Rainer Werner Fassbinder "Faustrecht Der Freiheit" / "Fox And His Friends"

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Not 100 marks, not 50 marks, not even 10 marks...
No, ladies and gentlemen, just 2.50 marks.
Not a penny more!
That's all you need to pay...
for something you won't find anywhere else.
Walk up, folks!
Step this way! Walk up, folks!
Come right in!
Step this way!
The show is about to begin.
Don't be shy!
Step this way, folks!
Thank you!
Come along!
No need to be afraid!
And now I'll give you a brief description...
of tonight's program.
The show opens with Madame Chérie.
Madame Chérie from Paris!
Our radiant Venus.
Before your very eyes, on the open stage...
just a few feet away from you...
Madame will appear...
in the brilliant colors of 1001 nights.
A remarkable spectacle!
And in the second part...
especially for the gentlemen: Madame Antoinette!
She'll perform a stunning striptease...
that will make your eyes pop out.
But that's not all.
One sensation follows another...
each of which alone is worth the cost of admission.
Isabell, for instance, the girl in cellophane.
Here she is, ladies and gentlemen.
Her act begins...
with a fantastic dance.
And her number ends...
when the last veil falls from her body...
and she stands on the stage as you would maybe like to see her.
And at the close of every performance...
as the crowning number, we bring you a sensation...
at no extra cost.
A unique experience, believe it or not:
Fox, the Speaking Head.
A man like you and me but with his head severed from his body.
You won't believe it, but see it with your own eyes!
He'll introduce himself, tell you when and where he was born.
But not only that, everyone who enters this theater...
has the right to question Fox.
He will answer all your questions.
A surgical miracle!
An abnormality on the itinerant stage!
Look! Your friend, Commissioner Braun.
And now, ladies and gentlemen...
for the greatest sensation of all.
Here, unannounced, the sensation of all sensations!
Real life enters the world of the poor artistes.
See, hear, and marvel!
The man now stepping onto the stage...
is my friend, Police Commissioner Braun!
And what is he holding in his hand?
Yes, you guessed correctly: A warrant for my arrest.
Or am I mistaken?
You're not mistaken at all.
OK, everyone, get dressed.
I have to close this joint and seal it up.
So move it!
You haven't forgotten your French upbringing, surely...
Madame Chérie from Paris?
You've grown fast!
Don't worry.
It'll all work out somehow.
I'll get 3 years at most.
I'm going now.
Take the cash box and seal the place up.
OK, chief.
Come on.
Move it.
Anything wrong?
No. They've confiscated the money, that's all.
Not a cent for us.
That's fate.
Any plans for where to go?
Where should I go?
Home? To Paris?
Oh, Paula!
What do you want?
Ah, nothing.
It's just that I'm going to win the lottery...
and I wondered whether you'd like to go in with me.
No, thanks.
You've been going to win as long as I've known you.
OK, that's enough!
Break it up!
My God!
Say, could you lend me 20 marks, chief?
Sure, my boy.
How would you like it: In coins or notes?
It was worth a try. I was just asking.
Trying your luck again?
Yeah, same as every week.
But with one difference.
This is my lucky week.
What would we be without hope?
Come off it! You live from it!
There's no money in it.
That's what they all say.
What are you doing?
Emptying my safe.
You should wash your feet, kid.
Give me 5 beers, granddad!
It was gone.
Do you think I'm stupid?
Why do you think I'm washing my feet?
I was wondering that myself.
Can't you leave that stuff alone?
Do I interfere in your sordid affairs?
Hey, is the clock right?
Guess so. 4:30.
You must lend me 10 marks, Hedwig!
I don't have any money at home, Franz.
Not a cent.
5 marks, Hedwig!
I have to play the lottery.
I've no time for people who spend money on lotteries.
5 marks, Hedwig!
I know I'm going to win. I just know it.
I don't have any money here!
Let me past!
Shit! Shit! Shit!
I told you there's no money here.
If mom were still alive...
Well, she ain't! Cheers!
If you don't have a room or anything, Franz...
you can always sleep here.
Nothing occurs to me, either.
Are you from Munich?
More or less.
Do you have a quiet place?
My bungalow's being renovated.
So much for that.
And you?
I'm a big boy, too.
How time flies!
...said the old man and forgot to breathe...
How sad.
Depends how you look at it.
How do you like it?
A back that's nice can entice.
A belly's swell, as well.
I see.
Reversible use, eh?
Yeah. So that it'll be a real hunk.
Where are we going?
Feldafing? Whistling pigs! That's too far for me.
I must hand in my lottery coupon by 6:30.
I'm going to win this week.
And I thought: At last, a no-nonsense guy!
That's the ball game.
You wouldn't care to lend me 10 marks?
Not particularly.
I thought as much.
Stop here a moment!
Wait till I'm inside, then blow the horn 3 times.
Then 3 times again.
Sounds through the room, Sweet melody...
Ah, why is all a reverie...
Can I help you, sir?
It's my sister's birthday.
I'd like to order 30 red roses and 30 sprigs of white lilac.
30 red roses and 30 sprigs of white lilac.
A beautiful bouquet, sir!
Damn it! He needs small change.
Lend me 10 marks, will you?
Uncle Max wants to buy chocolates.
Would that be possible?
I'm coming!
Quick, before he gets too impatient!
Let's go!
Well, now you're a confidence trickster, Uncle Max.
How did you know my name's Max?
What? You're really called Max?
- Yes. - Cool!
Hold it! It's 6:25.
I have to find a lottery booth. Step on it!
Shit! When you need something, it's hopeless.
- 6:30 already! - No! Shit! Shit!
What a stroke of luck!
Not now, my boy!
It's past closing time.
It won't take long.
Buy yourself something to eat! You'd be better off with it.
Be human! Please!
Do him the favor, madam, or he won't survive it.
Did you say "madam"?
No one's called me that since 1953.
OK, anything for a quiet life.
- Give it to me! - Yes. Best of 10.
Pretty smart for your age!
You're not getting any younger.
Sorry, didn't mean to offend you.
OK. Here's your coupon and 5 marks.
I'll send you flowers, red roses and white lilacs...
next week when I collect the money.
Can't you put on a record?
No normal person can stand that jingling.
The people you associate with, my dear!
Very strange.
Don't worry about him.
The boy's OK.
Tastes differ, thank God!
How true.
How are things with Max?
He's forgotten me.
One affair after another with one guy after another.
He lets me be near him, that's all.
