Wish to See You Again taiwanese drama Episode 8 這裡發現愛

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Wish to See You Again Chapter 8
What kind of character am I?
The kind that is constantly anxious and worried,
loves to eat,
seems serious, but doesn't really have a lot of brains.
Xu Le Ge Ge, you're really smart!
No wonder you're a writer. With just a few words, you described her so precisely.
What do you mean "anxious and without brains?"
- How do you know? - I know.
You know?!
I know.
Didn't you say we were friends?
If we are friends, then we should understand each other
So... What you understand about me is..
You really know how to eat, constantly worried over nothing,
seem to be really serious, but without much of a brain.
I understand you, too!
You're crazy and ill-mannered...
have never flown a kite!
What? Never flown a kite?
What's the connection between flying a kite and personality?
In any case, this isn't true anymore.
Because today, we undoubtedly flew kites.
In fact, we flew them pretty well.
Then you're crazy, ill-mannered-
and have never eaten Ma You Chicken!
"Have never eaten Ma You Chicken?"
This is just like your kite flying comparison.
This indicates that you haven't had very many experiences in your life,
you have a loner personality, and don't have friends.
I'm going to drink it right now.
Friends have to understand each other.
I don't want to see Xu Le Ge Ge like this.
That's because the two of you are siding together.
Xu Le Ge Ge.
Isn't there alcohol in this?
Seems like it.
It's rice wine.
Why? You ask me to come have dinner with you out of the blue?
Are we working right now?
Are we taste testing the dishes here?
Or are we researching their interior design?
Okay, already!
Whatever you want to say, just say it.
The tension is stressing me out!
Dad has to go back to the U.S. to take care of business.
That's great.
Considering our hotel...
I initially wanted to give you two years to train
to slowly coach you for the position,
but now,
all you have is two months.
Hi, how are you? This is from Taipei: a message for Mr. Lu Guang Wu.
Yay! Thank you! Tomorrow is Father's Day.
It must be from Daddy - telling me what we're going to do.
Hello? Big Sis?
Let me tell you something,
Today I asked Ah Hao to go with me to buy a gift for Father's Day.
He didn't turn me down!
So, from now on I must try my best to find a job.
In addition, I have to become a different kind of sister compared to how I used to be.
We'll both go for it!
We both have to be happy!
Yes! Both be happy!
You guys leave. I want to call my dad.
What happened?
Nothing happened, just leave please.
Where am I supposed to go? This is where I'm staying.
You guys just go walk around.
You can come back when I call you.
Hi, how are you?
Do the two of you want anything to drink?
Do you have any cola or juice?
Please try our new drink - it's really good.
How about you, sir?
I'll have one, too.
It's really good!
Hello, please repeat the drink for this young lady.
Xiao Wu, Are you done yet? It's been so long already...
Wait a little longer! I'm not done yet.
How long do I have to wait?
When I'm done I'll call you!
So freaking annoying!
I'm talking to my dad!
How about we go back to my room and rest a little?
That juice we just had...
seems like...
A little strange...
You're drunk.
No, YOU'RE the one who's drunk.
Me, drunk?
YOU'RE drunk!
No way!
Then how come you're stumbling?
Me, stumbling? Nuh, I'm not!
You are! You, stand still!
You stand still! Look...
Stop swaying like that.
When you sway like that, my head feels so dizzy...
It's you who's swaying, alright, miss?
Would getting some fresh air help a little?
It could...
Let's try it and see...
Wow, how pretty! What a beautiful view at night!
Ow! That hurts! It's glass!
You really are a dummy! That's glass!
You're the dummy!
Where are you going?
Such a pretty nightscape
needs to be captured on film!
Help me take a picture.
Okay, ready?
1, 2...
Why aren't you taking the picture? Hurry up!
Let me see!
Why's my picture so ugly?
I'll take one of you!
No! I don't take pictures!
Come on, take it! What kind of person doesn't take pictures?
I don't take pictures!
Come on! Just one will do!
Let me see.
It's really ugly!
That won't do.
I'm going to erase it.
No! You can't erase it!
I'm going to get rid of it.
