[120323] Brown Eyed Girls in Hong Kong - Interview - 브라운 아이드 걸스 - HKAMF 2012

Uploaded by silcarax on 23.03.2012

Welcome to Hong Kong! :) Well, there are plenty of All-Girl-Groups from Korea --
especially in recent years. What do you think makes Brown Eyed Girls stand out?
Well, um, we been doing this music for a long time like 10 years.
So, we can write music, write songs, tracks and the lyrics.
So, I think that is the difference between us and other Korean Girl Groups. And, yeah.
Okay, how do you feel coming back to Hong Kong then?
Um, we are so happy to be here to represent Korea. It is so honourable.
And this is the first time for all of us to be here in Hong Kong. Yeah.
Alright. Well, super big welcome to all of you. Best of luck with your performance. Thank you very much.