Where did you dig him up?
In a public john?
Don't be so indecent, darling!
Why not?
I've the best experience with johns.
But the stench, old girl!
And what types!
This type, for instance.
Two weeks ago, he won 500,000 marks...
in the lottery.
500,000 what?
Marks, my dear.
Half a million!
Even so, I'd rather work for my money.
None of us would say no to it.
These extremes always!
And what does he do? For a living, I mean?
He used to work at a fairground...
as "Fox, the Speaking Head".
No! How funny!
"Fox, the Speaking..."
I don't believe it!
And does he have something in his pants?
Enough for me.
Will you dance with me?
- Me? - Yeah, or do I have a squint?
Some people squint without really having a squint.
I don't understand a word, darling.
Have you taught him how to be rich with dignity?
He's not the sort of guy whom money makes rich.
You can't buy manners with money, either.
No one ever stilled his hunger with manners, my dear.
He knows what he's doing. He takes care of his money.
He's a quiet guy. He may not know much, but...
there's such a thing as natural intelligence.
Yes. It takes all kinds in this world.
I must be leaving now, my dears.
So soon?
It's after 7:00.
What! Is it, really?
Can you give me a lift, Alwine? To Gärtnerplatz?
- Sure. - Ciao!
It was delightful.
- Ciao! - Bye, all!
Ciao! Take care!
I'll see you out.
I must be going, too.
I have to visit my mother.
Yes, darling.
Will you come to breakfast?
Around 10:30? OK?
OK. Ciao.
Thanks. I know my way out. Have fun!
I'll come with you.
Oh, thanks.
Do you have a car here?
Then I'll have to take you back to town...
if only for the sake of politeness.
Won't I?
Have you two been enjoying yourselves?
I think you suck.
Oh, yes?
Yeah, pretty much so.
And you?
Do you wash occasionally?
Some people wash themselves. Others are clean.
And there are others who stink, although they're clean.
That's as it should be.
Because there are others who are turned on by a bit of smell.
Don't look at me!
Yeah, I know. You're into "Brute for men".
"Brut," darling, "brut".
Watch so you don't wet yourself, you smart ass!
If you want to get out here...
No. I'm beginning to feel at ease in your presence, madam.
Ever get it on with Uncle Max?
No pain, no gain, old girl.
It remains to be seen which of us is the "girl".
Exactly as I imagined it.
- What? - Your apartment, my dear.
Since when am I your "dear"?
Since I say so. Where's the bedroom?
I want to check out the mattress.
In there.
Not with your shoes on! The cover's hard to clean.
Oh, sorry!
I forgot.
- Cheers! - Cheers!
It's really because of the cleaning.
Yeah. Do you snore?
- Pardon? - You never know.
It happens in the best families, I'm told.
Have you grown roots?
- Why? - Because you won't sit down.
Make me another one, will you?
By the way, if something stinks, it's me.
I've taken my shoes off.
They're new, you know.
Still too tight for comfort.
Maybe your pants are too tight, as well.
Well, to be quite honest...
Do you always throw your things around?
Some people have order in the cupboard.
Others have order in their heads.
You don't say.
Shall I wash myself, or do you want me in the raw?
Well, then, cheers!
Who's that?
My father.
Not bad!
Wouldn't mind him, either.
Dad! He's not my dad, you fool! He's just another guy to me.
I can introduce you to him, though I don't believe...
Everyone's to be had.
Your bed's too soft, my dear.
Keeping me on tenterhooks?
I'm tidying up your things first.
Stupid bitch.
Do you know the story...
of the man in California whose car broke down on the highway?
He waved and waved, but no one stopped.
And after 9 hours, he shot himself.
So, come on now!
That was the doorbell.
Yes, the doorbell.
I'm not deaf.
Wasn't that the doorbell?
Yes, it was. What's the time?
25 to 11.
Exactly! 10:35.
Typical! It's always the same!
Would you mind going into the bathroom for 10 minutes?
I beg your pardon?
Hiding yourself.
No comprendes?
The bathroom, hiding?
If you say so.
And lock the door!
Philip, my darling!
Oh, my head! This eternal migraine, you know?
Only too well. We wanted to have breakfast together.
I could throw up at the thought of eating.
I'm intruding?
You're not alone?
Not alone?
Me? With my migraine?
And what's this?
Oh, that.
A pair of trousers, darling.
And to whom do they belong?
To you?
Since when do you frequent public urinals?
What do you mean?
That's what the trousers smell of.
Oh, stop it! Just a little infidelity.
How little?
20 centimeters?
Or 18?
Or even smaller?
You're being distasteful.
I'm not being distasteful. I'm being thorough.
It's a matter of interest, after all.
I haven't measured it, but it's enough.
Yes, that's enough!
Darling, what's the matter?
I feel insulted.
Oh, him!
I thought as much.
Yuck! And in my bathrobe!
OK, give him his bathrobe, Franz!
No, thanks.
He can keep it.
Here! If you want...
No, no.
Well, quite nice!
Have fun!
Philip, wait!
Wait a moment!
I'll explain it all later.
Oh, yes?
Yes, later.
You can't do that, Dad!
It's not just a matter of firing a few workers.
The company's reputation is at stake.
The tradition...
What's going on here? Back to work!
Eugen, tradition or no tradition...
I have no choice but to file for bankruptcy.
I can't go on, and I don't want to.
I won't be responsible...
for plunging the company into debt...
so that bankruptcy proceedings can't be opened...
for lack of assets.
If I were to...
But I'd have to have a completely free hand.
No problem.
I'd be happy to sign the company over to you...
if you see a way out.
If you can come up with something...
I'll give it a try.
I have an idea.
He's a real good catch: A young manager type.
Someone who wants nothing from me.
He has enough himself.
A wonderful romance:
The entrepreneur and the lottery queen!
It's just that he's a bit posh and prissy.
Steer clear, Franz!
You'll draw the shorter straw.
You're wrong.
Mine's longer.
I said: You'll draw the shorter straw, not yours is shorter.
Right. You said he'd draw the shorter one.
I heard you say it.
Bullshit! You're just envious.
You can say that again...
but envious of the half million, not your prissy entrepreneur.
Why "prissy"?
That's what you said: "Posh and prissy."
You did.
Didn't he?
That's what you said: "Posh and prissy."
Yeah, he is.
You're probably right.
It's not really my thing.
A young entrepreneur like that, posh and...
Good evening! I thought...
You said you might be in this dive.
