Add a Park Boundary on Google Map Maker

Uploaded by GoogleMapMaker on 20.04.2012

Hello Map Makers!
Are there parks missing from Google Maps in your area?
You can add them for everyone to find and enjoy using Google Map Maker.
To get started drawing your park,
First select the draw shape button from the add menu,
then select the "Park" category.
Click boundary,
and continue to begin drawing. Click to create the shape of the park.
When you're done, click the first pivot point to stop drawing or press enter.
You can now add information to the feature.
Some details you can add to the park are...
tennis courts,
and walking paths.
Have you been trying to map trails in your park,
but can't seem to find them in the satellite imagery?
There's a guide for that.
You have made Google Maps a little greener!
Thanks for using Google Map Maker!