Audience Emails on Noah's Ark, North Korea, Bar Stool Economics

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bjbj David: The new poll we have on our website, will the tax cut compromise be good or bad
for Democrats and Obama in 2012?, you can vote, we'll have results on... next
Thursday, we will have results. Emails I got, and you can email us through our website, "A chimpanzee holding a boom microphone would give your show a more
professional feel." Very funny, very clever. Not completely incorrect. We may look into
that. Louis: Oh yeah, not out of the question. David: I would just be worried that I would...
these... Louis: We don't want FEMA breathing down our necks. David: And the chimps can
get violent, as we know. Louis: Yeah. David: Another email, "I just came upon The David
Pakman Show yesterday. He and Louis are my new heroes, and Louis is totally hot. This
email coming from a guy." So Louis building a stronghold of gay admirers. Louis: OK. David:
You'll get... you'll take compliments from anybody Louis: Hey. Of course. David: Absolutely.
On the Noah's Ark replica being built, "To be honest, people would pay to see this. Christians
love the idea of religious history. We see lots of tourists in castles and churches bringing
in the money. If it makes a profit eventually, nobody should mind, but if it doesn't, somebody
has to be arrested for misuse of public funds." Little bit hypocritical. If the public funds
are being misused, the arrest should happen, or whatever, should happen regardless of how
much money it brings in. "Hey, Kentucky, build a replica of God next. You have the specs,
right?" I don't think they're going to go that far. "Well, there is no reason to do
this, because the Noah story is a myth. I mean, come on, two of every animal? There
are how many species on the planet today? An estimated 3 to 30 million species. This
is obviously an example of how when the uber-wealthy get their tax cut, how they're going to create
jobs." And lastly, "Since this is being copaid with tax dollars, can non-Christians work
at the park?" I assume they can, right? Louis: I hope so. David: On the North Korea malnutrition
leading to very short North Koreans, "People don't want to give food aid to the North because
it invariably ends up being funneled off to the military and away from those who truly
need it." We know that. Absolutely, no question about it. That's why they're in this situation.
"Kim Jong-il just doesn't want anyone to be taller than he is, that's why they're doing
this." A very good point. And lastly, "Just curious, does radio activity stunt growth?"
I get it, because North Korea has five or six of these nuclear weapons, maybe that's
actually the reason why North Koreans are shorter than South Koreans now, not because
of malnutrition. And that's gonna be about it. On the bonus show today, more on the Dick
Cheney indictment in Nigeria. Will anything come of it? There's also a retailer that you
have heard of who is ending extra pay on Sundays, we'll tell you what they're not telling us.
And plenty of news in the world of private space travel. Thanks for listening, we'll
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