I felt such a longing.
Like a drink?
- What, here? - Yeah.
No, thanks.
I thought we'd go out to eat.
See you another time.
8.50 marks.
Here. Keep the change.
Probably not plush enough here.
What did you say?
Your new friend's posh and...?
I don't know.
That's what you said.
- Good evening, sirs! - Good evening!
Shall we sit here?
I prefer to sit in the corner.
That's juvenile! We'll sit here.
Thank you.
We'll drink wine. A Châteauneuf-du-Pape?
- Yes, sir. - I'd prefer a beer.
Very well.
A pilsner and a half bottle of wine for me.
We still have to choose what to eat.
What would you like?
You know, l...
I understand. Poor boy!
Everything's in French.
You'll learn it in time.
How about turtle soup?
Turtle soup?
I'd rather have noodle soup.
Very well, a consommé with noodles.
Then maybe a rôti de veau avec asperges et petits pois...
or un épaule de mouton aux haricots verts...
avec des pommes de terre sautées.
Yeah, the second.
Shoulder of mutton, beans and potatoes?
- Excuse me! - That's OK, sir.
And for dessert...
maybe a...
compote de poires...
or a peach Melba?
- Do you have that? - Yes, sir.
Is that OK?
I'll take a language course if we eat out more often.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
Things like that don't bother me.
I know I'm dumb.
- But... - Sure I am.
In some things, I'm dumb.
Did you collect June bugs when you were young?
What makes you think of June bugs?
Don't know. It just occurred to me.
I used to collect them.
I'd put them in cigar boxes with a lettuce leaf.
Recently, I met someone who told me...
you could get money for them from the city council.
I had no idea.
Oh, come on! We all did that: 10 pence each.
Everyone knows that.
Say, can you do this?
- Stop fooling around! - I can do it with both hands.
Stop it! People are looking.
What a charming family reunion!
Everything OKwith the company?
Yes, we're consolidating.
By the way, I've acquired a wonderful icon.
I haven't put it on sale yet.
- Come by sometime. - I will.
We don't want to disturb you.
We'll sit over there.
See you later.
Come on. Sit down.
Can you understand it...
Eugen and that monster?
Sure I can.
Of course I understand it.
There are some things, my boy...
that are beyond your comprehension.
I beg your pardon?
You see?
I just can't believe it.
Like some toast?
Two, with scrambled eggs and bacon.
Toast, eggs, and bacon.
I could open a café.
- What was that? - Oh, nothing.
I thought you were still in bed.
I am.
But you don't come.
You want to again?
I'm a proletarian, and they're more potent.
Oh, that old myth was invented to brand...
the working classes as brainless.
Nothing but boozing, scoffing, and screwing in mind.
- Well what? - Is it true?
I've too little experience with workers, you know.
Come on now!
We can go straight to the company.
Dad will be there.
- I'll take care of it. - OK.
May I introduce my friend?
- Mr. Biberkopf. - How do you do?
- My father. - Pleased to meet you.
I like him much better than the last one.
Yes, indeed.
- Much better than the last one. - Stop it, now!
That's right. I stop, and you start.
Mr. Biberkopf would like to look around.
I've told him so much about our company.
Let him. Call Krapp.
He should show him everything.
- Krapp! - What is it?
Show the gentleman everything.
And here you see the guillotine...
where the sheets are cut before being folded.
The capacity of these machines is...
Skip the details, Mr. Krapp!
We just want an overall impression.
Of course.
Here you see the gluing press...
and, at the back, the folding machines.
This is an enveloping machine.
The sheets are automatically inserted in envelopes.
Do you love me?
I can just about bear it.
You drink too much, my dear.
One's not safe from you anywhere.
71 kilos.
That's too much, my dear.
How come?
71 kilos is an ideal weight. Underweight almost.
That's what you say.
As many kilos as centimeters over 100 in height.
- Really? - Yeah.
Sometimes a dope knows something, too.
I could weigh 76 kilos because I'm 1.76 meters tall.
Since when have you been a dope?
You come to realize it.
I can't do this, can't do that, can't speak French... Ah!
And where's Eugen?
Having tea with his father's business friends.
So that's what they're called now.
No, I think he's really there.
Who's that?
Another one.
I'm getting out. Like a beer in the bar?
I'll join you right away.
Since when has Eugen been so interested in the company?
He wants to play a bigger role.
- Or so he says. - Mineral water, please.
Yes, the Thiess company!
Leading bookbinders...
a reputable, long-established concern.
If one were to invest in it, there'd be a good return.
You reckon?
The order books are full.
I wouldn't hesitate to buy a share if I could.
Especially now...
when Eugen's father...
apparently has liquidity problems.
Eugen never mentioned that.
I don't know anything for sure...
but there are rumors going round.
Do you think...
Could Eugen possibly be holding things like that back from me?
He has his own head in business matters.
And this whole business isn't your problem.
Eugen has his own company...
with 60-70 employees.
Yeah, the guy's OK.
Well, well!
My little brother's moving in better circles.
Soon you won't want to know me.
Ah, that's baloney, Hedwig!
Anyway, it was nice of you to bring me a bottle.
And real French cognac!
Watch it, Hedwig!
It can affect your liver, they say.
Nonsense! My liver's OK.
Best in the world.
When is Fritz due to be released?
What does it have to do with Fritz?
It just occurred to me.
Next year in September, the fool!
He'll get preventive detention next time.
Then it's all over.
There needn't be a "next time".
You know Fritz.
You know, it's not just an infatuation with Eugen.
It's real love.
Don't let him clean you out.
He won't.
He doesn't need to, not at all.
He has enough himself.
He's not dependent on someone like me.
Why are you looking like that?
That'll be him.
That's my sister. And this is Eugen.
So you're the guy.
Well, good luck.
- Thanks. - Maybe some other time, then.
I don't have any money for food.
I'd like to withdraw DM 100,000.
In cash.
In cash?
Yeah, cash.
DM 100,000 in cash.
That's what I said: "Cash".
In cash, you said. Cash.
Yeah, in cash.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Cash, cash, cash!
If you repeat a word often enough...
you don't know what it means anymore.
Well, Dad, Mr. Biberkopf has granted the company...
a loan of DM 100,000.
In future, he'll work in the company.
Is that OKwith you?
Yes? OK.
You said something to me, my boy?
Sorry. I was lost in thought.
I said Mr. Biberkopf has granted us a loan of DM 100,000...
and will be working here in future.
