Genghis Khan Episode 2 Eng Subtitle (Captions)

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In 1171, Tiemuzhen left his mother
and followed his father to the faraway Hongjila tribe to find a wife
Well, don't cry, Tiemuzhen.
You'll be gone for a whole year. Learn how to take care of yourself well
when Mom is not around. Do you know?
Come here.
Tiemuzhen, behave like a real man. Let's go.
You'll have to go through the Tatar campsite. Take more men with you.
Well, we go there only to make an offer of marriage.
There's no need to bring a huge army
Don't worry. Heaven will protect us.
Anyway just be careful.
I know.
We finally left the Tatar campsite.
Dad, isn't it the Hongjila tribe beyond the lake?
Right. The Hongjila tribe is right on the other side of the mountain.
Tuoduo, it's already late.
Let's go inside the woods and camp.
Tuoduo, make a campfire first.
I'll take a walk with Tiemuzhen
Master. Let's do without a campfire.
Just have some beef with cold water
We'll soon enter the Hongjila campsite. What are you afraid of?
Dad, it's so beautiful here.
If you are engaged to a Hongjila girl, you'll have to stay here for one year.
One year?
On his way to the Hongjila tribe to make an offer of marriage
Yesugai must pass through the Tatar campsite,
Why don't you ask the Tatars to help you get rid of him?
Ask for the Tatars’ help?
The Tatars hate every Mongol.
How come you're so stupid?
Grandma, I see.
You two, send someone to the Tatar campsite immediately.
I heard the Nuzens are as strong as violent horses, is it true?
How should I put it?
The Nuzens used to live on hunting, and they were oppressed by the Qidans.
Every Nuzen can ride horses and shoot arrows. They are brave warriors.
People often say
If the number of the Nuzens exceeds 10,000, they'll become invincible in the world.
Later a real hero was born, his name is Wanyanaguda.
He led the Nuzens in their rebellion.
Only a few years later the Liao Dynasty was overthrown.
Soon after they took the capital of the Song Dynasty.
And captured its two emperors.
Now the Jin Dynasty is so powerful.
It wants not only to cross the Yangzi River
But also rule the whole grassland.
Why are the Han people as weak as sheep?
Ah, no.
They also have some heroes like Yue Fei, Han Shizhong
and the Yang family of generals who were also as strong as violent horses.
But why they were no match for the Nuzens?
Because they had a bad emperor
Their emperor couldn't tell the bad guys from the good guys,
so the bad guys often came to power, and the good guys suffered.
Yue Fei and his son were all murdered by a treacherous high official Qinkui.
Master, this path doesn't seem right.
There's a little girl over there.
Let's go and ask her.
Little girl, can you tell us how to get to the Hongjila tribe?
This is the Hongjila tribe, who are you?
We are from the Mongolian Qiyan tribe, who are you?
My name is Boertie; I'm a Hongjila, who are you?
My name is Tiemuzhen
Little girl, where is your house?
My house is right there.
Boertie, who are you talking to?
This is my father
Dexuchan. Dear Dexuchan
Dear Yesugai.
What brings you to Hulunber?
The autumn wind.
Boertie, this is a hero from the Golden Family.
The husband of your aunt Kerlun.
Say hello to him.
Master Uncle.
This is your son.
Tiemuzhen, say hello to your uncle.
You and Kerlun have a worthy successor.
There is another hero on the grassland.
Let's go home
- Have you heard about it? - What?
Yesugai come to make an offer of marriage.
Your dream has come true.
What dream?
Yesterday night I dream of a Haidongqin
He brings the sun and the moon and falls into my palm.
Is it true?
Haidongqin is the hero of our grassland.
The sun and the moon symbolize the Khan and his wife.
Today comes a true Haidongqin falling into my palm.
How old is your Boertie?
She's ten years old.
Boertie, what's that thing with 4 legs inside your tent?
That long and square thing with sheepskin on it.
Oh, that's a bed, a place to sleep on.
Why does one need to mount it?
Off the ground, one sleeps warm and free from damp.
Oh, a bed!
And what's that thing so smooth and colorful on the bed?
That's a silk quilt.
People in the Central Plains all use it.
It's lighter and softer than furs, it feels so comfortable.
Then what's inside the blue bags beside the bed?
Those are books.
They are written in the Qidan letters, the Nuzen letters and Chinese.