Erase it!
Give it back to me!
Ow! That hurts!
You're the dummy!
Are you alright?
My body feels so soft.
Really relaxed...really comfortable.
Like I'm on a cloud.
On a cloud...
The cloud brought you here,
brought you here beside me.
I've been waiting for you...
Waiting for you-
the sunshine that's driven away my darkness.
Even if the wind tries to break us apart,
I'll hold you closely.
Even if the whole world tries to,
still I will not let go.
Last night...
Last night, we...
probably didn't do anything, right?
Seeing him so closely...
His eyebrows are so thick,
eyelashes so long,
nose so straight.
It's the first time I've realized
he's actually
really handsome.
- Last night... - Last night...
I hugged you to sleep.
I know.
I'm going...
Going where?
I'm going back my room.
Xiao Wu!
Xiao Wu, time to get out of bed.
Xiao Wu.
Xiao Wu.
Xiao Wu, I'm sorry!
Daddy is too busy.
I have no way of coming to Taipei tomorrow
to celebrate Father's Day with you.
You're the kind of child who always understands things.
I know you'll understand your dad.
I'll be there to see you soon.
Fu Yu, August 7, 2007,
9 p.m.
Xu Le, Xiao Wu is missing.
There's more. Look.
It must be that his dad couldn't come back to him for Father's Day.
He's too sad.
But where would he go?
This flier is missing a piece
Look, could he possibly...
Sounds not too bad...
Look. Holy Rosary Cathedral.
Holy Rosary Cathedral located near Love River.
Right on the other side of the bridge is heaven.
My mom must be there,
because my dad says my mom is in heaven watching over us.
Xiao Wu.
Why didn't you get me to come with you?
You wanted to come alone?
I didn't want anyone to see me cry.
But there's no one else here.
Xu Le Ge Ge, I really miss my mom.
Then, look.
All the way up front is heaven.
How about we go to heaven, find your mom, and talk to her?
Let's go.
Xiao Wu, you said
your mom is in heaven looking after you.
We're here in heaven now.
What do you want to say to your mom?
You're not here beside me; I'm really a good kid!
Everyone has a mom,
but I don't.
Why did you have to go to heaven?
Daddy is so busy everyday,
he doesn't have any time to spend with me.
Mama, I really wish you were here!
Mama why did you have to die?
Xiao Wu, guai.*
*[Guai - way of referring to an obedient, well-behaved child. Also a way of consoling a child.]
Xu Le Ge Ge, why did Mama have to die?
Xiao Wu,
even though your mom is gone,
she's still looking after you.
Can you still remember your mama's face?
Yes. Mama was really beautiful.
She hugged me often, played with me.
Then, Xiao Wu, your dad must be really sad,
Even though your dad's really busy
doing highly important things,
he still loves you very much.
Am I right?
But Daddy doesn't have any time to play with me!
Xiao Wu,
do you know that you already are truly blessed?
Xu Le Ge Ge
never had Mommy or Daddy.
Xu Le Ge Ge
has never even seen his parents.
Xu Le Ge Ge doesn't know where they are,
he doesn't even know if they're still alive.
Ge Ge often thinks about them.
Xu Le Ge Ge doesn't even have a face to recall.
Every Father's Day,
or Mother's Day...
Xu Le Ge Ge would spend it alone.
When he sees all the other mothers and fathers out there
with their own children,
looking so happy together,
Xu Le Ge Ge would feel really sad...
I would often wonder
why couldn't there come one day...
Just one day would be enough
to let me be with them.
We wouldn't need to do anything special-
it wouldn't matter.
Even if they hit me, shouted at me-
it still wouldn't matter.
If only I could be allowed to be together with them, that would be enough.
Xu Le Ge Ge, don't be sad.
I believe that your mom and dad
are definitely in heaven looking after you.
Do you think so?
Of course.
You are a kind spirit*.
[*Means - fairy-tale godmother, or guardian angel type of spirit]
There are definitely a lot of angels protecting you.
With so many people looking after us,
we can't disappoint them,
Let's pray together,
thanking them for our protection.