Then I asked if that's OKwith you.
You're a good young guy, Fox.
That is your name, isn't it?
I shall call you Fox.
It reminds me of better times.
Do you understand me, Fox?
"Fox Newsreels."
Do you remember them?
What's that?
"Merde!" I said.
If you reach into my side pocket...
you'll find a French dictionary.
I bought it specially.
Look up what it means.
Why that?
Is it too much effort, darling?
No. It means "shit".
Oh, I see. And what's the word in French?
"Merde". Shit! You're being frivolous.
OK, what's up?
"Dear Mr. Thiess...
"Recent incidents and tenants' complaints...
"compel us to regard you as being in breach...
"of your tenancy contract...
"and to serve notice on your apartment.
"As specific grounds for serving notice...
"we cite noise disturbance...
"and the accommodation of third parties"...
that means you...
"to which our tenants react with moral indignation...
"and which we cannot tolerate, either."
- What now? - I don't know, either.
You don't have an apartment. We're both on the street.
Quite original!
Bullshit! We'll have to rent a new apartment.
We'd only be thrown out again...
at the latest after the housewarming party...
when all the heteros attack us.
Yeah, you're right.
And since you're so clever...
you've thought out what we should do.
You want a sensible investment?
And one sensible form is real estate.
We need an apartment, so the best thing...
would be to buy one.
Yeah. That's a good idea.
And I bet you know someone who has one for us.
Leave it to me.
We can probably view one today.
Anything wrong?
I love you. That's all.
It's a pile of money.
It's a bargain, my dear.
In a few years, it'll have twice the value.
I don't know much about these things, but...
We'll put a Biedermeier chest here...
and two light Biedermeier chairs.
And we'll put a bed here:
A Baroque bed if we can get one.
the stereo can go there...
and a mirror...
with a gold frame.
A Baroque commode, two armchairs.
That's all very well, but...
No "buts"!
Now I'll tell you how we'll do the living room.
A dark Chinese silk rug here...
and over there, some English leather furniture...
19th century.
And bookshelves here.
Bookshelves... for books, darling.
What books?
Books to read.
I don't need no books.
Hmm, you don't need books.
And here, the color TV.
The cocktail cabinet there...
in an antique escritoire, of course.
And heavy, brown velvet curtains...
and subdued lighting.
When you talk like that...
I can really imagine the apartment.
Do you like it?
Yeah, I like it.
I like it a lot.
We'll take it.
I don't want to talk you into buying things...
but this is a really magnificent piece.
This inlay is also beautifully worked, very fine.
But it won't go with a Chinese rug.
And what does it cost?
Precious things like that have their price, of course.
And we'll need two Chippendale candelabra.
These ones here.
Aren't they wonderful?
- Well? - Very nice, yeah.
Ah, it'll be wonderful in our new apartment!
And this tres-a-tre.
I've had my eye on it for ages.
Come and sit down with me!
What bedrooms do you have?
Biedermeier or Baroque?
But nothing gigantic.
You're in luck.
I have something very rare for two people in love.
An English bedroom. Early Georgian.
It's been promised.
You can rely on me.
Yes, I know.
Anyway, it's a great rarity: Early 18th century.
You agree?
- Yes, of course. - Put it on the bill.
And these two tigers, as well.
There! That's settled. Now we must attire you properly.
The way you run around.
I feel quite comfortable.
You have no yardstick.
You'll be properly dressed.
We want to go to the opera or theater together.
Altogether, that makes...
DM 84,500.
Say 80,000 among friends. OK?
80,000. OK.
We can go to C & A. They'll have something for me.
My dear girl, that's where the workers buy their Sunday best.
You must learn you're something better:
The friend of an entrepreneur.
You can't go around in ready-made gear...
and not from a store like that. We'll go to Philip's boutique.
Are you happy?
What is that?
For example, it's being together with people you can talk to.
- Isn't it? - Time will tell.
I have just the thing for you, too.
A blue, checked jacket...
with dark-blue pants.
I can't wait to see it. Show me.
How interesting!
Becoming respectable in your old age?
- Hello! - Hello there!
- Hello! - Looks good.
I feel peculiar in this purple shirt.
You can take it off again.
Oh, thanks. Thank you.
Show me the clothes!
They're here!
Darling, how do you like this for me?
Try it on. That sort of thing suits you.
Yes, very nice.
Then I need a cream shirt...
and something elegant.
We've got it all here.
Don't you have anything else?
Something more extravagant?
Something in velvet?
Red velvet maybe?
Why don't you come to the Black Orchid anymore?
Eugen's not so keen on going there.
Oh, has he forbidden you to go?
He can't forbid me anything.
We agreed not to.
Well, how do you like me?
Do you want it?
Then we'll buy it.
- Add it all up! - OK.
Franz will write out a check.
That's right.
Help yourself.
If you need a dessert fork...
it's on the left under your plate.
Thank you.
Well, Fox...
May I call you that?
You're one of the family now, so to speak.
I'm so glad you've granted us this loan.
He's seen the company and convinced himself...
that it's a going concern.
Do you need a handkerchief?
No, thanks. It's OK.
As you can imagine, though...
a business like this has lots of outstanding debts.
And you can imagine it's difficult...
in the present economic situation...
to convert these debts, some of them long-term...
with borrowed capital...
into cash... at least in part.
I don't know much about financial matters.
You'll find us fair partners.
We'll pay you good interest, and you'll get a fair contract.
The contract won't be any problem.
We must hurry.
Dr. Siebenkäs is expecting us at 3:00.
Your cup.
- Sugar? - Yes, please.
The sugar tongs are on the sugar bowl.
We have come here today...
to sign a loan contract between the Thiess company...
and Mr. Franz Biberkopf.
I assume that everyone present...
is familiar with the form...
of the general commercial partnership...
and I shall proceed to read the contract.
"The Thiess partnership...
"represented by the partners, Mr. Wolf Thiess...
"Mrs. Berta Thiess, and Mr. Franz Biberkopf...
"agree to the following loan contract.
"Paragraph 1: Franz Biberkopf...
"shall grant the Thiess commercial partnership a loan...
"amounting to DM 100,000...
"100,000 German marks.
"Paragraph 2:
"Interest shall be paid at an annual rate of 7 percent...
"or at the Federal Bank rate, should this exceed 7 percent.
"Paragraph 3: The loan period is two years.
"The loan may not be terminated within this period.
"Paragraph 4: As security for this loan...
"Franz Biberkopf shall be assigned...