Do you know how to read?
I know some Nuzen letters.
Do you want me to teach you how to read?
- No - Why?
Sabers alone can avenge our Mongolian ancestors.
What's the good of reading books?
Reading books can increase one's wisdom.
How can wisdom be wrapped up inside books?
Look at these two children.
They seem to have known each other for a long time.
This is really a heaven-made match, Dear Dexuchan.
Please let your dear daughter be my daughter-in-law.
Asking more and giving will not sure to be respectable.
Asking less and giving will not sure to be degraded.
A girl cannot stay forever with her parents.
I agree willingly to give my daughter to your son.
- Bring wine - Okay.
Tea without horse milk or salt tastes no good. Do the Han people drink it?
You are not use to it,
After a while one'll get addicted.
This thing is no good.
The Han people who drink tea are no match for the Nuzens who drink horse milk wine
Once grassland people drink it, they'll become weak
and be bullied by the Nuzens forever.
Dear Yesugai, please taste the wine made by Han people
What sort of wine is this?
Everything here is so nice.
Is the Jin Dynasty larger and richer than here?
Of course. They live inside high city walls, and own countless riches.
If they live inside high city walls, how can they ride horses and shoot arrows?
How can they herd sheep and cattle?
You don't even know this?
They can grow crops, weave cloth. They don't need to herd sheep and cattle at all.
Except soldiers, the common people don't need to ride horses and shoot arrows.
They can't even ride horses or shoot arrows.
One need not be afraid of such kinds of people
That makes sense.
Hurry, make the dog go away.
It won't bite you, it's fine.
You'd better make it go away,
Why, are you afraid of dogs, you coward.
I'm not afraid of wolves and tigers but I'm a little afraid of dogs.
I was bitten by a dog once.
Little Master.
Master Yesugai is going back. Hurry up.
Go back and tell your master Talihutai we Tatars won't thank him for his information.
Let's meet on the battlefield in future.
Miewezenxiaolitu, what should we do?
Uncle, can you beat Yesugai?
We fought once, he dismounted me in the first bout.
I must kill him,
And name my future son after him.
Okay, Yekechelian.
Muster our men to intercept Yesugai.
I have an idea.
We can get rid of him without suffering any casualty
What is it?
When Yesugai passes here...
Don't worry about Tiemuzhen.
I will take care of him better than Boertie.
Don't spoil him.
Discipline him if necessary. Whack him if necessary.
I will certainly discipline him.
But I love him too much to whack him.
Okay, thank you for your hospitality.
Please stop here and go back.
Tiemuzhen, you must learn from your father-in-law.
I'm leaving.
Dad, goodbye. Have a good trip.
Master. Master.
We are approaching the Tatar campsite.
They are coming.
How many?
Two people.
Good. Hurry, prepare well. Everybody sit down.
Can Uncle kill Yesugai today?
Don't worry, Zhalinbuhe
According to the custom on the grassland,
If a rider passes by a diner, he must dismount.
And he shall dine together with the host
without waiting for his invitation.
The host dines and wines him.
This is due respect paid by the guest to the host,
And it's also a gesture of hospitality on the host's part.
But the feud between us and the Mongolian has lasted for generations.
If Yesugai had thought like you,
I could've died 10 years ago when he snatched Chiliedu's wife.
Master, there are people dining in the woods.
Let's go around them.
Are we horse thieves?
We should pay respects to the host.
What if they are Tatars?
Master, be careful.
Ah, distinguished guests from afar,
At the foot of the Cheker mountain live the hospitable Tatars,
Let our horse milk wine cheer the guests on a long journey.
We stop by not only to quench our thirst but also to show kindness to the host.
However we still need to hurry on with our journey,
So we can't drink too much.
Fine. Please...
Bring a big bowl.
I'll get it.
Where do you come from?
From the Hongjila tribe
Hongjila tribe.
You've come a long way.
The fragrant milk wine is so mellow.
Please drink one cup, guests from afar.
The affections contained in the cup are deeper than a lake,
I have so many things to say yet.
I can't open my mouth,
I drink down an orphan's blood and tears.
Return evil for evil.
Who can you blame?
Yesugai, do you recognize this child?
He's the only son of Tiemzenzuge, Zhalinbuhe.
You killed his father. He gave you the poisoned wine to take your life.
Now it's even.
Disputes on the battlefield shall be resolved on the battlefield.
