Andy Bates Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger: Street Food - Episode 2

Uploaded by VideojugFoodAndDrink on 17.01.2013

Hi my names Andy Bates and welcome to my Videojug series of street food.
Over the next few weeks we're going to be looking at some of the best street food which
is on offer at Kerb's Kings Cross from burritos to burgers to spit roasts and of course pies.
Welcome back to another one of my episodes on street food at Kerb Kings Cross I'm now
with my friend Justin from Spit And Roast hello mate.
Now these guys have become really famous over the summer for there amazing amazing food
but tell me a bit more about it, how did you first get going?
well I started in restaurants, I own a restaurant as well I decided to venture into street food
in April I bought this truck.
Had it kitted out with a rotisserie, so that's what we specialise in and we also specialise
in buttermilk fried chicken.
Well I know it’s good but can I see you cook a buyer please mate?
Ok so I'm going to prepare the buttermilk fried chicken bap, so the chicken is a boned
thigh, the butcher bones it for me then puts it into butter milk and then it sits in butter
milk overnight which tenderises the meat gives it a bit of acidity and flavour.
And then we dip it into our our flour mix. So there are the pieces in the flour mix,
they sit in there for a while to kind of coat the chicken, then it goes in the deep fat
fryer for about 8 minutes and then it comes out like this.
So that's the finished buttermilk fried chicken; it's very crispy, it's not very oily.
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So we take the buttermilk fried chicken, we use rolls from a Japanese baker which are
nice and soft, bit of apple slaw.
And then just cut the chicken on the bias,
place it on there.
An then I've got Korean hot sauce, this is a recipe that was given to me by a Korean
friend of mine, actually someone that used to work with me, and they had a restaurant
in Korea in Seoul, and this is his mother’s old fried chicken sauce recipe.
And then that goes on top, and then that’s the bap.
Thanks Justin.
And there we go, probably the best buttermilk fried chicken bap.
So join me again soon for another Videojug street food episode.