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bjbj >> [When we were able to come back to the country, we started investigating in several
public governmental institutions of Nicaragua] >>we acquired enough evidential elements that
disprove Citibank s position] >> [In which they alleged to have delivered our checking
account's funds to the state of Nicaragua] >> [You can see this official letter from
OCI's (National Office of Confiscations)] >> they receive an answer of the Central Bank
of the Republic of Nicaragua] >> [This is one copy of the original] >> [In this document,
the general manager of the National Office of Confiscations and Indemnifications informs]
>> NO evidence of such funds from the CITIBANK account 2010372 were found, that claimed to
have been delivered to the Nicaraguan State] >> [In other words, CITIBANK was never confiscated;
CITIBANK took the aforementioned funds when they left the country. (Into who s pocket?)]
>> [Who knows how many other accounts were stolen using the same method or with the same
story] >> [Do you know who CITIBANK s manager was for those years?] >> [I recall there was
someone with a last name Alanis, which I believe still works with CITIBANK in the United States]
>> [There is another letter signed, by the then president of the Central Bank of the
Republic of Nicaragua this is Mr. Jos Evenor Taboada] >> [In regards to your inquire about
Dr. Francisco Urcuyo and Mrs. Maria Luisa Mu oz case. Where you inferred on the account
No. 2010372 that they had at the Citibank] >> [Hereby as representative of the Central
Bank of Nicaragua I certify that the aforementioned funds from that account never entered or were
deposited into this institution] >> [We have a phone call from Mr. Javier Vallejo asking
you that why you are claiming these funds so late. he says] >> [I am not doing this
claim late as he argues, I ve establish this demand in November 2007] >> [and not before,
because the bank did not exist in Nicaragua until then] >> [This bank has again re-established
itself here through the purchase of a Nicaraguan Bank Named Banco Uno] >> [We have the luck
that they came back disguised under the name of another bank but they are always and will
always be CITIBANK] >> [Nicaraguan laws are not like the one of USA, where if you do not
claim your assets after 6 years, you lose it.] >> [(statue of limitation)] >> [A perfect
way of stealing the money from the people] >> [through one-sided and rude laws like this
one] >> [Banks in Nicaragua do not operate in such a way] >> [your deposits or your assets
are yours in a perpetual way] >> [For your own sake, I urge investors of my country not
to take abroad their moneys instead to deposit them here in Nicaragua] >> [You will run a
risk of losing YOUR hard-earned money with foreign banks that I call travelling swallows;]
>> [what they do is coming to speculate and expecting] >> [Good timings to loot the fools'
pockets as they also did in Vietnam in 1980] >> [What actions are you are taking? people
could now show up saying that, they also had their money] >> [In those banks that disappear
when the revolution took place and probably would initiate a series of requests from the
public] >> [That is the problem, nobody knows how many other people in Nicaragua like us,
trusted these foreign banks, and had their funds were stolen] >> [Nevertheless, how many
people did not have the same persistence that my family had had of carrying out investigations?]
>> [Moving forward for all these 30 years until arriving at the end to find out the
truth] >> [We made case in Miami Florida on December 14, 1998] >> [We won but we lost
even though the entire jury voted unanimously to our favor] >> [However, the fail of Judge
Moore favored the CITIBANK by fixing its sentence in a kind of strange way] >> [The Urcuyo family
has earned this case but at the same time, they also lost it, because they were too late]
>> [based based on New York banking laws (status limitation) The headquarters of where the
bank is located] >> [However, there is a law in the US also concerning banks operating
abroad this law says] >> [Any bank, which accepts deposits at a foreign branch, becomes
a debtor, not to bailey, with respect to its depositors] >> [In the event that local unsettled
conditions require it to cease operations, it should inform its depositors of it] >> [telling
them when its branch will close and give them the opportunity to withdraw their deposits]
>> [Alternatively, if the conditions prevent such steps, enable them to obtain payment
at any alternative location.] >> [In the rare event that such measures plow either impossible
or only partially successful] >> [Fairness dictates that the parent bank is liable for
those deposits, which it was unable to return abroad.] >> [To hold those funds otherwise,
would undermine the seriousness of its obligations to its depositors] >> [(And what will this
court of appeals say when any bank personal put someone else money into their pockets?)]
>> [By using the banking laws of New York State, which says that after six years without
claiming your assets you lose them] >> [And because of it CITIBANK in spite of the fact
that they LIED to their customers relating to their moneys] >> [fact that was clearly
confirmed] >> [The plaintiff could prove that the CITIBANK misbehaved relating to its customer's
funds] >> [Since they did the attempt the plaintiff believed CITIBANK s integrity, stating
the bank had delivered their funds to the Nicaraguan Government] >> [However, I am going
to take the specific part, which this is a judicial case, and I imagine myself that some
peoples of the CITIBANK's] >> [They would be thinking that now that we are here, this
Mr. Francisco wants to take advantage to draw money from us] >> [In addition, that was a
former tangle, and we have nothing to do with this subject] >> [Have you already established
this demand? Are you are starting here with this interview in this TV station?] >> [What
is the court action that you are going to promote if it was already established it,
are they are right now in the courts?] >> [If you do not claim your assets before that date;
you will lose them and the judge finally concludes at this way:] >> [The plaintiff presented
his claim on November 13, 1997 so that the time of the 6 years already had passed] >> [It
was a rude failure of the judge saying that the Urcuyos won but at the same time, they
lost reason for what the CITIBANK does not have to pay] >> [After this fail, CITIBANK
sent a representative to my son Luis in order to offer him the ridiculous sum of $ 5000,
00] >> [As a indemnification we consider this a insolent act an vulgar insult] >> [Answering
your previous question;] >> [yes effectively there is a demand that we have interposed
against Banco CITIBANK de Nicaragua S.A.,] >> [which is on the way at the fifth civil
court of district of Managua] >> [However, let me tell you there are some very strange
things are occurring] >> [Clearly evidence of manipulation from certain judicial employees
that labor at the courts done by people of the Citibank] >> [As an example, the notifications
of decisions or facts of the development of the demand were sent to other random destinations]
>> [That have nothing to do with Citibank] >> [Such as a notification that was sent to
a Hospital named Mountain Spain] >> [And a health center in which I do not have any relationship
with] >> [Appearing as if we are demanding the aforementioned hospital instead of the
CITIBANK] >> [Another fact is a reply from Citibank stating that they ignored the notification
that arrived to them because they have different name] >> [That they have nothing to do with
the same because their name is Banco Citibank de Nicaragua S.A and not Banco Citibank] >> [That
is the way that they are acting] >> [delaying tactics, trying to put off judicial term because
they know that they do not hold any valid argument to refute against their actions]
>> [All these tactics will lead them to nothing] >> [If they want to solve their problem, it
is very simple;] >> [If they show me the microfilm with the signed receipt, from any official
person from the Government stating they have received the money] >> [I will put a stop
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