IOIO MIDI Keyboard Demonstration.

Uploaded by a3h on 08.01.2013

I'd like to demonstrate my project
It's an application for Android that works as a MIDI control surface
The control surface is velocity sensitive and uses
Androids accelerometer to determine
the velocity. It also uses motionEvents to determine
modulation parameters such as Pitch Bend and Mod wheel
The application communicates via USB
to the micro controller and from the micro controller
out from a MIDI port to the synthesizers' MIDI port
welcome to my studio!
I've connected my control surface
via a USB cable to
my micro controller
I have connected it further to my blue Ultranova
and via the Thru port
connected it to my Fatman that sits over here
I can now play the keyboard
Pitch bend (x-axis)
... and on the y-axis I have set it to mod wheel
which in turn controls cutoff frequency
and so, via my menu
change what CC message that is transmitted
(CC set to 16, hardness of OSC1)
I can also transpose via the menu
I can also change the MIDI channel!
That's the Fatman singing
(X-gesture set to wave form selection)
(useful for those bluesy chords)
(as well for some more harsh sounds ;)