Thanking them
for taking care of your Daddy.
Hello, Vice Boss,
please, could you get me the phone number of Xiao Wu's Dad?
Thank you, Vice Boss.
I will explain later.
Mr. Lu,
I'm Nancy from Sherwood Hotel.
I've been looking after your son.
No, no...There's nothing wrong with him.
I just wanted to bother you for a few minutes
and talk to you about a couple of things.
I know you're a really busy person
and can't be with Xiao Wu for Father's Day.
For sure, you've got incredibly important matters.
But I'm begging of you,
Xiao Wu has been looking forward to this for days now.
From the first day since he's been in Taiwan till now,
he's never stopped talking about
how well-respected you are, and how he wants to grow up and be just as awesome as you are.
But when he found out you couldn't come,
even though he tried not to show that anything was wrong,
you could tell, he really is just
a little boy wanting to be with his dad for Father's Day. Just a little seven year old boy.
I beg of you, could you please reconsider?
But I'm begging of you,
Xiao Wu has been looking forward to this for days now.
From the first day since he's been in Taiwan till now,
he's never stopped talking about
how well-respected you are, and how he wants to grow up and be just as awesome as you are.
But when he found out you couldn't come,
even though he tried not to show that anything was wrong,
you could tell, he really is just
a little boy wanting to be with his dad for Father's Day. Just a little seven year old boy.
I beg of you, could you please reconsider?
I'm going to go upstairs to pack up my luggage.
I'm pretty much done packing.
Xiao Wu,
go eat breakfast with Xu Le Ge Ge first, okay?
Let's go.
Sir, sorry to trouble you,
but there's still some more luggage in another room.
Sure, no problem.
That one right there.
Thank you.
Hi, Vice Boss, the issue is resolved.
Xiao Wu is going back with us to Taipei.
Isn't this the ring
you bought at Alishan?
*[Alishan = Ali Mountain]
Give it to your slave.
You mean Nancy?
Why should it be given to her?
Don't you like her?
Let's hurry up and get back to Taipei.
I've just received a call from Vice Boss.
He said that your dad has already arrived at the airport.
He's going to be at the Father's Day festivities.
Father's Day festivities?
There're some hotel activities planned for Father's Day.
Daddy's coming to Taipei!
We're going to be together for Father's Day!
Nancy and the rest are already on their way back here.
That's great! They'll be back in time.
Judy, how do the reservations look?
They're all full.
How're the preparations for the Father's Day activities?
Those invited are all of our frequent patrons and
VIP clientele.
Everyone's really anticipating this year's activities.
Do you have guards that will protect our guests' privacy?
People that will block reporters and interviewers?
We've taken deliberate care to deal with these matters.
Except what?
Some of them want to be driven to and from the restaurant.
We may not have enough drivers.
We really do have a lot of important clients coming today.
Ah Hao?
I have a favor to ask of you.
I know this favor
would be a bit wrong to ask.
today, I really do need to trouble you.
Okay, I know.
I'll be over shortly.
Nancy Jie Jie, are we almost there?
There's still a little while. If you want to sleep, just sleep.
I don't want to. If I fall asleep and miss it, what would I do?
When we get there, I'll wake you up, idiot!
You're the idiot!
You little rascal!
It's a good thing you're dad's going to take you back.
Thank you.
Thanks for what?
I thought you hated me?
Do I?
If not, then why are you always picking on me?
Because you are fun.
That's mine!
But I want to buy it, too.
I know now!
You can be my Happiness Guardian's slave.
Ridiculous! I don't want to be a slave!
This is a command.
This is a command.
Every day he has people looking after him.
He pretends to understand things...
No matter where he goes, he has people being so polite to him...
Thinks I'm fun...
In truth, he's just a lonely
little kid who wants to play.
Hello? Mom?
What have you been doing? You didn't call home last night,
and when I called your cell phone no one picked up.
I went to sleep really early yesterday.
Even so, you should still call and let us know.
So are you coming back now?
Today is Father's Day.
Didn't we make plans to go eat Devil Steak?
You didn't forget right?
Yes, I've had it planned for a while already.