"outstanding debts having a value of DM 100,000...
"100,000 German marks...
"which shall be recovered by the Thiess company.
"In the event of the Thiess company falling into arrears...
"Franz Biberkopf may lay claim to the recovered debts...
"up to 100% of the loan sum.
"Paragraph 5: The method of loan repayment..."
Exactly! Is there any point?
You know the contents, Mr. Biberkopf.
A contract's a contract.
People today are not as inexperienced...
in contract matters as they used to be.
In the past...
Yeah, that's OK.
But that option thing...
that I can become a partner once the debts are paid...
that's agreed?
That must be guaranteed.
That's the crux of the matter.
I can't sign a contract like this without...
what was agreed, can I?
Paragraph 19 formulates it clearly.
You can rest assured.
Here, you see?
- OK? - Yes, thanks. That's fine.
Then I would ask you to sign here, in triplicate.
What do you drink to celebrate a contract? Sekt?
One bathes in Sekt. One doesn't drink it.
Even so, I want sparkling wine. Springer!
Don't shout! I'm sensitive.
A bottle of Sekt, please.
If anything, then real champagne.
Do you have Dom Perignon?
How much?
Dom Perignon, my good man!
Ordinary sparkling wine's good enough here.
It gives me a headache.
Forget it, if that's all he has.
Tell your posh, prissy girlfriend
to try another estaminette.
Tell your fat, ignorant girlfriend it's "estaminet"...
not "estaminette". If you use foreign words...
Stop it! I want to enjoy myself.
Who's that?
Your predecessor, madam.
When did they let you out?
This morning, on parole.
That's Eugen, and this is Klaus.
- Like a glass of bubbly? - Sekt?
- Yeah. - Always.
We're celebrating a contract we've signed.
You're signing contracts?
Hi, Springer!
Hello, Klaus!
What deal have you made?
Our business partnership and so on.
Great! "Fox, the Speaking Head" in a business partnership!
I won the lottery: Half a million!
Don't worry. I can tell him.
He's an old friend.
I've no secrets from him.
What's up?
You're so quiet the whole time.
Me? Quiet?
Yeah. Anything wrong?
What should be wrong?
Maybe it doesn't suit you that I want to lend Klaus money.
Why shouldn't it suit me?
It's your money. Do as you like with it.
He'll pay it back. He's OK.
He's just out of jail.
There's a difference between cheating with tax...
and fleecing a friend.
But 30,000 is a wad of money.
Klaus can make a new start with it.
I don't want to quarrel.
Neither do I.
You're probably right.
Pretty ugly old jalopy, huh?
- But reliable. - And loud.
It'll fall apart soon.
Sometimes I feel really ashamed in this crate.
Ashamed? Why? It still runs. What else should a car do?
Make an impression, for example.
But one day...
- I have an idea! - Good heavens!
I won't let you talk me out of it.
We'll buy a new car, with stereo and all the trimmings.
Pretty expensive, your ideas.
Yeah, but they make life pleasant.
I have one in mind: A sports model, streamlined.
- You wait! - Lf you say so.
Would you mind putting slippers on?
Slippers? I'm not visiting a palace.
Why a "palace"?
Do you want to walk on precious rugs with dirty shoes?
I bought them for you.
You're lost for words, huh?
You've never seen an apartment like it!
I'm really proud of myself.
it's a bit like a museum.
What do you mean, "museum"?
It's cozy, welcoming, cultivated, homely.
- Franz! - Hmm?
The ashtray's next to the stereo.
That was one of my first records:
"Why Do You Paint Only White Angels?"
Yes, and that's a lifetime ago!
I loathe that kind of music.
I'll have to give you lessons in good music, too.
Sure, but...
somehow I like this kind of music.
It reminds me of my past life.
You were a different person then.
You have to learn, learn, learn.
Learn a bit of culture.
I know it's not easy...
but we'll make a human being out of you yet.
Well, he's not afraid of work.
Yes. He has a keen interest in the firm.
Don't be soft with him.
Everything OK?
It's OK.
- Feeling good? - Do you want a quarrel?
God forbid!
You can't complain.
Business has been booming.
I alone saved the firm, and in the nick of time.
Yes, you did.
The worst financial problems have been overcome...
and one day, Fox will be paid off.
Yes, we've pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps.
A fine achievement.
Cheers, Dad!
What must it have cost?
I'm not sure.
All of 120,000 to 150,000.
Nice if you've got it!
Well, he has.
Very nice apartment!
Very tastefully furnished!
Just hold onto it.
- No need to worry. - Careful!
But we love each other.
I sold them my finest pieces...
and they're set off to advantage.
Eugen knows how to create the right effect.
You have to admit it.
Yes, and the thought that one may live here oneself someday.
Who knows?
Thank you.
None of you here likes women, eh?
Boys, you're missing out!
Believe me, you're missing a lot.
Come on! Drink something, my dear!
Try it!
You loser!
You're all losers!
A bunch of wimps!
Your vulgar, boozed sister is ruining the party.
Let her! You don't have to listen to her.
Well, yes, but...
She just wants to cause a scene.
She's offending our friends.
A brilliant idea of yours to invite her!
Don't be so uptight.
She's drunk.
And she knows why she boozes.
How right you are!
Excuse me!
May I? Cheers!
Behave yourself, you stupid woman!
You and your awful relatives have no face to lose.
I'll bring her to her senses.
My lovely young man...
please don't maul me!
Calm down!
You're swine, all of you...
and your respectable asses are all steaming.
Can't you smell it? No?
Well, I can.
It stinks to high heaven.
And God, dressed up as Marlene Dietrich...
holds his nose.
I think we'd better be going.
I think so, too.
It was a lovely evening.
Really lovely.
I'm so sorry this had to happen.
She's had too much to drink.
Things like that can happen at a party.
I do apologize.
Bye, Franz!
A fine mess!
What a pleb!
Darling, she's my sister.
Do you hear? My sister.
And this is my apartment with my furniture.
And my sister can do as she likes here...
because I prefer my sister any day to your friends.
Don't get so upset, Franz!
I didn't mean it like that.
I'm just so edgy lately.
We're both so edgy.
We're going through a crisis.
It's the strain we've been under these past 6 months.
Sometimes I feel I'm just overworked.
But now that things are running smoothly again...
we could take it little easier.
That would help our relationship.
Eugen, l...
I have an idea, you know?
No, I don't know.
Well, I do.
Do you know what we'll do?
