Nyenrode Business Universiteit - KPN & StartReady Lync 2013

Uploaded by StartReadyTube on 06.12.2012

MS Lync makes it possible for me to use all communication tools from a single dashboard.
Now I have a single device from where I manage my work responsibilities.
The achievement level we aspire to at Nyenrode is ‘Best of breed’.
We were founded by captains of Industry and we work for that Industry.
They are our valued customer.
We pride ourselves on our talented students;
they earned the right to excellence as that will deliver excellent performance.
Communication plays an important role within Nyenrode.
We pride ourselves on being a personal institute;
this is reflected in the way we communicate with our students.
We know our students by name.
For us as students communication is very important.
We are always working on projects, homework and communicate in such levels that...
... digital communication is a 24/7 requirement.
When your product is; knowledge transfer and development...
... that automatically makes communication a vital element.
ICT plays a very important role within Nyenrode for communication with our students, staff and faculty.
We offer Master and MBA education and allot of these programs are modular.
Not all students are physically here.
You need tools to stay in touch, which is all arranged via ICT.
In group assignments we need to exchange lots of information and are now using various different programs.
It would be great if we could use a single program.
Nowadays I use my Phone, tablet and computer simultaneously.
Very impractical, but you need all three.
It’s confusing; allot of documents are sent back-and-forth.
Now we use separate email, phone and chat applications that we will combine with Lync 2013.
With Lync 2013 we will be able to call, email and chat,
but also check presence information, work together with document and whiteboard sharing...
... and video or audio conferencing.
For us, it is important that Lync functions well within our existing IT Infrastructure.
We work with Citrix, virtual desktop environments and Lync will fit right in.
The beauty of Lync is that they added some excellent features.
For instance the connection to Skype within MS Lync
In this project we work with two partners: KPN Consulting and StartReady.
StartReady delivers the appliance and handles support and maintenance,
KPN Consulting helps with the implementation and not insignificant...
... with the adaptation of the system.
When we have to finalize things it is usually; you know this little piece and you that little piece,
but all still has to be put together to become whole.
It would be nice if that could all go through one channel.
I think we will notice that email traffic also within University Nyenrode,
will reduce drastically and I think that is a major step forward in efficiency.
The project will become a success to me personally, when our people,
meaning staff, faculty and students come back to us and say;
cooperation and communication is allot better now, more efficient and allot faster.
Then our goal is achieved.
I am looking forward to it.