Then that's great!
Then, be careful while you're on the road.
Okay. Bye.
Nancy planned
for us all to go eat Devil's beef steak.
What Devil beef steak? It's so expensive! So wasteful!
And to have EVERYONE go! I'll come keep you company.
What do you mean, keep me company?
Hey, how can you say that?
Our daughter works at that hotel,
she wants to treat us to a nice steak dinner.
That is her filial duty.
You treat her gift like this?
What I'm saying is just the plain truth!
What truth?
That is a daughter's filial duty!
You don't know what you're talking about!
Not only that, your daughter works at that hotel.
We haven't even shown any concern for her. We'll use this opportunity to show her we care.
We'll have Ah Hao come with us.
Zhen Zhen, call Ah Hao.
We'll have Ah Hao come with us.
Zhen Zhen, call Ah Hao.
Good, good, good...
Devil steak.
So tasty!
Chef Abin,
are you going to make tiramisu today?
Then tonight after work, can you teach me how to make it?
That'll be a bit difficult.
I really want to learn how to make tiramisu.
Judy, why haven't I seen Eric? How's his work?
His documents are all here.
Eric, he...
He what?
He just called and said...
Don't mind me, what did he say?
He said he's not coming to work today.
He's going to work at another company.
He decided to leave at such a busy, critical time? Couldn't he have waited a few more days?
Vice Boss, don't get angry.
Vice Boss, your friend is here for you.
Ah Hao, thank you!
I was afraid you wouldn't have enough people.
So I found one more person to help out.
That's great!
Fenny, he is my childhood friend Ding Yu Hao.
Please take these two to change their clothes.
And get a list of the guests
and give it to them.
Alright, both of you gentlemen, this way please.
Long time no see. Welcome!
Hope you have a great time.
Thank you.
Please come in.
Welcome please come in.
Mr. Huang, long time no see. Welcome!
How has business been lately?
Nothing, just fine. Here're the photos I promised you. Thank you.
Mrs. Huang, long time no see!
Long time no see. You're getting prettier and prettier.
What are you talking about?
Even your daughter has grown so much, so adorable.
Didn't you promise that there weren't going to be any reporters today? I don't want my children being harassed.
So sorry, Mr. Huang, please go in first. So sorry. Very sorry.
You guys please go in first. Sorry.
So sorry...sorry.
Sir, no media is allowed today.
Let go!
You're interfering with people's private day.
I have freedom of press.
If you don't understand this,
then how can you understand freedom?
This is my job!
So what if I photograph a few people?
You're hurting other people by doing this.
I'm asking you to please not do it.
This is none of your stinking business!
Be a little more considerate!
Sir, don't touch me.
You, bro, come...
It doesn't look good to do this in front of the hotel entrance.
Ah Hao..
Lend me some time, and let's talk.
They're here.
Hello, everyone.
What is today?
Father's day!
Dads work so hard!
Do you guys want to make them some cakes?
Because we don't want Dad to eat
bad tasting and ugly cakes,
I specially invited
an extremely great uncle
to help you make your cakes!
Yes! Let us welcome Uncle Abin!
Seems like everyone's really having a great time today.
Vice Boss,
sorry we're late.
We didn't get a chance to change..
- It's just good you're here. - Where's Daddy?
Lu Yi Jie Jie went to go pick him up. He should be here anytime now.
Do you want to go in first and start making your cake for him?
No, I want to wait for Daddy!
But if you first make the cake,
then when Daddy comes he can eat what you've made him.
Xu Le Ge Ge, keep me company!
Bring an apron for Xu Le.
Here...come look.
How does what I'm wearing look?
How is it?
Wow! So pretty!
Hey, is today is Father's Day or Mother's Day?
Seems like you've forgotten who the main character for the day is.
We've known each other for so long. Why are you being so grudgeful?
We're just going to eat, why're you dressed like we're marrying off our first born?
Hey! Our daughter works at a classy hotel, we need to look our best!
Ah Hao said he's going to be at Sherwood helping Vice Boss,
so he'll meet us at the restaurant a little bit later.
I'm going to get changed.
