12 Christina & Alice 15.01.2013 [Eng Subs]

Uploaded by ChristinaAliceRC on 16.01.2013

You all right?
Great, aye.
I thought you weren't in today?
Aye, well... I wasn't, but I am now.
Just the small wreath, thanks.
"I'm sorry."
No. No name.
Thanks. I'll pay you back later.
No bother. So, who was it?
That died?
Just someone from home.
Sorry. I shouldn't have asked.
No. It's fine.
I know how hard it is.
You wish you could just turn the clock back.
Undo everything.
Make it good again.
Sorry, am I interrupting you?
That's Stella again.
I'll get her later.
"Take one for the team" - aye, right!
Will and Robbie aren't even here yet.
Sorry, I need to go again.
Wow! That's some costume, Kelly Marie!
One thing's for sure...
You're not going to need to blow a whistle to attract attention.
Hello, ladies.
And now, ladies and gentlemen, the warm up will be led by...
Believe it or not...
Molly O'Hara!
Hello, everyone!
And a big thank you for turning out today in all these numbers and all these wonderfully inventive costumes.
Well done.
As you know, we're running today in aid of this charity. Which is very close to our hearts.
I'm sure you hope we make a great deal of money.
All right. Malcolm, your turn.
On your marks...
Get set...
I think that's the race gone off.
Why don't you go and watch the race?
Is Christina no' doing it?
I was going to valet that car.
Just go.
Molly O'Hara.
One R.
This is my grand wean, you know!
I don't think I look old enough, do I?