Today's enemies can dine at the same table as well.
Why you stab me in the back like thieves?
If we were really like thieves
we could've sent thousands of troops to intercept and kill you,
cutting up your body into ten thousand pieces.
But since today I see you behave like a real Bartel,
I'll let you keep a whole body when you die.
You! You! You little bastard.
Although you're only as tall as a wheel, you're already so treacherous and wicked.
One day when my children avenge my death,
They shall kill each and every Tatar man who is taller than a wheel.
Save your breath so that you can say something to your wife.
Without further delay on your way home, before the poison takes effect,
You will still be able to see Kerlun who's about to become a widow. Let's go.
Master. Let's go
Master, Master...
Brother. Hurry up. Something awful happened
Where's Menglike?
I'm here. Chief.
Menglike, I went to make an offer of marriage for Tiemuzhen.
and fell to a trap set by the Tatars on my way back.
I'm afraid my days are numbered.
You, you hurry to the Hongjila tribe.
Bring Tiemuzhen back.
I'll go right now.
Don't tell him about what happened to me.
Yesugai has drunk the poisoned wine of the Tatars.
He's dying.
Now I, Talihutai, am the leader of the Mongolian tribe.
Don't be too hasty.
Don't forget he still has brothers.
And Menglike and his son.
How about Tiemuzhen, is he still alive?
Tiemuzhen has gone to the Hongjila tribe He stays with the Dexuchans.
He's also a root of trouble
You must get rid of him.
There's no need for Kerlun to worry about
leaving Tiemuzhen to our care.
No, she didn't mean...
She just wants to see Tiemuzhen and bring him back afterwards.
Don't you see with your own eyes that Tiemuzhen is completely at home here.
Go back and tell Kerlun that she shouldn't forget the custom on our grassland
that a man shall live with the family of his fiancée after the engagement.
I think Kerlun shall observe this custom.
Madame. Please do grant us this favor.
Let Tiemuzhen go back with me to the Wonan river.
When do you intend to take Tiemuzhen away.
Right now.
You wouldn't even spend a night here to rest your horse?
It's fine. My horse is strong enough.
Since Kerlun misses her child so much, you really should allow him to go back.
Thanks a lot! Dear Dexuchan.
Boertie, what's wrong with you?
Will you be back?
Stop talking nonsense! You are my fiancée.
According to custom I should stay here until you're my wife.
How can I not come back?
I have lassoed you, a violent horse.
Once you come back, I will not allow you to leave my side anymore.
Wait for me.
Don't forget me.
They two are already inseparable
You shouldn't have allowed Tiemuzhen to go.
This is against the custom.
I think something terrible must've happened to the Yesugai’s.
Well, Tiemuzhen might not be able to come back
Tiemuzhen is back
There's no news yet.
Tiemuzhen is still not back
He'll be back Yesugai. He'll be back, you must wait for him.
I leave behind me a bunch of kids and
two widowed wives.
I can no longer take care of them. Look after them for me.
If I have done something wrong before,
Just blame me.
Please don't blame them.
Yesugai, don't worry.
Don't worry.
Tiemuzhen. Remember.
I was killed by the Tatars with poisoned wine.
No matter who becomes the chief of the Mongolian tribe in the future,
On meeting any Tatar men taller than a wheel
You must kill them all.
Yesugai. Yesugai. Chief.
Yesugai, it's been a year since you left us.
Today I bring your children to see you.
We still haven't avenged your death.
But be assured, on the day when we have killed each and every Tatar man.
We will come to visit your tomb to let you know.
I'm here. Grandaunt.
Where are Kerlun and her kids?
They went to visit Yesugai's tomb at the foot of the mountain.
How could one be late
in attending such an event as a memorial ceremony honoring our ancestors?
This... It's too much!
Grandaunt, I think we are running late.
Let's begin the ceremony.
Distinguished ancestors,
Today the Taichiwu family,
Zhurqi family, Huanghuotan family
and Boerjin family of the Qiyan tribe come
and lay offerings on the altar before you,
We wish you happiness and good health in heaven.
You souls in heaven, please bless us, the various Mongolian tribes,
with a flourishing population, fat cattle, a long and happy life for everyone.
Madame. Madame
Wolbo, the senior member of the Taichiwu family
has began the ceremony without your presence.
Hurry back!
