Project Inspiration 2012 Autumn/Winter Idea Book: New WOTG Card Kits

Uploaded by CTMHcorp on 02.08.2012

(Kristine) Hi, I'm Kristine from Close To My Heart with an amazing
announcement and it is — card makers rejoice — because Close To My Heart
now offers dedicated Workshops on the Go Kits exclusively for card makers
Now we’ve offered Workshops on the Go for a long time that are great for
scrapbooking and other projects and sometimes we even help you make cards
with those items. But, this is the first time Close To My Heart has
ever really crafted Workshops on the Go kits exclusively for those
of you who love to make cards. Let me show you a little bit about these
two brand new kits. First of all, we have our Avonlea Kit and then we
also have our Pear & Partridge Kit which is perfect for making holiday cards.
What makes these kits unique is they have a C-sized stamp set that is
designed exclusively for card makers. Card makers know that stamp sets
are a little bit different for card making. They include specific sentiments
and uniquely sized icons that pay off those sentiments. These kits include
include three brand new patterns each and enough supplies, including all of
the card bases and envelopes, papers, and accessories that you need to make
five of each pattern. So that is a total of 15 beautiful cards all just for $29.95.
Now it includes the stamp set also uniquely and specially designed to support
these patterns so they’ll look absolutely beautiful and balanced when they’re done.
They also include some great unique accessories that you can’t get anywhere else.
Let’s look at the Avonlea card that I’ve got in my hand right here and
you can see these amazing epoxy bubbles that are like tiny mirrors and
then you’ll also see this lovely Slate organdy ribbon. Something else you
might notice right away about this kit is that even though the Avonlea kit
is beautiful and includes lots of different papers, when you buy our
Level 2 paper pack, you don’t get this great Smoky Plum color. Well, you do
in the Workshops on the Go card kit and that’s because we’ve been able to
experiment a little bit to take those papers in different directions that
are unique to card making. Let’s take a closer look now at the Pear & Partridge kit,
which I said is just great for your holiday cards, 15 of them. Now here’s our
great exclusive accessory here, these wonderful Glitter Gems, they look
like little red diamonds on my card as well as some tan twill ribbon and
then here the color of cardstock that we’ve complemented the Pear & Partridge kit
with is Cocoa. So rich, so beautiful you’re going to absolutely love making
these 15 or these 15 or both. You can make each Workshops on the Go
in about three hours and its ideal for making all by yourself or enjoying a
great afternoon of creativity with friends. So if you’re interested in learning
a little bit more about our brand new card making Workshops on the Go,
I encourage you to contact your consultant about these products
and all the great products available this Fall/Winter from Close To My Heart.