We'll go on vacation.
Just go off to wherever we feel like.
Yes. That's a good idea.
I love you.
Haven't seen you for ages.
Loads of work, you know.
And is this a new friend?
Or do I know him?
No. I've never been here before.
Doesn't matter.
Every vice has to begin sometime.
Where do you want to go?
No idea. Eugen takes care of that.
- Well, we... - Ah, I understand.
A honeymoon?
Peace and seclusion, and...
Peace and seclusion? We've been together six months.
Oh, I see. You might have told me!
Where should it be, then?
Or maybe a strapping Arab?
An Arab! Wouldn't that be fun?
An Arab? I'm not sure.
Leave it to me. I know the ropes.
- How about Morocco? - Morocco?
Where's that?
In Arabia, my dear.
Can you speak Moroccan?
Fool! They speak French, and so can I.
- Yeah, he can. - Morocco, then?
That was always my dream. Where's the best place?
Fatty Schmidt returned from there last week.
You know, the florist at Max-Weber-Platz.
It must be incredible.
And we have an excellent hotel under contract in Marrakesh.
How far is the hotel from the sea?
Marrakesh isn't on the sea, my dear.
But there's a wonderful swimming pool.
Our friend's education isn't what it might be, Olga.
- Can you cruise there? - Depends on the guys.
I guess so if they don't look too forbidding.
Well? Make up your mind. It sounds quite good.
Sure. It sounds quite good.
OK. Three weeks for two. How much?
I'll calculate it. Regular flight?
Regular flight?
- A Neckermann package tour. - Neckermann?
Sure. It's much cheaper.
OK. You're paying.
This is the Meeting Place of the Dead.
Why is it called that?
How should I know?
Why are you called Franz Biberkopf?
Idiot! Where did you get it from?
It's in the guidebook.
Sounds much better in English...
like everything else.
Did you see him?
- Who? - Him there.
Do you fancy him?
He's a strapping guy.
He's decently dressed at least.
Well, what shall we do?
- I don't know. - We don't know the ropes here.
They'll be the same as everywhere else.
He's going away.
Could we take him into the hotel?
- It's expensive enough. - Let's invite him to dinner.
What do you say?
You usually don't care what I say.
Do we want to quarrel?
Who's quarrelling? Me?
We'll take a taxi.
If he follows us, fine. If he doesn't, too bad.
- OK? - OK.
- Is he coming? - I think so.
- Where do you want to go? - Somewhere to eat.
To the restaurant!
Are you French?
Me German. Germany.
- You are German? - Yeah.
No. But he can.
A little.
We want to eat.
Do you know a good restaurant?
Yes. I've told the coachman.
- Thanks. - I thank you.
Can we take him into the hotel?
Ask him yourself!
You're always so proud you speak French.
You're jealous, my dear. That's all.
Probably you're jealous...
otherwise it wouldn't have occurred to you.
Why should I be jealous?
- Why should I be? - You started it.
- That's not true. I just... - You're always "just"...
and I'm the fool.
That'll be the day: When you're the fool!
There you go again!
We don't have to sleep with him. I don't want to now.
Suddenly you don't want to. Typical!
Of course you're jealous.
You'd like me to be.
Is it possible for you to come with us into the hotel?
Sometimes it is, sometimes not.
What did he say?
It's possible sometimes.
Do you think he's well hung?
Am I clairvoyant?
Must I ask him that, too?
Do you want to buy a pig in a poke?
And afterwards I'll be to blame.
When have I ever said you're to blame?
You have the gift of the gab and can always make me look small.
Why are we quarreling over a camel-driver?
What name you?
You good? With prick? Here?
Are you any wiser now?
I've yet to meet a guy who admits to a small prick...
An idiocy!
- You're from Marrakesh? - From Marrakesh now.
My father's from Tisnit. Understand?
Judging by his nose and hands, he must be well hung.
Marry him if you like! I don't mind.
What an idiot you are!
If I pay now...
he'll see all our money.
- Should I send him to the john? - What should I do?
Just pay! If he mugs us, it's our own fault.
I'm going to the men's room.
- Does he mean us? - Is your name "Hey"?
Sorry. Arabs are not allowed in this hotel.
We just want to have a drink with our friend.
Fine, but not in this hotel, I'm afraid.
What's he saying?
He's not allowed in our room. My God, how embarrassing!
"Embarrassing"? We're paying, after all.
And you?
You're also an Arab.
This is Morocco.
Why can't a Moroccan come in here?
Tell him we can meet in a different hotel or somewhere.
That's no use now.
We can meet at 8:00 tonight at the bazaar.
We'll be there.
What did he say?
We should meet at 8:00. We're not going, are we?
No idea.
If you want boys, I can send someone from the staff.
But you must have seen it coming last week.
Sure. I've spoken with Dr. Küsters.
Stop crying!
I've spoken with him.
You can't tell me anything else.
Hello, Dad!
Anything new?
We had a heavenly time.
Now you come, when it's too late!
- What's up? - Euro-Textil stopped payment...
after I sent them 800,000 brochures last week.
And probably no bankruptcy proceedings.
Not that it would help us.
How much does Euro-Textil owe us?
187,000. 187,000 marks!
And the bank?
I spoke with the manager before we left.
That's no problem.
A stroke of bad luck. The bank must see that.
It refuses all credit.
It has wind of the Euro-Textil affair.
Today's Wednesday. On Friday, the wages are due...
DM 41,218.70 altogether!
And I have exactly 3,954.30 cash in hand.
Stop blubbering!
All because you had to go on vacation!
When did I last go on vacation?
- Dad, I beg you... - Don't worry!
- I'll just have to... - No way!
You've done enough.
You can't bail us out again.
It wouldn't be proper.
Proper or not, you idiot, we have to save the company.
That's in everyone's interest. Anyway...
I don't have much more.
We wouldn't need cash.
Our reputation isn't that bad.
They want some form of collateral.
But we don't have anything to offer.
We need something creditworthy for the bank.
- What about... - Yes?
The apartment?
If I made over the apartment to you, just pro forma...
the bank would have to...
If you did that, I'd never forget it.
- That would be a solution. - Exactly.
That's another hurdle cleared. I'll phone our lawyer.
Strange you didn't buy me an opera ticket.
We do everything else together.
But, darling, you don't understand anything about opera.
You'd be bored to death.
It's in Italian anyway.
- Oh, I see. - Exactly.
Would you open the door?
- You're not coming with us? - Eugen says I'm too stupid.
