Take 5 with Octavia Spencer

Uploaded by AuburnUniversity on 26.03.2012

I haven't been able to process winning the Oscar or any of the awards, actually. Of course
I'm thrilled that I have those trophies at home, but what I'm most proud of is the fact
that it has afforded me the opportunity to meet so many people who influence my life
as an artist, as a child, as a reader. You just can't ever stop striving to be the best
that you can be. And I think the way to do that is by interacting with people, interfacing.
And, you know, I've met some amazing people just with this event. So, it has really, really
provided me with many opportunities and I do not take one moment of it for granted.
You know, I hope that does happen. I hope it happens because it means that I made some
sort of impact, a lasting impact. But I hope it doesn't deter anyone from still dreaming
that dream because, you can't win if you're not in the game. And winning doesn't always
mean carrying a trophy. Winning for me usually means that I don't have to call home and borrow
money. So, I felt that I had won a few years ago when I was actually able to make a living.
This is so different and it's wonderful. Whenever I go to any other school, campus,
I realize just how good I had it being able to be on such a vast, beautiful, sprawling
campus. And I made so many friends. We had such an amazing time. And it really does go
to show you that the perception that the South is still the way it was is really interesting,
because when I was at Auburn it was about 20,000 students and only a thousand of us
were African-American. I still had a ball. It didn't matter. It doesn't matter. And I
don't take my education for granted. I just love going into the big lecture halls and
just remember all of that. It really, really made me appreciate the opportunities that
I've been given. And that began really and truly with my education. And I am thrilled
to have my degree from Auburn. I had no intentions of not representing the
great state of Alabama and my alma mater because it's really interesting to me when people
try to obfuscate their history. Your history is what makes you unique and your life experiences
are what make you unique. My friend Josh Hopkins and I went to the SAG Awards together and
he went to Auburn. My friend Robyn Poarch, who has this company called Porch Pies, she
and her brother Sidney and I went to J.D. and Auburn together and now I send her pies
out as gifts. So it is a vast community of people and it's always a very welcoming community
of people. And I'm thrilled to be a member of that group.
Well, I just want to diversify. I've always wanted to be behind the camera, actually,
and direct and produce. And so, I'm a writer and I have a children's book that I'm hoping
to get published. And you know, I just want to see where the road leads me. I never, ever
approached anything with a thought of a limitation. And thinking now that having won an Oscar,
or any of the other awards, I don't want to think about it because then it means I'm going
to limit myself. I'm thrilled about it, but now I'm looking to see what can I do next
and what can I do to leave the door open for people who want to come and take that journey.
So, I'm game for whatever ‘s out there.