Best Friend Tag Part 2

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Hey, It's Tiffany. And we are doing a Best Friend Tag. And this is Zowee. My Best Friend.
So the first question is; What is your favorite season?
Your favorite season, I mean. Ya, sorry
Is fall. Yup.
And your favorite season my friend Tiffany.
Aww your hair is all messed up.
Ok, ya. Okay.
Your favorite season is summer. Yay.
Next question! The next question was favorite song.
Zowee's favorite song is "Marry the Night" by Lady Gaga.
And her favorite song is. THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE!
By Alicia Keys. No, it's "The Girl on Fire" by Alicia Keys. Yay, you got it right.
Next question was flats or heels?
I'm guessing hers is, flats.
I'm guessing yours is, Fla-
But it depends on the weather though, like.
What would you wear in winter, what would you wear in summer. In winter-
-I wouldn't wear either.
I guess, ya, because flats would be like- I would where Uggs. In the Winter. Ya.
Ya (Giggles) For the Summer I would wear flats. Ya, for summer I would wear flats or heels. I'd wear flats. Okay.
Next question, was pants or dresses. I'm guessing Zowee is pants.
I'm guessing your.
I don't know cuz you have a couple dresses. I only have one. Oh, okay...
Well you did have, another one. Oh, right. Oh, oh well.
I don't know, I'm gonna say pants for you too. Ya. Okay.
Next question,
is our favorite animal. I'm guessing Zowee's...
is a penguin!
And hers is definitely a koala bear!
Even though, they're vicious! But hey, they're cute and cuddly.
Once you're not, going,
bugging them. Heh heh heh heh, ya...
K, next question.
If your entire house was burning down, and if your family was ok, what would you say and why? Uhh...
What do you think I would save? I think Zowee would save. Err. (Giggles)
I think you'd save your dog.....z
Wouldn't a dog count as family though?
Cuz I consider Lady my family. Ok well then if we count her as your family- besides pets.- then I'd say you, your video
Only one thing Tiffany. Okay. (Whisper:) Only one thing only. You're camera. Nope, You're laptop. Yup. (Giggles)
My laptop
is my prize possession.
Ok, you guess now. K.
I'm gonna say, you would
save your. My family count as, my fish, and my cat.
One of your seasons of Glee.
I have to say season 3. I was gonna say season 3. I'm like, I'm gonna, I'm saying, I was thinking.
I was thinking season 3. but I didn't know.
My favorite show is Glee. ooooo
Hopefully that's not a question.
Well, I would of guessed Glee anyways.
But ya, would you save Glee? Ya.
I was gonna say iPod.
Ya, but what if I already had it in my pocket.
But, that's exactly why I didn't say it, because I'm like. You have pockets!
Might as well use them. Unless, your pants were on fire.
Ok, next question. (Giggles)
Comedy, Horror, or Chick Flick?
I think Zowee,
would probably a comedy.
Yup, definitely.
Cuz she doesn't like horror films-
Well, I like horror films, they just:
Freak me out
for the rest of my life.
Me on the other hand. I can watch them. I think,
I think you like chick flicks. What!
Why would you say such a thing.
Why are you talking like that? Cuz I feel like it. Well cuz your a hopeless romantic.
Okay, I'm guessing your answer's obviously comedy then. What? It's not comedy. Well what is it then? Horror, I love horror films. Oh, okay.
I was wrong both times.
Oh my god. On to the next question. In a French accent.
Blackberry or iPhone was the next question.
I think Zowee's would have to be an iPhone.
Out of those two ya.
I'm thinking yours is iPhone too. Well heck yea, Black-
Berries suck. I
I wish Android was in that.
I'm an Android person. So am I. No, your an iPhone person. What? Yea.
Cuz before you were like I'm gonna get the iPhone 5, and you're all
iPod, and iTunes and
all that. Oops. Next Question.
A favorite movie is the next question.
Zowee's would have to be oh, this is a hard question. Oh. Zowee's would hae to be
The Hunger Games.
All the way. Now guess what mine is.
Uuhhh, oh crap. I feel like you told me but I forgot. I didn't tell you.
though. You DID tell me? No.
Well, guess.
I don't now her number one, but I'm gonna say
one of your favorites is Titanic.
Mm. I don't know your number one though.
My top
favorite right now is
Breaking Dawn Part 2. Oh my god I'm so stupid.
It's like the best movie ever! I didn't even think of Twilight.
Twilight Series is my favorite. I'm a dummy.
Ok, on to the next question.
What is something weird that you would eat? I think Zowee's weird thing, would be.
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and a half points
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uh... and softball and
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