Meeting in Turkey and see what the world thinks about the nuclear program of Iran

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The meeting to negotiate the nuclear program of Iran
ended without any agreement.
The head of European diplomacy Catherine Ashton
said he was disappointed with the outcome of the meeting.
But the Iranian diplomat Said Jalili
said the country will not give up the right to nuclear technology.
Representatives of Iran and the six major world powers and nuclear
spent two days meeting in Turkey
to negotiate (neutralize) the process of uranium enrichment in Iran
Listen now to the Brazilian Plinio de Arruda Sampaio what the world thinks about Iran
I think the following, we have relations with the United States.
Whether the country to create more problems with human rights that the United States.
We have.
What's this, what's this, you find the following:
Iran can not have nuclear weapons.
No, nobody can have the atomic bomb.
Bad if the United States have the atomic bomb,
and if Israel has nuclear bomb,
Iran has the right to have nuclear weapons.
We must stop this hypocrisy,
stop this hypocrisy.
In fact,
is there one thing that Lula was not wrong,
is to speak well of Iran, and say he has that right.
And it has.
I wanted this,
and enjoy it, I'm talking to Brazil full:
We need to start being more truthful.
The United States is a country dictatorial
and we have relations with him, why not with Iran