I did not say you're too stupid. I said you'd be bored.
- You're ready? - I'm a girl for punctuality.
- Like a drink? - I never say no.
Here's to an enjoyable evening!
OK. Come on now! Time's getting short.
Bye, dear! Have a pleasant evening!
I've never been so happy in my life.
I never dreamed I could be so happy.
I still can't believe I've met someone like him.
The things Eugen does for me!
One day, I'll be co-owner of a company...
with my own apartment, a good salary.
I'd never have come so far on my own.
Culturally, too...
He bought old furniture for me that increases in value.
He knows all the periods.
He can tell at once what a piece is and how old it is.
Now he's installing a library for us.
Is he? Anything else?
He's good-looking...
and knows how to dress properly.
And he's always there for me.
Oh, you've got problems.
- Why didn't you say so? - Why problems?
Why do you say we have problems? Why?
Don't shout!
Roses! Would the gentleman like a rose?
- No! - What's wrong, my dear boy?
I know you. You're the one...
Yeah, that's me.
And now leave me in peace! All of you!
You haven't paid!
Let him go! He'll be back.
500 marks?
But it was only 10.
I love you.
I love you, Eugen.
I need you so much.
I'm nothing without you.
Don't leave me alone!
I feel so lonely without you.
First, I don't like sleeping with drunks.
Second, it's terribly late, and I must get up early to work.
So must you.
Third, we must stop sleeping with each other every day.
And lastly, we're not newlyweds anymore.
Yeah, you're right.
Some people are always right.
- Now it's happened! - What's happened?
I always said it wouldn't work.
What's the matter?
I'm not taking responsibility for it.
No one's going to pin that on me.
Biberkopf set the cutting machine, and he didn't tell me.
He put all 40,000 copies through. All 40,000!
Look! It's a disaster!
Are they all like that?
All of them. Completely ruined.
Call him in here!
That's all we needed!
Your friends!
Have you seen what you've done? Look!
Sure I've seen it, but it was too late.
They'd all been cut. Sorry, I can't help it.
I wasn't trained as a bookbinder.
I don't know how it happened. It's too much for me.
You realize what this means?
Dad! We all make mistakes! It's only human!
We have to learn to live with our mistakes.
No one's perfect.
Let's see how we can sort it out.
- Are they all spoiled? - Yes, all of them.
Can't we recut some?
No, the height's wrong, as well.
OK. I'll have to phone the printers. You can go.
How can you take it so calmly, Eugen?
Do you realize what this means? We're ruined!
This is really the end.
It'll cost us more than 150,000 marks.
Dad, your memory's failing you.
Have you forgotten the insurance we took out?
I hope you like it.
There's cream of lobster soup...
and poached trout à la Basque.
We like everything you cook, my boy.
One can't really call it "cooking".
Just a few tidbits.
And, in good family tradition, a Châteauneuf-du-Pape.
You didn't miss anything the other evening.
That wasn't music. It was noise.
It's the same with all these modern composers.
What did you see?
- The Firebird? - Yes, unfortunately.
Terrible, and so loud!
No, give me Mozart any day!
Or do you like Stravinsky?
Strav... how much?
No, mother.
Fox can't stand modern music, either.
Who says I don't?
Ouch! What's up?
I didn't mean to.
Behave yourself!
Don't break bread in your soup.
Next week, though, we can expect a stage sensation.
Oh, yes. Strehler's Lear, you mean?
I'm sure it'll be superb.
It's the sensation!
I've ordered three tickets for us.
That's wonderful of you.
I'm so looking forward to it.
So you should, Mother.
No, the white wine goes with the trout.
It's an Alsatian Edelzwicker.
One thing you have to admit, our boy has taste.
Yeah, he has taste.
Stretch out a finger.
No fear!
I don't bite.
Go on, do him the favor.
Now say, "Brrrrr..."
Biberkopf here.
A grilled sausage, please.
One mark eighty, please.
Do you fancy a fuck?
You don't understand.
You two with me.
You with me, huh?
Can one see it?
- Let me have another one! - He's completely nuts.
Our lady friend there...
the one whose joy's so great.
So great that he can't bear it anymore.
- Hello, darling! - Hi!
How are things today?
Leave me alone!
Now, now!
Just consider it: How about the two of us?
- All fun and no regrets. - Wrong!
When I have fun, I want to have regrets.
You're a queer bird.
But I have a soft spot for men.
The uglier they are...
He hit me...
in the face!
Listen to me, Fox!
Do as you like here.
Give a guy the cold shoulder, but in a civilized way.
If you think you can throw your weight around, out you go!
What's the matter?
It's OK.
Hi, my dears! My name's Ingrid.
I'm supposed to perform here for you, right?
How often do I have to tell you...
not to switch the big light on when you come home late?
You behaved so badly with my parents...
I wanted to crawl under the carpet.
Be quiet! I have to tell you something.
I think I'm ill.
Driving the car today, I nearly blacked out.
And at Springer's, I thought I was going to die.
Suddenly I had terrible chest pains.
I've never had them before.
And afterwards, I was so... frightened.
Where else but at Springer's?
But if you're ill, see a doctor. I'm not one.
It's probably just hysteria. And now let me sleep, please.
I can put your mind at rest.
Organically speaking, you're healthy.
Take a seat, please.
Have you been upset a lot recently?
Been under stress?
That has led to a disorder of the autonomic nervous system.
It's a very common ailment nowadays.
There's no real cure for it.
What you need is rest.
But I'll prescribe something...
to keep the condition under control.
Depending on how you feel, take a tablet mornings and evenings.
But not more than two a day.
Sorry I'm so late.
I had to wait at the doctor's.
- At the doctor's? - You don't have to apologize.
You can come and go as you like.
As I like? I don't understand.
Well, hurry up now. Krapp's waiting for you.
What you want to say to me...
doesn't interest me in the least.
- Shall we have a drink? - No.
Are you depressed?
I don't know. I'm thinking.
- Oh! - Yeah.
There you are, you see. One shouldn't overdo it.
It's not the right moment for jokes.
Does my dumbo have a real problem?
Yeah. For me, it is a real problem.
My God, you're so smart!
Sometimes I could sock you in the face!
Getting aggressive in your old age!
Don't worry. I won't hurt you.
You don't want a drink?
No! And when I say no, I mean no.
Come on! Out with it!
OK. I'll tell you.
I can't take any more, Eugen. I want to end our relationship.
It's all over.
