AutoCAD Design Suite 2013 - Showcase

Uploaded by AutodeskCHS on 12.09.2012

Autodesk Showcase is a real time 3D presentation and rendering software
that helps you more quickly and easily transform your AutoCAD models
into amazing visuals, movies and real time presentations. Let's see how you can
easily transform your AutoCAD design into an immersive presentation you can use
for design reviews and convincing sales pitches.
First step, in AutoCAD click on the "A" icon, select Design Suite Workflows and
choose one of the Showcase options.
Next, Showcase automatically creates the rendered scene from your AutoCAD design
complete with materials
and cameras.
Showcase's many preserved environments for you to choose from
the application takes into account how the materials applied your model
should behave in various light situations.
But you can also refine your model but changing materials.
Showcase supports the Autodesk material library
so the materials that were applied in AutoCAD software are preserved.
And look we've just created a really compelling professional image of the original
3D model in minutes.
You can walk around your scene or orbit in real time as if you're in a video game.
The option to switch between stylistic and near photo realistic views on the fly
help stakeholders focus on the important design details.
You can also validate your design in real time and explore design variations
dynamically with stakeholders which helps accelerate the feedback loop
and reduce the need for a long rendering times.
You can also create your own store renderings or movies.
Creating an animated shot is as simple as choosing a start point
and an endpoint.
Last you can assemble the alternatives in shots you just created into
a story board that is ready to play.
With Autodesk 360 cloud services you can even publish your Showcase scenes
for viewing on web and mobile devices.
Every design has a story to tell and Autodesk 360 software helps tell
that story more efficiently.