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You understand Real rest..
There are 3 kinds of Knwledge. Whatever we learn in Schools and colleges..
That is called Worldy Knowledge 'Aehic Vidya' second is..
Second is Yoga Vidya from which Mind, Brain gets power unique powers to benefit from metaphysical world.
Third is 'AATMA VIDYA' Knowledge of the self.
Aatma Vidya gives Real, everlasting peace..
Sleep and Samadhi are not rest..
Even while doing everything in the midst of a gruesome battle..
Krishna is playing flute..
War of Yaduvansh is going on and..
Sons and Daughters are getting killed even than..
Shri Krishna feels no pain because he has the 'Real Knowledge'..
We people are always stressing about the future of our son..
daughter, family ..I am dying..
Every Jeev 'living organism' has his/her destiny already written..Prarabdh 'fate' is written before..
the physical body is formed..
And even after dying..according to his/her own..
According to his/her own Karma..
Will to respective 'lok (Heaven/Hell etc.)..but..
But there is a ghost in our brain that..
what will happen to them ??
What will happens to my kids..
What will happen to my Son in Law..
Brother in Law, Father in Law..
What will happen to ME ?
Tulsidas says to people like these..
'Tulsi Bharose Ram Ke' Tulsi trusts RAM..
Nischint Hoi Soye' Sleeps without any tension..
Nothing untoward will happen..and what has to happen will happen..
The fate is formed before the physical body..
Why should Tulsi bhakti of Shri Raghuveer..
If worrying gets your work done..than every task of worried people should be completed..
Do 'Chintan' (Meditation) not 'Chinta' (Worry)..
No Tension..Worry less...
Ego less..tension less..
Be Happy...
And Happiness..God belongs to us and We belong to God..
And God is inside the heart of ever living organism..
By Giving comfort God motivates us..
By giving uncomfortable/hard situations God makes us more aware and careful..
And increases 'Vairagya' (Detachment from Worldly Pleasures)
[Punjabi] Whatever You that is Good..
[Punjabi] You are the everlasting 'Nirankar'(formless Power)..
This is the path towards Real Peace/Rest (Brahm Gyan)..
Information of that..
For giving Real rest/peace to Arjuna Bhagwan..
says..[Sanskrit] 'Tamaev Sharanam Gatchh'..
In the all Great Scriptures of the World..
for Vedanta..Greatest is Veda..
4 Vedas..
In World Literature the Greatest ..that Wish Happiness for every living being..
are 4 Vedas..
Not for just one Religion, Sect..
For the entire Human Race..
If someone becomes a religious Guru than says..
that only people of our religion should prosper/be happy..
Jai Ram ji Ki..
Someone took oath and said..
People of our religion should be happy..
But Veda says..
[Sankrit] 'Saarve Bhavantu Sukhina' (Everone should be happy)..
[Sanskrit] Earth, Space should be full of Peace..
[Sanskrit] Everything should be Peaceful..
Everyone should get The Real Rest/Peace..
Birds, Animals, Trees..
Plants should also get Peace and Happiness..
This Knowledge is Vedic Knowledge.
So the Greatest Scripture on Earth is Vedas.
And the Gist of Vedas is Upanishads.
Important part..
And the Gist of Upanishads ,Bhagwan has revealed in Bhagvad Gita.
In 18 Chapters , 701 Shlokas of Gita..
The Gist is..
That I am this Shatriya,Punjabi..this caste..that caste..
I am from Chandigarh..
Leave all that and just remember..I BELONG to GOD and GOD is MINE..
by doing this..come under the aegis of GOD..
This is the Gist of every scripture..
I am doing SatSang because after so many births one gets the Human form..
And even this rare Human life..Satsang.Katha..
Snacks..Path..Chai..Pakora etc..that happens a lot..
After having Chai,Pakora in langar people get Sick..
Chai,Pakora is the home of Disease..
Even to religious people while telling how to keep this body healthy..Thyself gets Healthy..
Stabilize in the Real Thy Self..
That is why I have come spread the Nectar of Brahm Gyan..
I get angry when People Say Bapu ki Jai (Hail Asaram Bapu)..
Hail your Dad..Shut up..
Somebody says Hail SatGuru..I say Hail your Mom , your Dad..
Somebody claps than also I object..
King Ritvij to Madalsa..
If you give Son Alrakh the Real Knowledge then who will pull the cart of Sansara..
Give but little less..
So Madalsa agreed to what King Ritvij said..
She didn't his Son complete Brahm Gyan but..
Like I have not given you the Keys to Real Knowledge..
But have told that except Real Knowledge/Brahm Gyan whatever you get will ultimately be taken away from you..
Whatever have you known and Got till now..
And whatever you will know and get after today..all that..
You will lose in the jolt of Death..
but the Real Knowledge..
the Real Self once you know and recognize then..
then even Death's father..
33 crores Devtas..and..
And Bhagwan Narayan together with them cannot take that away from you..
And if you got Bhagwan Narayan and all devtas but not Brahm Gyan then..
then life is incomplete..that thing I want you to understand..
Arjuna has Bhagwan Krishna still he is weeping..
Attraction of Urvashi Apsara..
Arjuna rejected .. such great power..that Arjuna..
And who has Lord Krishna as his Charioteer..
that Arjuna also when didn't get Real Knowledge so..
till then there was no end to his sorrow..
And when he got the Real Knowledge then that Arjuna..
says..[Sanskrit] Lost attachment ..
[Sanksrit]..found remembrance (of true self)..
My Moh (attachment) is destroyed..
Upside down knowledge is called Moh..
What we are Truly..
We don't know that as I
And what we are not in reality..that..
We believe is I..
We consider our body as I..
I am Mohan, I am Asaram..
I am this ..I am that..
For daily routine work it is ok that we have a name..
Else how we would manage..
Who will come listening that..
That is why we give name..
Asaram ,Mohan..
Arjun Dev, Angad Dev..
Name is given for daily behavior..
If in reality we were this body..
than after death the body should go with Jeev Atma..
Body is here and we do rituals for the jeev aatma..
This body does not go in heaven and hell..
In reality the body does not go with us..
So in reality we were not the Physical body..
We were before the Physical body..
We are here with this Physical body..
And we are still the same when this body is sick..
We are still the same when this body is healthy..
We were still the same when this body was a child..
All talks of childhood are gone, the bones have changed from childhood..
in Next 7 years blood changed..
Food, Mann (Mind) changed..
Brain changed..
Till there is someone who knows that in childhood I was like this..
My mind, heart was like that in childhood.
My brain was like that..
The One who Knows that is Unchanged..always there..
to Know that I..
that is the highway towards Real Rest..Brahm Gyan
[Punjabi] 'Man tu Jyoti Swaroop Aapna Mool Pehchaan' (Mind you are like a lamp, know thy source)..
this is GURBANI..
You are listening to BRAHM GYAN..
Listening to Brahm Gyan you will get such huge Punya (Good deed)...
Brothers and Sisters..
Kids, Ladies..
That Punya is greater than what you get from the Holy Bath in all pilgrims..
You get the Punya equal to doing all Yagya..
Punya equal to what you get by giving all your wealth to charity..
If you just listen to Brahm Gyan and meditate on it for 1 Shan ( around 15 minutes)..