How interesting!
It's easy to be sarcastic.
But for me, it's not so funny.
I tried so hard to do everything right.
I made such an effort.
But it's not my world.
It just isn't.
But you were happy...
time and again.
Yeah, yeah! At first, it was fun.
And you impressed me.
I thought I loved you. But you felt ashamed.
- But... - You were ashamed of me.
And your friends despised me.
Let them think what they like! It all depends on us.
Yeah, it depends on us.
But everything's changed. You've changed.
Sometimes I think you're not interested in me at all.
Every relationship falls victim to circumstances...
routine, work, habit.
But if you think we should break up, that's up to you.
The human mind's a realm of its own.
There are a few matters to discuss, though.
I shall keep the apartment.
- The apartment? - Yes, the apartment.
As compensation for the brochures you miscut.
150,000 marks in damages: A tidy sum.
- But... - No buts!
I bore the damages, as you know.
It's only fair and just.
The apartment's in my name anyway.
So that's how it is!
I should have expected this.
Take it, then!
Take it!
Take everything!
I just want to be my old self again.
To be as I really am.
Simply me.
- Hello, Mr. Krapp! - Hello, Mr. Biberkopf!
- Hi! - What do you want?
To settle a few formalities with you.
What formalities?
- The repayment, Eugen. - What repayment?
The 100,000 marks, Eugen.
What 100,000 marks?
The 100,000 marks I lent you.
- It's all been repaid to you. - To me?
I haven't received a penny, as you know very well.
You were paid 5,000 marks a month, as the contract required.
I was what every month?
That was my salary, for my work.
I slaved here like a madman for two years.
Do you really believe...
I'd pay an unskilled worker 5,000 marks a month?
That was the loan repayment, dumbo.
Read the contract!
You didn't have to work here, anyway.
I always told you that.
It was purely voluntary on your part...
and I thank you on behalf of the company.
You bastards!
You've taken everything away from me.
But I'll show you!
I'll smash everything you have.
- Everything! - Stop it!
I'll smash everything!
- Throw him out! - OK.
It's OK. OK.
- Anything wrong, Dad? - Oh, no, Eugen.
You're right.
In principle, you're quite right.
Oh, Mr. Biberkopf, Mr. Thiess had a new lock fitted today.
Oh, he did?
Yes. This afternoon. Didn't you know?
Yeah, I forgot...
You're welcome.
- Good evening. - Good evening.
Oh, it's you.
What do you want here?
What do I want? To get into my apartment.
You mean Eugen's apartment.
No, it's my apartment, with my furniture, bought with my money.
It doesn't concern me.
Eugen doesn't want you to bother him.
That's all I know.
He needs his peace, absolute peace...
after all the trouble with you.
By the way, we had your personal belongings...
taken to your sister's.
- Can I help you, Mr. Biberkopf? - No.
- How did he react? - How do you think?
- He's pretty desperate. - Nonsense!
People like that are too insensitive to be desperate.
Now we must get rid of this awful furniture.
I'm beginning to have nightmares.
What a stupid bastard!
Fox, the lottery king, conned like a sucker!
You're stupid and primitive.
Yeah, I take after you.
After me, you idiot?
That would never have happened to me.
Stop it, Hedwig! I can't take anymore.
I'm done in.
By the way, you owe me money.
I paid the courier service...
that your friend used to send your things here.
He made you pay for the delivery?
- That takes the cake! - You owe me 76 marks.
76 marks!
Yeah, you'll get your 76 marks.
Here! The rest's for your trouble!
It serves you right. You're useless.
A good-for-nothing.
And you wanted to be a businessman!
All you're fit for is the fairground.
You loser!
If Mom were still alive...
What then?
What difference would it make?
Do you think Mom would diaper you...
and put you to bed with a pacifier?
It's incredible how dumb a person can be!
Leave me in peace.
Beat it, if you want your peace! Pack your things and get lost!
Come back, Franz!
I didn't mean it.
It's as good as new.
35,000 kilometers.
That's nothing.
Listen, kid, who wants a car like this today...
with the oil crisis?
Expensive gas. High taxes.
Expensive insurance, and no spare parts.
It'll be difficult to sell... if I can sell it at all.
It's a beautiful model. Something special.
There's no market. Come back next week.
Maybe we can do a deal, then.
Next week's too late.
It's now or never.
Well, for 8,000 I'd take it. I can't go higher.
It may stand around for months.
What'll I do with a car like that?
Should I drive it myself?
But the extras alone...
the radio and cassette player cost 1,000 marks.
The car's tip-top.
I must get 10,000.
When I bought it, you said, it would keep its value.
When I sell a car, it's different.
I don't buy, I sell. Understand?
Eight thousand. That's my last offer.
I can't offer more. I don't want to.
Am I a Jew? Do I look like a Jew?
OK, 8,000.
Come with me.
Shanghai, Blossoms heavy on the bough
And in the night now
Comes a woman true
Sweet as the morning dew
Lovely and fine
You were in the moonshine
Where's your lucky star, Fox?
You look so pale.
Too happy to sleep, huh?
Cut that crap!
He speaks foreign, too.
In Shanghai
I hoped my joy would last
But now it's all long past
It wasn't the right thing, after all?
You did draw the shorter straw.
But I've learned a lot for my whole life.
Shines brightly through the night
That was in Shanghai
When you smiled for me
- What about the company? - I'm out.
- And your money? - So, so.
As they say in the painting business:
"He who climbs high takes longer to fall into the paint pot."
But not much longer, either.
Hey, I know you two.
It's the guy from the hotdog place.
Springer, two beers on me!
I thought you'd learned a lot for life.
How much I pay?
He wants to know how much I pay.
I pay everything.
I always pay everything.
I have to pay everything. Always!
What's the matter with him?
I don't know. He doesn't move.
Let's turn him over!
He's all cold.
- Look! - Money!
And a gold watch!
If you can get the stuff across the border...
I have no qualms.
That's my problem. One thing I promise though...
you'll be surprised at the good condition it's in.
I'm sure we'll agree on the terms.
Maybe there's more. Take a look!
Quick! Someone's coming.
Someone's lying there.
There are drunks lying everywhere.
The state should do something. It's the same everywhere.
In Helsinki recently, there were so many drunks lying around...
even though it's hard to obtain alcohol in Finland.
But that's...
Valium 5.
He's dead.
There's nothing we can do.
Let's get out of here.
I'm not getting involved in this.
There's no helping him anymore.
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