Jalebi Recipe Video - Indian Sweets

Uploaded by NishaMadhulika on 16.05.2012

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Today we will prepare Jalebi which is loved by everyone.
Let us see what all do we require to prepare Jalebis.
Maida - 1 and half cup.
Sugar - 2 cups.
Dry yeast - 1 tsp.
Oil to fry Jalebis.
Let us first activate yeast.
We will take yeast in a bowl and add warm in it.
Also add a little amount of sugar in it.
Let us prepare the mixture of Maida till the time the activation of yeast takes place.
Take Maida in a container and mix a little amount of water in it.
There should not be any lumps in the mixture.
Add more water in it.
Mix Maida in water in such a way that there should be no lumps in it.
The mixture should be like the mixture which is prepared for Pakoras.
The mixture for preparing Jalebis is now ready.
Keep it at a warm place for 6 to 7 hours to ferment it.
If we keep it in Sun, then it will ferment in 4 hours.

We will prepare the Jalebis as soon as the mixture is fermented.
Let us prepare the Chasni first to prepare Jalebi.
Take sugar in a container.
Add 1 and half cup water in it.
Cook the Chasni till sugar dissolves.
The chasni is now ready.
We will take oil in the pan.
Fill the mixture in the bottle of sauce in the meantime.
A special kind of cloth is used to prepare Jalebis.
But, we can also use a bottle of sauce in its place.
Oil is now heated and we will prepare the jalebis now.
Turn the bottle upside down and pour the mixture in spiral shape in the oil.
Turn the sides of Jalebi when one side of it turns brown.
The Jalebis have turned golden brown.
Dip the Jalebis in the Chasni.
Keep them dipped in Chasni for two minutes and will take them out.
We will take these Jalebis out from Chasni.
Hot and crispy Jalebis are now ready.
People used to add Kesar in Chasni to impart colour to Jalebis.
But, these days people add colour to the Chasni.
But, I love the golden colour of the Jalebis.
Prepare and enjoy Jalebis and share your experiences with us.
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