the country, peace movement.
I kind of like that memory of the Palestinian woman Hanan Ashrawi, who usually said: “I love the Israeli peace movement,
I like to speak with these 15 people.” That is the situation, very uncomfortable, very dangerous, and, honestly,
it will only increase the insecurity of the Jewish people in the region, deteriorate their situation,
and invest the gross national product mainly into the security sector, instead of in the well-being of the people who live there
and thus into real security.
People all over the world are discontent, we have seen that with the Arab spring,
in many countries thousands and tens of thousands have taken to the streets, and even in Russia, tens of thousands,
mostly younger people. What’s up in our country? The situation here is much better, more comfortable, there is more luxury, but no less corrupt.
Why do we not have tens of thousands of people in the streets every day against our government – or is it just because TV is not reporting?
I think this is not a choice question, this is a combined statement. Right, TV is not showing it, if something takes place,
the figures will be lied about, hat is clear, too, reporting, if any, takes place in such a fashion,
that people are pushed to feel sorry for those crazies, it all takes place in the realm of ‘crazies’.
We even got a political party, which will make it, according to polls, into the federal parliament, that is so-to-say the organized “crazies party”,
“The Pirates”. Totally bizarre story, if we hear, how serious the situation is, and there are people in charge, who would be unable,
in five to ten sentences, to summarize the subject. God in heaven! These are people who admit, that they do not have the faintest idea of this and that,
the party exists since four years and has nothing to say on Afghanistan.
And, of course, these really nice and sincere looking people have not the slightest idea, what is happening right now in the Middle East! Honestly:
That does not matter. They have no idea, so what? That are people, who, I assume, have a reasonable ethical base, but why don’t they ask,
why are they not getting experts, who are ready? Professor Hankel of the group of reconstructors of Europe is obviously talking to them – but:
That expertise does not reach their program.
And that is the moment when I say: That is an artificial party. Somebody has helped them. A few of them I have got to know,
but that was the unsuspicious part. In my opinion there are some people with a totally different background, and I would not be astonished,
if redirected funds from the Interior Secret Service (“Protection of the Constitution”) played a role. Germany has a history for something like that,
to name the “Social-Liberal University Federation” (Sozialliberaler Hochschulbund).
To the Secret Service: There was an open letter to the Federal Prosecutor – what was the motivation?
We have a situation, where obviously the government wanted to send a signal into the network of its critics.
If we discuss the signing of a peace resolution, which I have done, and which was also supported by six members of the Federal Parliament,
which does not mention the fact, that Assad was not always a friendly ruler, but in reality, with the murderous,
mass murdering policy of the US: president Assad cannot be compared.
He is much better. And therefore I have been happy to sign that petition, because I decline those virtual exercises in vocabulary.
It is clear, that in interior policy an already started – and successfully so – aggression in foreign policy will be supported.
There fore people are to be intimidated, and this with the accusation,
that these people are all spies and wanted to intimidate exiled Syrians who co-operate with NATO.
Just like the whole NATO has rallied for a war on terror – and when I asked the Afghans they said: ‘Terror? What terror war?
The biggest terrorists we know are in Washington!’ That is the situation.
Now I have written to the Federal Prosecutor, because I saw a huge discrepancy a contradiction between this raid,
which the Federal Criminal Police had to carry out, nice agents, I have seen: I am quite sure, they did not feel very well in their skin,
when I shouted at them on location, in the apartment of a Syrian they had just searched,
all very civilized, not the way we know from Hollywood, where I wanted to say:
Mr. Federal Prosecutor, we have a federal government, which is very obviously kicking good, hard-earned taxpayers money out of he window,
in declared support of an unsaveable currency, Euro, to the tune of dozens and hundreds of billions of euros.
Thus Germany loses its international credit rating, loses its ability to pay pensions, its ability to educate the population, to care for them,
to invest into infrastructure, because of an absolutely fraudulent political deal. There the federal Prosecutor has to step in, a case of high treason,
because that’s what should happen, in case a federal government takes the public cash box and kicks it out of the window.
The law says very clearly: The attempt, the preparation are already punishable and should be followed up by the Federal Prosecutor
but he’s not doing his job. That was item number one in my letter
and it was also important to say, that we are involved in war operations in Afghanistan, though, as I said in the beginning,
not every child, the whole upper class in Germany, in economy as in politics, I always get that in talks, just yesterday,
nice business consultant, well off, multi-millionaire, tells me: 9/11? Well I know what’s going on there,
I have a friend there and there… Well, everybody’s got a friend here and there and knows what’s going on,
only the Federal Prosecutor doesn’t want to hustle his behind: We are involved in an absolutely illegal war situation since ten years, and kill people.
