Video games day!

Uploaded by Tiwaking on 30.04.2012

Hello there!
Did you miss me?
Last month there was a
video game sale
And this thing here has been sitting
On the floor for the past month
Now I am going to open it
I thought I might show it to everyone
On "The Internet"!
Why not!
People on "The Internet" love games!
Okay so I am not exactly sure what is in this box
I ordered quite alot of games
However there is on reason why this box is so big
And that is because
One of the things I ordered was ...
One of these!!
Thats right!
Its a Rock Band 3 midi keyboard!
For all those people who dont know how to play a keyboard
Which is me
Other things that are included are:
Spell Force 2
Sins of A Solar Empire
Good game: Sins of A Solar Empire
Beyond Divinity
Majesty 2
Europa Unversalis: Rome. Gold Edition
Republic: The Revolution
A remarkably fun game!
Trauma Center New Blood!!
Thats right! Good old Wii!
Wii and Medicine!
Those two things are a WINNING combination!
SpellForce: The Original One
Platinum Edition
SpellForce is a good series of games
Pride of Nations
Not related to "Rise Of Nations"
Aww heres an old one
Return to Krondor
Now, "Betrayal at Krondor" I own
If you dont know what "Betrayal at Krondor" is
It is a game based on the book series
You should read them. They are quite good
Broken Sword Trilogy
Thats right: Broken Sword, all three games
Aww! Here we go!
The Orange Box!!!
Okay so back in the day I never bought this!
Because I owned all the games EXCEPT for Portal 1!
So I actually bought "The Orange Box" for Portal 1.
Because I support video game companies!
This is "Kohan 2: Kings of war"
An excellent game, very similar to "Kessen", if you have ever played "Kessen"
And for all you Star Wars Nerds out there
Star Wars: Jedi Outcast
Murder a whole lot of dudes online
That was good times
And that appears to be the end
of my series of games so
I hope you have a good day
My day is, like, pretty dark outside
Which is why I decided to open the box
Nothing better to do than just play some video games
Good bye!