Rael denounces the fear of 2012

Uploaded by raeltv on 23.10.2012

What do think about the end of the world in 2012?
In the last 2,000 years, there have been 2,000 predicted ends of the world.
A few people asked me on Facebook 'what will happen in 2012'
I answered 'there will be 12 months'.
That is a great prophecy..
And what will happen after? 'there will be 2013''
2012 doesn't mean anything
It is like the great fear of the year 2000
2000 was supposed to be the year of the end of the world
There has been the great fear of year 1000 as well
In the last 2,000 years, there have been 2,000 false prophets
who all announced the end of the world
There can be one, it is always possible
It depends on the intelligence of the people or their lack of
But it won't be the end of the world,
it can be the end of Humanity, that is possible
It makes me laugh like George Carlin when people say 'let's save the earth'
The Earth doesn't care whether we are here or not.
Humanity can disappear totally and the Earth that has existed for millions of years will do just fine
once we have disappeared and probably better
So it is about saving Humanity
The end of Humanity is possible
not in 2012, probably not
unless there is a nuclear cataclysm which is always possible
But no one can tell when it will happen
The Elohim's arrival?
It is planned between 2025 and 2035
But it doesn't mean that because they say between 2025 and 2035 that we will still be alive
It is absolutely possible that Humanity self destroys
in a violent or non-violent nuclear cataclysm
Fukushima is already poisoning the planet badly
and nobody talks about it enough
And this is only one nuclear plant
There has been Chernobyl in Europe
and we still find radioactive boars and morels
I love morels and gastronomy
Fukushima is worse
and there are 50 nuclear plants in Japan
It's frightening
There are a lot of them in France too
We don't know what could happen, things are moving
There is a change in the axis of the Earth
There are lots of earthquakes
No one is completely safe, there can be earthquakes in France too
We don't know what can happen
But I am more afraid of military people
Military could very well combine the two threats
and target nuclear plants
They are ideal targets
If one takes a nuclear plant of a country as a target, the whole country is irradiated
Without the need of very powerful bombs
The military madness is what is making me the most afraid
We should alarm the world populations about it more
As they are not aware of the 'sword of Damocles' hanging above their heads
which is the military nuclear power and the non-violent nuclear sites that military may explode
Only 10 bombs over the nuclear plants of France and there won't be any France left
Probably no more Europe either
After one Fukushima, there will probably be 30% of the Japanese population to evacuate
But nobody talks about it yet
The number of leukemia cases is increasing sharply
Nobody talks about it
The people who work in hospital are talking about it on facebook or twitter
There is a plan to evacuate Tokyo, evacuate 40 million Japanese people
Tokyo is radioactive, seriously radioactive
They don't say it, they are afraid of panic
When there will be thousands and thousands of cases, which shouldn't take too long
In my opinion, the political leaders in charge should be condemned for crimes against Humanity
As it is a true genocide
There will be tens of thousands of death, for sure
It is a prophecy based on scientific facts
I am against death penalty
I think they should be condemned to live in Fukushima so that they support what they have created
It would be the best punishment,
condemned to live, not condemned to die
Will the Elohim arrival change the situation?
It will be a freeing event which will result in a huge advance for Humanity
But for them to arrive, we must first build the Embassy
But also Humanity must have taken the right direction
As long as we are on a militarization and world nuclearization path
they will not come, even if the Embassy is built
I am however optimistic as there is a wind of planetary revolt
Occupy Wall Street in the US, in France as well things are moving
People starts to be fed up and it is a planetary trend
thanks to internet which is a spiritual and religious phenomenon
Atheistic religious but still religious
In the past, people would go to the church, the temple or the synagog to feel connected with the people of the world
Now we go on internet and we feel immediately connected to the people of the planet
It is in my opinion a highly spiritual experience
People see that, all around the world, others rebel for the same reasons
against the same things
The values or rather the non-values that guide the world which are power, money and generalized egoism
People have enough of it and are thinking more and more about a world without money
This is why I launched the Paradism
A society based on exchanging and sharing under a world government
It is the only way out
Could a cataclysm happen due to a rebellion of the Earth?
