A New Way to Tour the White House

Uploaded by whitehouse on 02.04.2012

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Mrs. Obama: Hello everyone, and welcome to the White House.
For more than 200 years, this building has served as a
presidential residence and office --
a setting for so much of our history and a symbol of America
to the rest of the world.
But the White House isn't simply a home to first families or a
meeting space for world leaders --
it's also known as "The People's House;"
a place that should be open to everyone.
And that's why we've made it a priority to invite young people,
military families, and Americans of all ages to join us here at
the White House.
Thousands of people have walked these halls and gazed at the
artwork; they've examined the portraits of Washington,
Lincoln, and Kennedy; they've imagined the history that has
unfolded here.
And now, you can do all of that without leaving your home.
So go ahead -- look around.
Enjoy the history and the beauty of these rooms.
Because, after all, this is your house, too.
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