For nothing by the way, because under the table we have long concluded a deal with the Taliban, and I was one of the first to find out in this country,
who have proved that a double game is being played there. On the expense of soldiers, of families and friends.
And of course on the expense of the taxpayer. That seems to be business as usual, to steal the taxpayer’s money – and misuse it.
And this all should have pushed a Federal Prosecutor, if he was doing his job according to its description, however,
he was not picked for the job according to these standards. And thus he works as requested
What can we do as consumers of this video? Since years we feel powerless, one can point out the situation, one can name it,
and as it was said, the expression “conspiracy theory” is not in use any more since some time now,
I know this word quite well, have not heard it in a while, bit still there is the feeling, this does not change anything,
and one is helplessly exposed to this all.
Principally I would not advise anybody to belong to a group which is not ready to network with at least three others.
Very simple: Say openly, with which three groups we are connected, hopefully bigger ones, support their activities,
principally sit at one table and jointly plan our joint activities.
That we are split into 1’050 small groups –and I myself have also stated one – that is not bad at all, that is even quite ok.
It turns bad only, when the groups wage irreconcilable wars among each other – and if they do not co-operate in events.
The lack of co-ordination on a level higher than a few buddies – is blatant.
We urgently need, nice Count Sponeck has worked on that already, but he lacks the funds for it, which I think he should be given,
if somebody wants to do something reasonable: He wants to set up a “Who-is-Who” of the opposition to the system.
That would be good that the “opposition against the system” gets a survey, that is completely lacking,
that the opposition knows the knowledge base of the whole movement.
What do people know? There is very interesting research going on, education, information.
Within this fundamental opposition there are very good people with good contacts to police, media, politics, they have access to facts.
If that cannot be better organized, if the political work is not organized, joint demonstrations are not possible – then there will be no success.
One – and two: If people do not stop to complain, that demonstrations do not work, we will not succeed.
If 1050 organizations do not succeed to set up a kind of board for joint talks and joint organizing – such round tables already exist,
in the old ‘68 peace movement, two bigger circles, but they are pretty much unaffected by the new, younger movement.
Good people are there, with too little overlapping – I am in between these generations – who have marched in the peace movement in the eighties,
fighting against the NATO twin resolution, that’s very old stuff for the youngsters today, 30 years ago, but principally the challenge is,
to better unite the critical groups in the action.
It is very simple: Experts say: Unless 70’000 people march through government quarters, politics do not change.
We need more planning and more community. Please criticize less and co-operate more.
And if there is criticism, please leave a “hole” for the others to retain their dignity and the invitation to the commune table.
That is very important. For example I have just criticized the “Pirates”. Yes, that appeals to the leadership. The responsible persons.
OK, they may say we do not have a leadership we have a swarm intelligence, ok.
But principally we must take a look at where the statements are: Afghanistan, Middle East etc. and to the nonsense on the Balkans.
That’s wrong that isn’t nonsense, what we are doing there is a crime.
That is lacking – and as long as that is lacking, the credibility cannot grow – and credibility is all in the opposition.
Therefore we need more opening. And then it must be clear, that this all is not just a crazy pastime,
and that it’s not enough to criticize and analyze, but that an opposition striving to take responsibility,
must know where to go and how to implement it.
We could not today, I say that as a member of the opposition, just kick out the Americans.
We could try – and get an economy crisis very quickly. Because our world is too closely interlinked. That means,
the decisive political gains stem from the quality of the transition ideas.
How do we slowly get away from what we’ve got –and reasonably implement what is to be.
And hopefully take 150 million Americans with us on this way, who are unhappy with their system.
What is to be?
What is to be? I believe – and I gain steadiness here – if I quote the Mayas here, with the risk of being called a fool,
here is a very good article on that, translated also on my website, which says: People have to focus.
This opposition has no focus, is not clear about their one goal.
My goal in politics is: more ethics. At the moment I remember my first verdict for fraud, and my fight against that,
that is a good try to take that out of my mouth, but, don’t you worry, I am not going to accept that.
And nobody has been suffering fraud, the money was paid, I as a recipient of social welfare need a bit longer – but it’s coming.
When we set up political statements, we never forget, that there is no community with people and no democracy,
whether we deal with Indians, Eskimos, Chinese or Europeans, if there is no effort for a commune ethical ground.
Very simple. And therefore I have decided for myself: ethics is first.
First I think about what serves all the people, all over the globe, what serves creation – and after that I deduct political steps.
Where do we go. For example: We have wars for energy resources. It is necessary, that we secure them, says Westerwelle.
He has meanwhile adopted this cowboy style. I cannot live with that. That is a call for a criminal foreign policy.