If you got back one more minute late, you wouldn't even get a share of the offerings.
Getting no share of the offerings means the expulsion from the tribe.
This is not a trifling matter.
That's right. Hurry! Let's hurry back!
Elizen, you can have this share of the offerings
Your husband Woqinbarher, just like my husband Anbaher,
was nailed to death on the scaffold.
By the Tatars and the Jin Dynasty.
Luckily your son Sachabieqi has already grown up.
Your husband’s soul in heaven will bless you the Zhurqis.
Take it.
Thank you, Grandaunt.
Grandaunt! Grandaunt!
Why we don't get our share of the offerings?
You come late.
Grandaunt, everybody should get a share of the offerings,
Although Yesugai is dead, my kids are still young,
Don't you count us as members of the Qiyan tribe.
Kerlun, over the past year you've been well fed.
Did we ever treat you unfairly?
But you came so late to attend the memorial ceremony honoring our ancestors.
Are you still qualified to get a share of the offerings?
What do you mean?
Yesugai died because he incurred the Tatars’ hatred for avenging your husband.
Now he's been dead for only a year, and you're deserting us.
Yesugai died perhaps because he snatched you, a woman bringing bad lack
Kerlun, when your husband was alive,
He nicknamed me Hulijinzhalihai,
Everybody thought I was a miserly and greedy man,
His death maybe was a retribution for slandering me.
Let me go. I won't allow him to scold my dad.
Let me go.
- Let me go. - Tiemuzhen!
Why you didn't speak up for us?
Have you all lost your sense of justice?
Grandma, it feels so great.
Did you see?
Not a single brother of Yesugai dared to speak up for Kerlun.
It's time that you became the Khan.
Heaven doesn't forget that I am Anbaher's grandson.
Wolbo orders noble men of the Qiyan tribe to come to the main tent for a meeting.
Wolbo orders
noble men of the Qiyan tribe to come to the main tent for a meeting.
Wolbo only calls the noble men for the meeting,
Why are you here?
Isn't she herself a woman?
She's the late Khan's wife
Am I not his wife too?
- Tuoduo. - Yes.
Find Elizen a seat.
After Yesugai's death,
No new chief of the Mongolian Qiyan tribe was ever elected
As a senior member of the tribe, it's time I spoke up.
M y grandson Talihutai is Anbaher's oldest grandson
After Yesugai's death, he stands as the obvious leader of the Mongolian tribe.
He should be Khan.
Is it right. Talihutai,
Tell us, even Yesugai was only called Chief,
what kind of military exploits do you have to deserve the title Khan?
Right, let Talihutai himself speak.
Perhaps my grandson has no commendable military exploits yet.
But he is Khan Anbaher’ grandson.
Well, my son Sachabieqi is Woqinbarher’ son.
Fine. Let's put off this title thing.
Now Talihutai has something important to discuss with you.
Everybody knows it's because Yesugai snatched this ill-starred woman Kerlun,
the wife of a Mierqi, and it's because
Yesugai killed the Tatar chief Tiemuzhenwuge,
that we Mongolians are threatened by attacks both from the front and the rear.
Now Yesugai died,
The Tatars and the Mierqis are ready to retaliate anytime.
The Mongolian tribe is about to suffer an unprecedented disaster.
So I decide to migrate
Everyone should go expect members of one family.
Kerlun and her kids.
Any objections?
Who wants to oppose the entire tribe for the sake of a snatched woman?
Qiankuntaishi, Dalitai?
Of course we bear the general interest in mind.
Okay, we'll migrate immediately
Where to?
- Follow me. - Why not follow us?
Today you are intent on opposing me?
Right. We also belong to the Golden Family.
Why should we follow you?
Menglike, Zhuchitai, Dalitai,
Follow me Sachabieqi.
I don't want to go.
I can find grazing land myself.
Brother, let's go.
Dalitai, if you want to save your family,
Don't oppose me.
The Qiyan tribe, the Zhurqis’ campsite
Brother, are we leaving like this?
We can't take care of Tiemuzhen and his folks.
But I feel guilty towards Yesugai.
It's good enough if we don't follow his enemy
Should we say goodbye to Kerlun?
What's there to say?
That the Borzijin family has lost its power,
and is at the mercy of Talihutai and Sachabieqi?
Fine, let's go somewhere faraway.
The Mongolian Qiyan tribe is finished.