This is similar to the people who believe in Gaia and that the elements react to the mistakes of Humanity
I don't believe in it at all
The biggest danger for the human beings are the human beings
There have always been earthquakes
The ruins of Pompei
People petrified in volcano ashes have always existed
Earthquakes have always existed
There have been cataclysms much bigger than the ones we have now
Terrible glaciations
extraordinary tsunamis
Some people combine what we live now and say that it is worse than ever
It isn't true
Some talk about the global warming, it isn't true
Some talk about tsunamis like Fukushima
For the tsunamis, Fukushima was big but it wasn't the absolute record in history
Each time that there is an absolute hot or an absolute cold or an earthquake
if we look back at history
it is sad as we would love to live an historical record
but in 1900 there was a bigger one, in 1830 a bigger, it is true for all
This sensationalism around Gaia is wrong
The earth doesn't care about us, it doesn't care
It is like George Carlin said, I liked him a lot
an earthquake is like a dog shaking its flees;
the flees fall but the Earth doesn't care
It is not aware of us
If there is a meteorologic event or a telluric event, we are of no importance to it
There is a kind of neo-superstition or neo-mysticism
Before there was god, the punishments of god
Now god isn't as popular anymore, luckily
So people talk about Gaia, ecology
they need something supernatural
to explain all the drama they have lived
or that the media make them believe will happen soon
the media are doing lots of money with misfortune
There are no more earthquakes now than there were in another time
But to compare with other times would not sell
We live in a period of time where natural cataclysms are not the worst
But it sells more newspapers to make people afraid
Because of the fear instilled in the population, a new-mysticism is growing
which will make people admire a new god that would be the Earth or Nature
It is not a god, these are natural events
And we shape our environment with our civilization and it is sure that it influences it
We are poisoning the Pacific ocean
That will change things for sure
It is certain but it has nothing to do with an angry god
If there is no more fish to eat in the Pacific ocean and soon in the others as they communicate
the ocean doesn't care
The earth doesn't have a consciousness
But we cannot eat fish anymore and that's annoying
We create what we breath and drink and we keep drinking and breathing it, it is a pity
But this is not a divine punishment
or the punishment of a supernatural entity which would surround us
This is what I don't like in these trends
Based on fear, a new mysticism develops
and it has always been that way
Instead of using their consciousness, these people based their belief on fear.
The message that I bring is a message of hope
A message which states that Humanity is able to build a golden age
We can transform this planet into a paradise
and Paradism will help that
So I am very optimistic
unlike the other groups or new religions based on fear,
my message is based on hope
Through a world revolution, a world government
we already have a website for that, a virtual government on Internet
where all the people, whether they are Raelians, or not, it isn't important,
they can be Buddhist, atheist, anything they want
unite to tell the politicians and the powers 'we have enough'
enough with money, enough with pollution
We are able to build something else
and this is full of hope, but it doesn't sell
If a newspaper full of good news sits in a kiosk next to a newspaper talking about the end of the world in 2012
Everybody will buy the end of the world, it's a pity
We need to educate the populations to take responsibility
and not base their thoughts and ideology on fear.
It is a huge job
All media do the opposite work
with the books, the movies, everything
Even in politics
The two main parties that have monopolized power for years say the same thing
and base everything on fear
Half of the military budget of the planet is in the US
When the Chinese people increase their budget by 10%,
while their budget represents 10% of the American budget and they are 1/4 of the world population
If they increase by 10%, they will represent 11% of the US military budget
Then the Americans say that there is a big danger
that they need to protect themselves
They represent half of the world military budget and nobody talks about it
There is a candidate in the US whom I like a lot, who is Ron Paul
He says 'we have to stop, we have 180 military bases'
They don't have the means anymore anyway
There is a collapse of America coming
I like Asia a lot
It will be the new geo-political, financial and cultural center of the world
Luckily in China
I find it fantastic
China will ally with Japan and India, with some difficulties linked to the past
This will be half of Humanity of ex-colonized countries
Let's hope that they will not impose the same suffering on the Western world similar to the one they suffered from
It would be a justified retaliation
But I hope they will have the Asian wisdom
to say 'they colonized us, exploited us, martyred us, we will respect them and help this new third world
Last week, 5 days ago precisely, I saw that in Detroit,
you can find very beautiful houses with 3, 4, 5 bedrooms for sale between $500 and $2,500
The houses had 5,000 m2 land around, magnificent
In Abidjan, one cannot find a house at this price
In Ouagadougou, one cannot find that either
In Burkina Faso where we have many members, there are no house available at $2,500
It means that America is becoming a real third world
because of what they spend for the army
they have military bases everywhere
But at one point there won't have money anymore
And everything will shift
and I believe that Asia becoming the new center will be beneficial
Because there is a wisdom in Asia that has never existed in the West
I don't know why as a matter of fact
The eastern philosophers like Lao Tseu who is the greatest for me
and even Confucius and Buddha
they are quite different from the western philosophies based mainly on the Judeo-Christianity
with its suffering, the slaves, it is horrible
I am full of hope with this shift, I think it is very good
If suddenly the great Asian values could spread
Reversing christianization into a buddhization of the world
It is so much more beneficial than the christianization