Seeking Love, 13회, EP13, #04

Uploaded by MBCClassic on 26.03.2012

Okay, thanks. See you tomorrow.
Shopping, really?
No, we should’ve gone to Deoksu Palace for our first date.
- Deoksu Palace? Why? - Stone wall path.
If a couple walks there, they break up.
Sounds good. Let’s be sure to walk it.
Yeah, let’s be sure to walk it.
There’s only one more month left. Time surely flies.
Honey, let’s see the fall foliage before winter comes.
Fall foliage? It’s expensive.
How many years can we see cherry blossoms and fall foliage?
Everything’s useless if we die.
Cheapskate. Why come to Deoksu Palace instead of the mountains?
What’s wrong with here? Why spend money to go far when it’s nice here?
It’s not that, shouldn’t we go somewhere breezy?
The wind blows here, too.
Wait, isn’t that Yeojun?
People really break up if they walk this stone wall path?
If all couples break up, then people won’t walk here.
There’s such a thing as a jinx.
- I don’t believe in that. - Why did you agree to come?
You’re not really interested in me, right?
You’re the one who wanted to come. I’m not interested.
What brings you here?
We’re on a date.
Why are you dating her? What about Herim?
Miss, choose somebody else. Yeojun belongs to Herim!
What can I do when Yeojun likes me so much?
Right, Yeojun?
I definitely like you a lot. You’re my fiancee after all.
Please excuse us.
Hey, stop, stop!
They already left.
When did I start liking you?
You’re accompanying me because you like me. No?
- Then you must like me a lot. - I didn’t say that.
- Did I? - You didn’t?
I’m not giving this to you cuz I like you, so don’t be mistaken.
What is it?
- A cell phone. - I know that.
But I have one.
- What are you doing? - Trash it.
Didn’t your work give it to you? Keep things straight.
Aren’t you a lawyer?
How’s that related to me being a lawyer?
Why not? Embezzlement and abuse are all part of it.
It makes no sense for you to carry a phone given by another guy.
- I didn’t say I liked you a lot. - Whatever.
Article 4. Don’t do things that will make our parents suspicious.
All right. I’m happy to get a new phone.
- Fiance? - I’m your fiance.
Shouldn’t the guy you like very much be saved as number one?
What number is your fiancee on your cell phone?
- I’m not number one, right? - What number do you want?
Sorry, but I don’t want one. We’re only pretending to date.
Give that back tomorrow.