What we need is a new thinking: All resources on this globe belong principally to all.
But those people who live there, where the resources are located, must be given fair prices.
This can only be guaranteed from a center. How? The UNO* has to administer that, through a credible committee. How do they decide:
Not those with the worst machines, with the biggest waste can get most of the resources.
OK, administrating the desired quantities needs consideration of environment protection.
OK, you are a poor country, with the little means you’ve got, you’ve tried to protect your environment, we will raise your quantity.
Immediately we stop a western military machine dictating China, how much oil it gets at what price.
And this will stop a whole Afghanistan war, staging 9/11 included, only for the perception of a few American energy giants,
if we read Ahmed Rashid, who thought that the Taliban were asking too much money for their contract.
By the way those were exactly the same Taliban, who were previously put in government on America’s behalf via Pakistan.
That is how the whole rubbish is interconnected – and that is simply old fashion, unacceptable.
This globe is simply going to explode, if we do not start organizing our global community in a rational way.
And it is equally unacceptable, that a very small group of super-rich on this globe simply go their own way.
With their own islands, own – what is that, a motor yacht, but the size of a huge cruiser,
complete with heavy artillery, air defense and on-board helipad?
Such is the travel style between the home country of these people and their private island in the Caribbean, that is completely crazy.
This kind of supersize owner is not desired. If someone is wealthy like for example the Volkswagen magnate Piëch,
how long was the last yacht he sold? 30-40 meters, huge, but still agreeable – and what is he doing with his money? Investing in Europe.
He is not leaving Europe, he is a reasonable industrialist. Including cautions in the grey border zones, this appears tolerable.
Porsche manager Wiedeking, who filled the pockets of owners with billions, earned hundreds of millions, that sounds still tolerable,
without discussing the environmental record of the cars. But if we take a look at a financial investor,
who makes hundred million with derivates, or the whole non-system of billionaires, then I think: Nobody should own more than 50 million cash.
End of story, if he has more, that will be taken away from him. He can say where he wants to invest, but it’s no longer his.
This must be clear, we do not want this super-rich class, because they turning the whole globe upside down.
If such a billionaire can fund election campaigns for all political parties cash from his pocket, then democracy is finished.
That’s how it is today: Ours is a mock democracy. In the US people watch with horror, what these “super-pacs”,
these donor funds for the rich, do with the election.
That is a completely perverted world – and I warn: We will blow up in smoke, if we do not limit this system.
Limitation of the super-rich – and what has to stop principally is the widening gap between rich and poor, on a much lower level.
That we have billions of people with not enough food – and maybe one billion mainly in the US and Europe, owning nearly all, or,
more realistically, 1-200 million owning nearly all, that too, is absolutely perverted and not sustainable.
And if we apply that on one country, we should consider the boom Germany has enjoyed with Bismarck’s social laws.
They were far from perfect, but they were a reasonable beginning – and have helped make Germany very wealthy, lasting wealth.
An enormous rise. We need money for education, we spend way too much on the military.
If you look at those wonderful power point presentations of the peace movement, they show that very well in blocks:
There is this huge block for the military spending – and then this wee tiny bit for education.
That is so grotesque that we cannot overcome that, - not question.
What I am saying here may sound like well-meant foolishness, but no: It is brutally serious, this decides the future-readiness,
the survival of our planet. And it must be very clear, that armies cannot be dismantled from one day to the next.
It must be very clear, we cannot switch of armament industries from one day to the next.
But everybody has to tighten the screws on them in every country, to reduce that, all the time.
Germany is in a tiny group of world leaders in armament. And that is, sorry, a bull shit world leadership title.
That is a disgrace, and ethically absolutely forbidden. We have to retreat from there.
And there are many things like that, we spoke about the pharmaceutical industry, we are curing symptoms.
Somebody coughs, woops, we apply a cortisone plaster to stop the coughing, that is not medicine, we were much more advanced than hat in Germany,
one hundred years ago. And humanity was more advanced than that 500 and one thousand years ago.
To day we have to rediscover the effects of single herbs. Absolutely cheap, free of any unwanted side effects and with sustainable health support.
We are far from that with our pharmaceutical industry. We can talk much longer, what remains is this:
We have very high goals, we have no structure to help us reach them, people are fusing among each other, some are talking nonsense.
Thus we will not make it.
Yes – this is a terrifying summary of our present situation, what is left is hope,
that our worst fears for this year do not remain reality, thank you very much for this interview, with the hope, honestly,
that we do not have to talk about these subjects again in one year, but maybe on what has improved.
Thank you – and I want to tell all those, who are called fools by their neighbors, they will be in front. It’s the dreamers who change the world.