Michael Jackson Still Alive!

Uploaded by waverlyflams on 01.10.2012

And now a special performance from North Korea's favorite entertainer
Mikhail Jackson.
How he brings honor to the great leader and shows that North Korea
is truly the greatest country in the world.
This shocking video smuggled out of North Korea
may shed light onto a 14 year old missing persons case.
Sergei Gorislavsky, a farmer from rural Siberia, disappeared in the winter of 1989.
Long thought dead, this video appears to show a visibly frightened
Gorislavsky performing for North Korean leader
Kim Jong-Un.
Every day I am thankful for leaving the oppressive United States regime and am much happier here in North Korea.
Authorities believe Mr. Gorislavsky was kidnapped by the North Korean military and brainwashed into believing he was Michael Jackson
and that the North Korean people now think the king of pop's death was faked so that he could escape America and perform solely for the people of North Korea.
More on this story as it develops.