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Hi, and welcome to Hollywood Trend Report. I'm Ann Shatilla, in Los Angeles. This is
the number one show for the luxury life. Coming up on this week's show, I take you into the
world of anti-aging in Hollywood, the latest beauty buzzwords making headlines today, what
the celebrities are doing and buying, and how they get that eternal youth.
I'm in conversation this week with the top dermatologist to the stars, Dr. Harold Lancer.
He's the big man, when it comes to knowing what the celebrities to do keep young, known
in Hollywood for his pedigree, his knowledge, and extreme attention to patient care.
When people look better, they feel better, and it's very rewarding. I get phone calls,
letters, gifts all the time, saying, “You know, it's amazing, the vanity, to a certain
extent, is a good thing.”
We sit down this week and devote an entire half hour to Hollywood beauty trends, everything
from the hot celebrity products on the market today, that really work, to the latest, non-invasive
facelift. This one is amazing, no pain, no downtime.
I did it, I loved it. It's called Venus Freeze, and it's the number one skin tightening treatment
today in the world, and we take a look at the anti-aging buzzword for 2012, stem cell
What exactly is it, and why can't celebrities seem to get enough? That and more, this week,
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and our syndicated radio show, which is posted on the site weekly, in case you miss it. Okay,
here we go. Let's get started.
The latest and brand new FDA-approved anti-aging technology on the market today is called Venus
Freeze. It's now used for wrinkle reduction and skin tightening, and people just love
it, because there's no downtime, and it's painless.
The state-of-the-art device is proven safe for getting rid of wrinkles without injections
or lasers. Venus Freeze creates a synergy of magnetic pulses and radiofrequency to the
body, the face, the stomach, under the neck, jowls, cheeks, under the eyes, the arms, and
the legs.
As well, it helps with cellulite improvement and circumference reduction. The treatment
penetrates into the multiple layers of the skin. It heats the target tissues while treating
the wrinkles, and it even creates enough thermal effect to induce collagen remodeling.
I sat down again with the anti-aging expert to the stars, Hollywood's top beauty doctor,
dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer. I asked him, what exactly does this do?
The most popular treatment currently, anywhere in the world, is the Venus Freeze. The one
that we use, called the magnetic-driven Venus Freeze, is the most advanced model, but basically,
it's an instrument that painlessly, in a warm, fuzzy manner, will get the skin to lift.
When it does that, especially on the neck, jowl, jawline area, it causes the shape of
the face to improve. It's like causing that inverted pyramid look. It's painless. It's
something that, actually, there's a waiting list for to do. It works by using magnetic-driven
radio waves, to firm and heat the skin, all the way down to the muscle.
We're using it in particular now, to not only help the neck and face, but we're using it
to lit the bust line, the chest line. It's a safe manner to heat that skin, make it a
little bit firmer and make the cleavage line crisper.
The treatment increases blood flow to the treated area, changing the overall condition
of the skin. Improving circulation supplies more oxygen, vitamins, and minerals to the
cells, while also removing toxins. A more youthful look emerges. The eight energy waves
combine into a single matrix, to reduce the temperature peaks.
I decided to try it myself. I had two sessions, and truly? Not painful at all. I actually
liked the experience. My goal? Smooth skin. There's the device, the shape and size of
a PC mouse applicator. It slides across your body easily and very comfortably.
Most patients notice immediate results after the first treatment. I noticed my skin did
look better. The procedure penetrates and triggers the body to produce the collagen
and the elastic fibers. The building begins immediately, and the collagen production continues
for months.
It's like a flat iron for the hair. This is an iron for the skin.
This is so relaxing, I could fall asleep.
Yes, and the good thing about this, it doesn't hurt, but it works.
It doesn't hurt. It feels warm. It's soothing, I like the movement, up and down. Will you
come home with me?
I would just like to have this every day, done at home.
It's beautiful.
It will tighten your skin, firm your skin, tone your skin, especially on the neck. The
women here, it's always the problem here.
I feel the heat, and what is the heat doing, Vangie?
It increases the collagen and elastin synthesis. It's just massaging your skin. There's a patient
the other day that I did. She said, “It feels like a stone massage. That's how it
feels like.” She fell asleep.
You're right, it feels like a hot stone massage. That's exactly what it feels like. I do feel
it getting hotter, as the time is going on. The increase in the heat is when it becomes
beneficial, correct?
For 34 year old Mary Murphy, a publicist from Los Angeles, she had a little extra tightening
she wanted around the waist. She was excited to try the latest trend. She said she felt
the same way I did. She enjoyed the soothing effect.
It was warm to very warm. It fluctuated a little bit, and rather tingly. It felt nice,
too. It glided around. It was almost like a massage on my stomach, so I actually enjoyed
the feeling a little bit, and you feel like the magic is happening.
The word is, people get addicted to this. Once they do one part of the body, they want
to do the next part. Can you see that happening to you?
I can see why people say that, and I definitely would like to do it again.
Compared to Thermag, Venus Freeze is painless, repeatable, and less expensive.
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