Hiking England: Pennine Way - Part 3, Standedge to Blackstone Edge Reservoir

Uploaded by DStaniforth on 30.10.2009

I'm back on the Pennine Way again after a couple of weeks rest. I'm starting again
from where I left off, just near Marsden.
But it's coming towards the end of October and it is windy!
Yeah, it'll be windy and rainy day today!
I'll head across the M62 and start heading much further north into England.
This also makes a little turning point because right now as soon as I start walking I'll have left
the Peak District National Park.
So I won't be in a National Park again until Gargrave, where I'm gonna be in the Yorkshire
Dales National Park.
Pretty cold outside, so I'm going to get walking and get myself warmed up.
And hopefully my car will be here when I come to collect it later on.
I'm stood on this dry stone wall to point out that even though I'm kinda up in the middle
of nowehere and there's nothing much around, there is actually a canal beneath my feet.
A few hundred feet down, the Kirkless-Something canal.
It's decades old, maybe victorian, and I think it's recently reopened for tours. I might
check it out one day, a few miles of tunnel in a canal barge, which will be quite fun.
But my task today is to keep on walking in this horrible wind.
I am where the Oldham Way and the Pennine Way split, the Oldham Way goes in that direction
with the Pennine Way heading up there to the M62.
As well as still being extremely windy it started to rain on me for a little bit, but
my body's warmed up now so I'm getting pretty used to it, but I'm glad it's only going to
be a short day for me, and hopefully a pub lunch at some point.
So let's continue on up there.
Well it's been raining on me quite heavy now, but I've got my waterproofs on,
a waterproof on my bag.
I've done about two miles. Hopefully I'll manage to keep going, but I'll put the camera away before it gets too wet.
I'm coming up to the communication tower near the M62.
I can just see traffic from the motorway just down there.
Now when I first did the Pennine Way in 2000 I set off with two other people.
One of them dropped out the second morning, because we got lost over on Bleaklow and he
didn't feel like continuing. So I continued with just one more person, and we got to Wessenden
Head Reservoir and it just rained and rained and we weren't wearing enough waterproofs,
we weren't really prepared as the tents were too heavy.
So we got to this communication mast and that's where my mum picked us up and we went home.
And then about two weeks passed and then I got dropped off here alone and I finished
the rest of the Pennine Way, except this time I was going into Youth Hostels every night
and I was having much better you know pub meals and I wasn't carrying a heavy tent.
But driving up to the communication tower with my mum, and I was fairly young at the
time only 16 or 17 and I knew that I was going to spend another almost 3 weeks by myself.
It was very nerve-wracking to see that tower coming up and to know that was where I was
going to get dropped off.
This is the M62 motorway, it's a motorway that crosses the Pennines. Anyone going from
Manchester to Leeds then this is the route they'll take.
It's fairly busy for a Sunday.
This is the Aiggins Stone, it's medieval and it was a waymark for people to find the path,
so about 600 years old.
I'm almost at where I'm going to finish for the day, well the half way point and then
I'm going to have to start heading back because it's going to get dark in just a few hours now.
This is a Roman road, so where I'm stood now people have been using this as a path for
hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years.
You filiming yourself wringing your socks out? Heh heh heh!
Well it's cold and wet outside but I'm going to have some food in this pub.
Well I've had a lovely meal of rump steak and chips but it's time to go back out in
that horrible cold weather and walk back three hours back to Marsden.
So I'm nice and warm, I'm not as dry as I want to be, but I've gotta get going before
it gets dark. So let's keep on going.
It's been a long day and as you can see it's still very windy!
I'm almost back to my car, maybe just 10 minutes more walking.
Very very windy up here on Marsden Moor.
Okay, I'm going to go now before I fall over!
Phew, well it's been a long and it's probably the windiest day of walking I've ever had.
Erm, I'm back in my car now, I'm very very wet, kind of cold but I'm out of my horrible
boots and I wish I'd brought a change of socks.
I think I'm going to go home and have a bath now.