Research Business DAILY Report --- October 30, 2012

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Corporate reliance on social media gets our attention today.
A study involving 180 CEOs, senior executives and corporate directors demonstrates companies
appreciate social media's potential to transform all aspects of their business.
They also concede it can pose serious threats.
"However, familiarity with social media is just not translating into systemic use at
their companies," says study authors Stanford University Rock Center for Corporate Governance
and the Conference Board.
One statistical tidbit says 90% of respondents claim to understand social media impact on
their organizations, yet only 32% monitor it to detect business risks.
The link to this study, which includes activity recommendations, is in today's email Alert
and beneath this video.
Reuters' Emma Thomasson described on of the corporations paying great attention to social
media. Nestle has a social media nerve center at its Swiss headquarters.
A Digital Acceleration Team monitors conversations about Nestle products, notably, the story
says, bottled water.
The team is "tasked with listening, engaging, transforming and inspiring. Each member spends
8-month stints working in this a mini-TV studio," which has the appearance of a busy newsroom
or trading floor.
Social media innovator and expert par excellance Pete Blackshaw, formerly with Nielsen Online,
Nielsen BuzzMetrics, Intelliseek and, is Nestle's Global Head of Digital Marketing
& Social Media.
Blackshaw told Reuters that if a negative issue pops up on any screen, it turns red.
"It alerts you that you need to engage," he explained.
And the Society for New Communications Research, a non-profit research and education foundation
and think tank, has launched the Social Business Benchmark.
It will gather social business trend insights around strategic intent, operational alignment,
organization readiness, staffing and social tool use.
Among many benefits will be organizational comparisons with other social programs and
best practice benchmarks.
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