Okay, hurry up and go.
Just remember, don't look better than I do!
I know!
Neng Xian, Mr. Lu has arrived.
Xiao Wu,
Dad's here!
Xiao Wu!
Sorry, daddy's late.
No problem, at least you're here now.
Nancy Jie Jie,
he's my dad!
Nancy Jie Jie,
this is my most mighty daddy.
Sir, pleased to meet you.
was it you that called me?
Sorry about that. It was really rude of me.
No, I actually should thank you.
If it wasn't for you, I would have missed
this most meaningful Father's Day.
Xu Le Ge Ge is my Happiness Guardian.
Happiness Guardian?
Now, this task should be yours.
Each child's heart
should be fulfilled
by his father, right?
Thank you so much.
Daddy, let's make our cake!
You have to teach me what to do.
Put the frosting on.
Okay, hand over the frosting.
Now I'm going to draw a moustache,
He has a moustache? My goodness!
Is it like mine?
Oh, a green moustache.
I messed up.
Little girl, keep up the good work!
How about adding this? Keep up the good work!
What are you going to use for its nose?
He lies sometimes, right? So we should make it a little longer.
What a magical thing!
All he needed was for
his dad to show him some tenderness,
and Xiao Wu became a child again.
I wonder if parents
know how powerful their magic is,
enabling their children's worlds
to become fairytales.
A parent's love helps us, as adults, to give this world the blessings and strength it needs.
But what if a person doesn't have it...?
August 8, Father's Day, was the day he was abandoned by his family.
For him,
it's a day he'll never forget.
As everyone else is celebrating Father's day,
He will remember that,
is the day his parents abandoned him.
Thank you. Thank you...hope you enjoyed yourselves.
Please get in the car.
Thank you.
Bye bye. Hope you had a good time.
Bye bye.
Ah Hao - great work.
What ended up happening with that reporter?
Nothing, don't worry.
How did you take care of it?
Actually, he was just looking for a meal.
So I fed him, and he was fine.
Thanks, Ah Hao.
Take it easy.
Be careful.
Bye bye! Happy Father's Day! Bye Bye!
Xiao Wu.
These two days, where have you and Lu Yi gone?
As for Lu Yi Jie Jie's arrangements,
it was just the National Palace Museum.
But as for my arrangements,
we went to to Alishan and Kaohsiung.
Xiao Wu is even more capable than I am!
Okay, then the places you haven't gone,
how about allowing Daddy to take you?
Xiao Wu, did you have fun today?
Yes! The cake Daddy and I made was
completely eaten!
Gentlemen, thank you for taking such good care of my son these few days.
I'm sure Xiao Wu will never forget his experiences here in Taiwan.
- That's how it should be. - Thank you very much.
Where's Xu Le Ge Ge?
Something came up, so he had to leave.
He asked me to tell you goodbye.
Then... You'd better be obedient and listen to your master's orders.
Oh, you!
Xiao Wu, we'd better get going.
Xiao Wu, bye bye.
Bye bye.
Xiao Wu, see you later! Bye!
Take care!
Bye bye.
If you come to Malaysia, look me up!
Bye bye!
Bye bye.
Remember us! Bye!
Vice Boss.
- Done for the night? - Yup.
I'm treating my family to dinner here tonight
to celebrate Father's Day.
I had asked them a while ago.
Then you should get going.
Vice Boss, are there still things to be done?
You're not going to quit, are you?
Eric quit today, so I'm starting to get a little worried.
You're not going to go
and leave me here.
I won't quit.
Unless you don't need me.
Nancy, thank you.
You really are my great and capable assistant and good friend.
Did you know,
these last few days when you weren't here I felt...
like something was missing.
Vice Boss!
As long as you need me, I'll be here for you.
Then right now, I need your well wishes.
I've asked Lu Yi to go out with me.
She's going to give me an answer tonight.
I'm really nervous!
- I'm worried her answer will be... - It's not going to be!
Lu Yi is a smart woman.
She'll chose wisely.
In fact, the one she's going to choose is right in front of me.
My Goodness!
