2013 Ford Escape first look from Consumer Reports

Uploaded by consumerreports on 16.04.2012

This is the new Ford Escape. A top-to-bottom redesign of one of the most important models in the red hot small SUV segment.
Ford let us borrow this early example. So let's go take a first look.
The previous Escape has been on sale for 12 long years.
It's utilitarian, unrefined and boxy. And it's time for a change.
The new Escape is a lot sleeker. Styling and furnishings made a big move upscale with the redesign.
The interior is nicely finished with a soft touch dash.
The updated kinder, gentler MyFord Touch touch screen with bigger buttons and fonts is available.
But it's a long reach to the screen. And the dashboard contours block your access to some of the buttons.
The rather firm rear seats have decent space but it's not as roomy back there as competitors like a Honda CR-V.
There is a giant cargo hold, though, as well as a neat trick.
You can wave your foot under the bumper to open or close the rear hatch. That's great if your hands are full.
Most Escapes are going to have an EcoBoost turbo-charged 4-cylinder engine.
Either a 1.6L or the 2.0L that's in the car we're driving now.
You won't be able to get an optional V6, but the 2.0L turbo, it has 240 hp in other applications.
It's plenty quick. You're not going to miss the V6 even when it comes to towing. Because the turbocharged 4-cylinder, it can tow the same 3,500 pounds.
Our initial driving impressions are that the Escape feels quite solid and substantial for this class. Rather grownup.
The ride is better than you'd expect from a small SUV with the 19-inch wheels and tires that are on this top trim titanium version.
The interior is relatively quiet with subdued engine noise in what is normally a noisy class.
Handling feels fairly responsive. It feels agile, it has good steering.
The Escape is an extremely important model for Ford. We'll buy one when it goes on sale to thoroughly test it here at the Consumer Reports Test Track.