How to Train for Boot Camp : Row Exercises for Boot Camp Training

Uploaded by expertvillage on 06.02.2008

CHRISTOPHER HOWELL: Hi. I'm Chris from Expert Village, and today I'm going to cover how
to prep yourself for going into military, training-wise. And these sit-ups don't really
have a 1-2 or anything like that, but basically you'll sit down, just like they say, you'll
do sit-ups. You'll either have a partner or you won't have a partner. In most cases, you
will have a partner 'cause when you're lined up to do PT, you'll be facing the other person
in front of you; they'll actually be facing towards you. So when you line up in rows,
one, two, three, four, five, how many ever there is-- usually there's probably about
four--he'll say rows one and three, so two and four will actually stay. So you have one,
two, three, four. So if one and three were to do about face, they'd be having someone
else to be facing them, like a partner. So he'll say, "One and three, about face!" So,
they'll simply put their right foot down and will do an about face. They'll turn just around.
About face.
This is Chris with Expert Village and we just covered pre-training for the military.