I've seen 5-star hotels before. But I've never been to a 5-star restaurant!
Something THIS high class!
Did you see the lighting?!
You're here.
Shut up already!
The food's not even here yet, and you're drooling all over the place!
- Drooling? They wouldn't make me leave for drooling, would they? - Of course they would!
Mom, you're so gullible!
Of course I am, that's the only way I would've fallen for your dad!
Sorry, I'm late.
No worries, just as long as you're here.
Sit, sit!
Just look,
Ah Hao is so considerate.
He even dressed up.
I've known him so long, but I've never seen him this dressed up.
This is the limo driver uniform for this hotel.
I came to help the manager today with his important guests.
Who cares if it's a uniform?
Just as long as you look good it in it, you look so handsome in it.
Ah Hao and I bought you a gift.
You young people sure do like to waste money.
I don't want anything.
Aiyo, your daughter's good intentions; why are you being so polite?
Open it and take a look.
Open the gift!
Aw, thanks to you both, thanks.
Ah Hao,
How come you and Zhen Zhen are giving a joint gift?
Ah Hao wanted to give Dad something.
I didn't really have much money, so...
Hey, it's the thought that counts.
It's here.
First, let's toast.
Wish Dad a happy Father's Day.
Happy Father's Day!
Okay! Thank you!
Xiao Hui,
this is what they call Devil Steak.
Everyone, give it a taste.
- Sounds good to me. - Try it and see.
It really is different.
It's totally different from the night market's 99 beef steak. Really nothing alike at all.
Enough already!
If the manager here heard you
compare the meat at the night market with this,
he'd be appalled.
Hurry and eat.
I'll have them bring another one later.
No problem.
Eat more.
Greetings, everyone.
Bo Fu*. Happy Father's Day!
*[Bo Fu - a polite way of addressing an older man.]
- I hope the cuisine is to your liking. - It's very good.
I heard Nancy say
that you were over here celebrating Father's Day,
so I especially wanted to come over and say hi.
Oh, thank you so much, Vice Boss
for taking care of our little Nancy.
No problem really.
Nancy is an outstanding assistant.
I think she takes care of me more often than vice versa.
Speaking of which, Ah Hao,
thank you for today - taking care of that situation.
He was really hard to deal with. How did you know how to resolve it?
It was nothing really.
Oh, yea -
I promised him that you would
let him do a write up on your hotel's food and activities.
That way he'll have something to turn in.
That shouldn't be a problem, right?
Of course not, thanks for the help with that.
No problem, it's not like it's every day.
Okay, I won't be taking any more of your time this evening.
I have some other important things to do now. I'll be off. Bye Bye.
Bye Bye.
Vice Boss,
go for it!
Hey, what are you two motioning and whispering about over there?
If it's a success, I'll let you know.
I wish you all the best. Bye Bye.
Bye Bye.
Vice Boss, today I'm especially teaching you this
tiramisu recipe.
Is this enough?
Add a little more, just a little bit.
Okay, a bit more.
Good job you're doing here.
Very good.
- Okay, just add the chocolate piece now. - Like that.
Then add the raspberries beside it.
What is that?
- This is mint. - Mint?
Yes. Let us first put it...
And then right next to it we will beautifully write...
Master Chef, thank you! Thank you so much!
Hello, Lu Yi, I'm downstairs right outside your house.
Do you want to come out with me for a while?
Happy Father's Day to you,
Happy Father's Day to you,
Happy Father's Day to yo-ou,
Happy Father's Day to you!
Okay, hurry and blow out the candle.
Happy Father's Day! Happy Daddy's day!
Cut the cake.
Ahh.. that Devil steak
really made me full,
and now we're eating cake.
Look at all your clothes-
they're all bursting at the seams.
Just look!
You're the one whose clothes are bursting at the seams!
You were bursting even before you started eating!
So what...
Today is Father's Day.
We've got to celebrate, right?
Tomorrow we'll all be dead.
We'll talk about tomorrow, tomorrow, okay?
Okay, hurry and cut the cake.
- Come, come cut the cake. - Cutting the cake.
Okay Here we go.
Half, just half!
Okay, okay this one.
There're still three more hours left,
and his birthday will be over.
But he doesn't celebrate his birthday.
And I don't have a gift prepared.
No...I'll have a little less.
Have a little more.
It's your special day remember.
So, Xu Le Ge Ge,
you've never eaten this before, has Nancy Jie Jie made you one?
Huh? No.
- So whose packed lunch have you eaten before? - I've never had a packed lunch made by anyone.
I always buy something in the local store to eat.
If not,
my friends occasionally bring things for me to eat.
Why would friends bring you packed lunches?
Because I grew up in an orphanage.
So I don't have a mother to make me packed lunches.
have some tea to offset the fatty food you had.
You should have some, too.
You should offset some fat, too.
You're really too much.
Don't you have any other vegetables in here?
Why don't you have any tomatoes or celery?
My goodness! Haven't you eaten enough for the night?
It's not for me.
If it's not for you, then what are you doing?
- I'm going to make a packed lunch. - You're making a packed lunch?
Le [Happiness. Character which makes up Xu Le's name, but the sign is also a good luck charm.]
It's so late,
what will he think?
Ah, never mind!
He said he ate packed lunches made by friends.
He said he sees me as a friend.
And, I've made him a packed lunch. So that's not too strange, right?
Uh, right, that's all it is.
Anything wrong?
May I come in?
Are you busy?
I'm working on my book.
Then I won't disturb you.
I'll leave soon.
Are you okay?
Am I supposed to be not okay?
Oh no, I just...
This is a packed lunch I made.
I added a lot of ketchup to it.
I know you don't celebrate your birthday..
I mean, I'm not here to celebrate your birthday with you...
It's just...
After we came back from Kaohsiung,
you disappeared,
and I was worried.
Maybe you hadn't eaten yet.
So I made this for you at home.
If you don't want to eat it, that's okay,
and besides, it may not taste any good...
And also...
Do you want to date the guy who delivered the best hot and sour soup
into your hands within a minute?
You gave me one minute, but I'll give you 72 hours.
Give me an answer in three days time.
Three days ago, right here,
I wanted to exchange one minute for 72 hours.
And then use that 72 hours in exchange for the rest of your life.
But right now, I sort of regret doing that,
in case the result isn't the way I wanted.
Xiao Ma, I...
I really, really like you.
I know, but I...
But before you give me an answer,
I want to give you something.
I made it from scratch.
I don't eat dessert.
From now on whenever we eat together,
we have to order tiramisu.
Because in Italian, "tiramisu" means
"take me with you."
I researched it.
In Italian, "tiramisu" means
"take me with you."
I thought,
you must really want someone
who can love you, cherish you.
Lu Yi,
would you let me take you with me?
Why are you crying?
Is it because you've been lonely for too long?
Just let me take you with me.
Let me take you to every single corner of happiness.
Is it good?
I've never made a packed lunch before,
so it might not be very good.
Anything with ketchup tastes good to me.
Why do you put ketchup on everything?
When I was at the orphanage,
the food would often taste pretty nasty.
At some point I realized,
that if I added ketchup,
it wouldn't be as hard to get it down.
And after a while
I couldn't tell any more,
which food was good and which food was bad.
No wonder
every time I eat, you laugh at me.
Oh, I didn't make any soup, are you thirsty?
I'll pour you a glass of water.
No need.
It's fine.
That night in Kaohsiung...
I... I was drunk.
Right, I was drunk too,
and I didn't know what I was doing.
So about what happened that night,
let's just forget about it.
Do you want to forget about it?
I just thought you...
I should go, I won't bother you anymore,
You aren't bothering me.
Are you sure? I thought you were working on your book?
But since you're here,
I won't work on it anymore.
I'm worried your inspiration will go away.
No worries.
Right now, I've got lots of inspiration.
I have the inspiration from
watching the sunrise together.
I have inspiration from
not being lonely anymore and having drinks with you.
not until I was there, did I realize
that eating Ma You chicken and getting drunk near the river was also inspiring.
And also the inspiration from flying a kite...
Right now, I have lots of inspiration.